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This Saturday we welcome Mexico City born, Barcelona based Lokier to Dalston Superstore for TanzBar. As both a DJ and a producer she's adept at bringing together seeming disparate sounds and genres and mixing them together to create her own unique style. Expect her DJ set this weekend to span everything from techno to disco, taking in post punk and rock along the way. Ahead of the party we caught up with her to find out more about her move to Europe, her enduring relationship with Morgan Hammer and her taste in horror film soundtracks...

It often seems like women especially in dance music get asked really rubbish gender based question in interviews. What do you wish they’d ask they’d ask instead but never do?

They could ask for a funny/crazy experience or for advice. I always love reading artists anecdotes. You can either have a good laugh or learn something from their experience.   

You’re known for sneaking in a bit of disco or even post punk into your DJ sets- can you talk us through the evolution of your diverse music taste?

I’m always listening and searching for new music that inspires me. I can’t stick with one genre because that bores me. When I was younger I listened to rock and punk, then when I started DJing I played a lot of rough techno, then I played super slow and sweet disco, and now I think it’s a combination of everything I guess! It’s always been very complicated to describe my style because I’m always evolving in some sort of way. I like music that makes me feel something. 

Why did you choose In Aeternam Vale for your I’m A Cliché Edit Service contribution?

I remember when I first listened to Dust Under Brightness, it really caught up my attention. When I was listening to it, I imagined more sounds on top of it. I wasn’t thinking of doing an Edit Service at the time, but when I finished it I thought that it could work.  

You’re from Mexico City but are now based in Europe… What was the impetus for this pretty full on move? Why Barcelona over anywhere else?

Around the time that I decided to move I was having a lot more gig offers in Europe than in Mexico. Also, Morgan Hammer lives there and we were planning to work together and she finally convinced me to do it. The city is beautiful, the weather is great, and I have several friends that live there now, so I think those are the main reasons.  

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Studio 54 of course!

You’re now working with Morgan Hammer- how and why do you think you guys complement each other?

Morgan and I have very similar taste in music. I think our minds are connected in some way. It’s not like she has something that I’m missing or that I do things that she can’t do, it’s more like whenever I feel like something is missing she would suggest something and it always feels like I would’ve thought of that any other day. She works as my inspiration when I’m lost and vice versa. 

As an avid horror fan, and considering you’ve even been described as “Berghain John Carpenter”, what for you is the epitome of horror soundtracks in terms of tone, cinematic scale and downright musical scariness?

That one is hard to answer! There are a lot of amazing movies and soundtracks. The one that crosses my mind right now is Suspiria. The soundtrack produced by Goblin is perfect. Mysterious, weird and elegant. Like the movie itself.

Okay, you’re throwing a party. Describe the ideal setting, venue, booth set-up (if relevant), line-up and crowd.

An old underground (literally) pub, lit with candles, not too crowded and as for the line up I think i’d love to play an all-nighter as She Made Monster (my project with Morgan Hammer). 

What do you hope your epitaph reads? How do you want people to remember you?

Instead of an epitaph, I want music to be continuously playing. Something melancholic, not too sad, not too happy. I want to make people remember feelings, not ideas. 

What was the last piece of art, of any medium, that truly moved you?

I know it’s ridiculous but that girl robot that dances with a monster mask. I even had a dream about me dancing like that. 

Join Lokier this Saturday 23rd May for TanzBar at Dalston Superstore 9pm - 4.30am.

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