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Liam Rush

Liam Rush

London-born, Bristol based artist Liam Rush brings his first ever one-man show to Dalston Superstore. With only a few weeks left to see his work, we quizzed Liam on his inspirations and working process to find out more...
You're based in Bristol... in what way does your current environment inspire you?
I wouldn't say that my immediate surroundings particularly inspire me, I would say that it is the collective environments that I immerse myself in, the appeal of those places and what visual stimulants I'll find within them. For example I will always find myself naturally drawn to abandoned areas, with their neglected buildings complete with the traces of abandonment impregnated within their surfaces, as opposed to the clean, steel brushed minimalist 'Ikea like' zones of the modern day environments that we are becoming more accustomed to. 
What are you currently working on?
I'm currently working on trying to make money...! Ha, I suppose I'm trying to balance my time between working as a carpenter and designer which pays and then trying to pursue my more expressionist work which I find more therapeutic and balanced. I guess in the long run I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing creatively and why.
What attracts you to 3-D sculpture as your medium?
3-D work allows me to portait my ideas in the quickest and most thorough way possible. I find myself struggling to express my ideas in words so I suppose it's my way of communicating to people clearly about what ideas I'm having at the time. And I believe that tangible, 3-dimensional surfaces are more stimulating for the eye and I guess I like to try and encourage people to enjoy pieces as much as I can, I try and express what I find interesting in art across to the viewer in my own work.
How long does each piece take to create?
I'm never quite sure how long they take to make. Because the pieces are composed of so many smaller elements I tend to make a large batch of paintings which I then cut and chop up into the smaller pieces, I then spend a while messing about with the sections before I decide to stick them down. It's a pretty organic way of working and I don't ever have a finished piece in my head when I start.
What three tracks might soundtrack No Love Lost?
The three tracks that might suit No Love Lost would have to be...
The Nicolas Jaar BBC Radio 1 mix from 2012 as it's an incredible two hour musical journey which helped me get into that zone which is the most important place to get into when you're a creative individual.
Truly by Floating Points would have to be up there also. All these tracks I have had as the soundtracks to the making of No Love Lost; they are by no means what signify the work... they just helped keep me sane.
Do Make Say Think with their stunning Chinatown helped to incite moments of calm.

Liam Rush's show No Love Lost is currently on at Dalston Superstore.

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Liam Rush