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Lady Blacktronika

Lady Blacktronika

Next weekend DJ, producer, vocalist and genuine underground hero Lady Blacktronika joins us from her native California for Lovehammer! The First Lady Of Beatdown will be joined in the basement by Lovehammer residents Mr Angelyne and HEID whilst upstairs The Duchess Of Pork and Princess Michael Of Cunt of Dirtbox fame and GHL Please (Anal House Meltdown) bring party vibes. Ahead of the party Lovehammer posed a few questions about house music and beyond...

Name you top 5 house tracks of all time?

1.Ralphie Rosario ft. Xaviera Gold - You Used To Hold Me

2. Tears Of Velva - The Way I Feel

3. Maurice Joshua - This Is Acid

4. Dee Dee Brave - Can't Get Over It

5. Michael Watford - Holdin' On

Where does your inspiration come from when making music?

Um, I’d say various things. The main ones being old school Chicago house, The Factory, anything retro really. I’m very driven by my emotion, so emotion alone is hugely inspirational to me. But you know, sometimes ideas just pop up! Haha!

Your songs are very evocative: Are they autobiographical?

Yes, I’d say most are… I tend to disguise it though. Like when I’m writing lyrics I use metaphors and euphemisms, so as not to make things too clear; almost code like; so it’s only really me who knows the exact meaning of what’s being said.

As well as Lady Blacktronika, you also record under the pseudonym: Haze n'Adaeze - stylistically speaking:  what is the difference between the two?

Haze N’Adaeze is my oldest pseudonym. Lady Blacktronika is a newer thing.

I’d say Haze N’Adaeze is a lot more raw, and more from the heart. I consider it as more avant garde, it’s where I can be more creative, and artistic with my sound…

Lady Blacktronika is more dance orientated, I guess you could say a lot more fun. The beats are heavier, so it’s more focused on a dance floor.

What can we expect from Lady Blacktronika at Lovehehammer?

Ha, well, you can expect a lot! I’ll be bringing vibrant energy, the occasional ‘diva’ session on the microphone, and wild vibes!

I like to be wild and crazy. I love when the crowd just lets go and goes wild; screaming, shouting and dancing… And I’ve heard the Superstore is perfect for that haha!

Join Lady Blacktronika for Lovehammer on Saturday 22nd June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Lady Blacktronika