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It's probably the end of the world soon... This Friday the 13th we'll put our apocalypse survival glam on and fight our way into the queer femme utopia! At Femmi-Errect we celebrate the whole femme spectrum (if you identify as femme you’re welcome, it doesn’t matter what your gender is! If you love and respect femmes you’re welcome) We say a big fuck you to the patriarchy, white supremacy and all assholeries! Featuring
GodXXXNoirphiles, Katy Jalili, TrYb, D0zn and more!
Free before 10 / £5 before 11 / £7 after
Free entry if you receive benefits/ job seekers/ asylum seeker (make sure to email femmierrect@gmail.com at least 3 hours before)

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Femmi Errect