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La Pequeña

La Pequeña

It's a Spanish takeover at the next B(e)ast as Borja Peña has drafted in Madrid's Franx de Crystal to get the upstairs bar pumping along with OneGreatTrack's Rebecca Sawyer playing tropical beats. But the star of the show is undoubtably his brand new host, surely the only gurl who can work heels and mustache to quite the same degree, Miss Spanish Mafia herself, La Pequeña! To find out what makes this Latino lady tick, we gave her the Dalston inquisition.

Describe yourself in one sentence for readers who might not be familiar with La Pequeña...

La Pequeña is a strange creature, my way to express myself provoking all kind of reactions, positive or negative, all are a reward for me.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

Obviously there are some icons who are inspiring me: Madonna, David Bowie, Almodovar... some designers and people on the street… but I´m not used to following trends or an artist; I´m dressing up my way.

Who are the Spanish Mafia?

We are a massive Spanish crew with a strong point of view about fashion, culture and an amazing way to have fun. I´m very proud to be called her Queen. I really love that although all of them are queens and kings.

You seem to have a wide variety of amazing wigs. Which is your favourite?

It’s always last I bought... now a curly long green wig, very exotic, haha!

What cocktail sums up your personality?

I could be a gin & tonic with cranberries: the best gin & tonics are made with the best gins, especially those with a slight citrus flavor and a great blend of botanicals. It’s sweet, sharp, creative, with touches of craziness.

What nights and projects are you involved in around East London?

DISH, B(e)ast , my new born AdDICKTED and I´ve got some other projects coming soon.

You're hosting August's B(e)ast... what gets you going on the dancefloor?

Any theme played by Borja Peña or Franx de Cristal, and a hot guy inviting me to dance, two guys would be even better.

What are your special hosting skills?

I'm a proper clever bitch.

La Pequeña hosts B(e)ast on Saturday 4th August from 9pm - 3am, with Rebecca Sawyer and Franx de Crystal in the upstairs bar and Borja Peña and Kevinfunkt in the lazer pit.

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La Pequeña