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If you're already Femmi-Errect, come along and get on a full erection! Tonight we celebrate femme 4 femme energy and radical softness. We're tired of femme identifying queers feeling isolated at gay bars! At Femmi-Errect we celebrate the whole femme spectrum and we say a big fuck you to the patriarchy, white supremacy and all assholeries. This night is brought to you by gender fucking brown femme slut Katy Jalili, an Iranian performer who's sick of all the femmephobic and racist bullshit at gay bars! Featuring sets from A Boy From Outer Space, Dalila, Jaye Ward, Brown Beauty Standards, St Helier and Karen Stanley, with a performance by Luna TikTok!
Free before 11 / £6 after
Free entrance if you receive benefits/ job seekers/ are an asylum seeker (make sure to email at least two hours before)

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