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Little Boots x Louie Fresco

Little Boots x Louie Fresco

Our friend Little Boots has just given us an exclusive remix of her track Every Night I Say A Prayer courtesy of upcoming Mexican producer, DJ and Mexa Records label boss Louie Fresco. At her DJ set at February's Hot Boy Dancing Spot, we saw in person that she knows how to take care of dancefloor business.

In between dates of his current UK megatour, the frenetic Louie took the time to explain to us how the remix came about and how he gets his disco kicks...

What is it that attracted you to this Little Boots track?

First off, the original tune had some much good elements to work with. As soon as I heard it for the first time, the ideas started bouncing all over my screwed up head, so it was really such a joy to work with this tune.

And secondly, it's LITTLE BOOTS, 'nahmean? I've been a big a fan of her for a long time now, so for me to be asked to do a remix for her, it was A-Mazing!

Why do you like London and the UK so much?

Who said I liked the UK so much?? Whoever told you that is soooo RIGHT!

You guys have the best scene for anything related to electronic dance music. There's so much stuff going on at the same time that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

Every time I've been here I end up having so many epiphanies; it's insane!

I mean, yeah, I end up doing so much "silly" stuff all the time that it makes everyday into a whole new experience. It's brilliant!

What amazing parties and venues have you been playing at or attending during your latest visit?

Each and every one of them has it's perks, you know? I love Brighton (Audio Brighton, DPM, etc), Leicester (onefifteen), Birmingham (IF, Zukonda, etc.), and Leeds (One Religion, Solidstate, etc).

I just went to Sheffield, for the Tramlines Festival, for the first time and it was sooo good.

London (sooo many venues!) and Tunisia (HYPE) are two of my favorite spots in the world right now.

Seeing as the track that brought you to people's attention, So Good, sampled the late great Donna Summer, we are wondering who else are your disco idols?

The King Of Pop, Earth, Wind And Fire, Anita Ward, and Tina Turner all the way!

But my fave (don't know if I can put him on the disco genre though) is Curtis Mayfield. LEGEND!

You're a self-proclaimed good cook- what's your specialty?

Cannelloni, no jokes! Basically, everything that involves pasta.

What's next for your label Mexa Records?

We have the summer sampler coming out next month, and I couldn't be happier with tunes we've just signed for this. BOMBS!

And finally, it might seem a bit obvious, but why should people support gay marriage?

Life is free, why put rules on it?

Listen to Louie Fresco via soundcloud.com/louiefresco and be a fan of him on Facebook.

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Little Boots x Louie Fresco