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Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax

Dalston Superstore's Polari-inspired Club Vada is thrilled to announce Brooklyn-based DJ, songwriter and jetsetting record producer Lauren Flax will be joining the bill for their next party! Her wild, chuggy house sets have been setting dancefloors alight from New York to London and beyond for years, with a vast range of musical inspirations colouring her own productions. Having collaborated with the likes of Sia and Romy XX as well as making her own music under the CREEP moniker with fellow electronic musician Lauren Dillard, we can't wait to hear watch she unleashes in the lazerpit! We caught up to chat collaborations, influences and plans for this year.

Hi Lauren! We can’t wait to have you play at Club Vada! How has the first week of the new year been for you?

Actually quite amazing. Obviously last year was rough for many parts of the world and it took some time for me to be able to get back on my feet. It's so important to be able to keep my vibration high but also to stay angry and to not normalize things. We have a long fight ahead of us the next 4 years but I feel ready stand up and fight with a clear mind.

Can you tell us a bit about your band CREEP with your production partner Lauren Dillard?

Dillard and I started CREEP in 2009 I think? We put out or debut record in 2013 and got to tour Europe leading up to that. It was a great experience with a major learning curve for us, but it was all very exciting. Right now I’m focused on solo releases and DJing. We’ll write another record at some point, when the time feels right.

How did you two come to be working together?

We were best friends from the start. I think we both just got bored and wanted to see what we could come up with. I think we learned pretty quickly that we were on to something.

You’ve collaborated with some incredible names over the years from Kim Ann Foxman and Romy XX to Sia – who have been some of your favourite people to remix or work with?

Thats a tough one to answer! Sia was the easiest in that she came to my loft at the time and recorded all the vocals to You’ve Changed in literally 20 minutes. She also wrote the lyrics on the car ride over. She’s made of magic.

What was your favourite release of 2016?

This didn’t come out in 2016 but its my favourite discovery of an African band named Super Mama Djombo. Nissan Na Mbera is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

How do you think your upbringing in Detroit has influenced your sound?

Detroit taught me that technique and precision were major factors to being a great DJ. Plus, being surrounded by the people that created techno didn’t hurt either haha. We were all just young and obsessed kids back then, but it was special and a lot of us were able to make a career out of it.

You’ve toured really extensively across your career, what is the weirdest / best place you’ve ever played?

Honestly, I think the weirdest show we did was a daytime show at Shoreditch House. Some of the people were eating dinner and confused, but also we had 50 of our closest friends there all in black. We definitely descended on that place in full force.

How does the LGBT+ party scene in London compare to that of New York?

Honestly I don't know any places that aren't LGBT+ anymore and its great! I think both cities offer a great mixed crowd. Even if parties are advertised as queer nights, you’ll still get a mix. Plus everybody knows the gays throw the best parties!

Can you let us in on any plans in the pipeline for 2017?

More dance records to come. And lots of touring Europe. I’ll be based back in Berlin for the summer and am looking forward to festival season.

In five words or less, what are you planning to unleash on Club Vada?


Catch Lauren Flax at Club Vada this Saturday 21 January from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

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Lauren Flax