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Kris Di Angelis Vs Jodie Harsh

Kris Di Angelis Vs Jodie Harsh

Two doyennes of London's nightlife go head to head in this extra special interview feature ahead of Saturday's Tramp party. Resident DJ Kris Di Angelis interrogates guest DJ Miss Jodie Harsh... and vice versa so you get the hottest gossip from the cream of the scenes of both east and west.

***Jodie interviews Kris***

Jodie: Why do you exist?

Kris: To get you coffee in the mornings, it would appear. 

You DJ at the coolest clubs and parties and have a very distinct sound - describe it in 3 words. 

Mine, yours, everyone's.

Who are your musical influences? 

Very tricky to answer that, my range is huge darling HUGE! Genuinely I'm more inspired by people on dance floors than anything else. 

What are your key ingredients when cooking the perfect club night? 

Decent sound system, a crowd with a sense of humour, the right kind of trannies, boys I can flirt with. And you, to be fair. 

Where do you hang out in the daytime and nighttime when you're NOT working? 

Hoxton Hotel, my facialist, smoking weed with Lee Dalloway, Circa bar in Soho and Ronnie Scott's. 

East end Vs. Westend? Or both? 

Both, though for very different reasons. The East is much better musically, but it can get in the same rut that the West End has got into sometimes. Soho can be hilarious if you know the right people, and I've had various musical epiphanies in Ronnie Scott's. That's one of the most special places in the world. 

You live with a drag queen. Does this affect your mood and mental health in any way? 

Waking up with the silhouette of a giant head and hair bearing down at you can be freaky, when you hide your wigs in my room without warning me. 

You're famous mainly for having an incredible suntan, how do you maintain it? 

Hahahaha, you fucking cunt. I have an immensely rich life that keeps me travelling, for everything else there's Jules at St. Tropez. 

How important is having good hair to you when throwing parties and making music? Is it your secret weapon? 

You tell me. One of my closest relationships is with Hamilton my friend and hairdresser.  

You finish a party at 4am. Where do you go, what do you do? 

Home, mostly. Unless Joshyou Are is off his nut, in which case I could end up anywhere. As long as there's booze. 

***Kris interviews Jodie***

Kris: What is it you most love about me?

Jodie: Your friends, they're all really lovely. 

How do you feel when people say you're a Tramp?

I take it as a compliment and then call them a c**t back. Don't fuck with a fucker.  

What is the sluttiest thing you've ever done, and don't censor it?

I've done everything, and I mean everything. I'm doing something slutty right now as I type this. I mean, I haven't nicknamed my party 'Rim Service' for nothing. 

What are your favourite top 3 tracks of all time? Are they all mine?

Gary Beck - Diva 

Oliver $ - Hoes 

Jem Atkins - Pushin On (Darius Syrossian Mix)

Who inspires your music production the most right now?

Jackie Onassis and Tamzin Outhwaite. 

Who do you look forward to seeing the most in a party and why?

Munroe Bergdorf for the chat, Daniel Lismore for the look, Scottee for the comedy, you for the gossip. 

If you weren't a demented HOOF of a drag queen, what would you do instead?

Be dead.  

Jacqui Potato - Discuss.

A living legend. She can do no wrong. Jacqui for Mayor!  

What's next for your hair? Graduated bob?

It's getting bigger. I'm developing a new hairspray that actually contains viagra, I'm pitching it to L'Oreal. Makes it rock-hard too. 

Is there anyway you could bring Biggins to Tramp?

OMG, I'll text him. Get back to you on that. Love her. 

Tramp takes place this Saturday 10th November with special guests Death On The Balcony, Jodie Harsh and Kris Di Angelis.

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Kris Di Angelis Vs Jodie Harsh