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Luke Howard

Luke Howard

Continuing the bank holiday fun this weekend on Good Friday is the venerable Horse Meat Disco, who temporarily leave their home at The Eagle in Vauxhall and gallop east for one night of fun at Dalston Superstore. With the night featuring all four residents over both floors, and with all of east London in high spirits for the long weekend, it's sure to be a total roadblock party.

We caught up with one of the Horse Meat residents, the lovely Luke Howard, ahead of Friday's fun to ask about how he earned his disco stripes at seminal club nights like Queer Nation and Flesh at the legendary Haçienda, the recent HMD outing to New York and what new music is currently getting him excited...

How did you come to be part of Horse Meat Disco?

I just forced myself on them and the first night at Eagle which was New Year's Day many moons ago, the DJ after me didn't show up and I just started playing lots of random things and the crowd seemed to like it.

Sum up in 3 words what we can expect from the Good Friday party...

Fun, Laffs, Good-times.

What's your favourite non-disco Horse Meat track to play?

Anything you can dance to is disco isn't it? I guess Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

How was HMD NYC? How did it compare?

It was a really great party. Around 800 people, a great crowd. Super fun. I felt so lucky to be a part of HMD. DJing in NYC is like a dream come true.

What's your best new musical discovery?

It's not really new but there's an album by Destroyer called Kaputt that I really like. Nina Kraviz is pretty interesting, and the new !!! track called Slyd is pretty amazing. As far as disco goes Eric Duncan from Rub & Tug has done an amazing new track that sounds like an old skool disco classic.

What are you currently working on?

We've just done a HMD remix for S-Express, as Mark Moore is doing a remix album of his back catalogue. We're also working on an HMD album of original music. We're a bit slow but we've done some great demos and we just need so great singers to finish them off. We'd love to get one of our musical heroes to sing with us.

What and where was your first ever DJ gig?

My first ever ever gig was a squat on Upper Street at this cafe called Molly's. I can't remember much but I did play Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent by Gwen Guthrie. It must have been about 1987.

What one track instantly transports you back to Flesh at the Haçienda?

There was a track called Dance All Night by G.I.N.A Stewart that Tim Lennox always used to play (which I also used to play at Queer Nation) that reminds me of Flesh and he always used to play Relight My Fire by Dan Hartman. I once played Enough is Enough by Barbara Streisand & Donna Summer and Sasha ran into the DJ booth and shook my hand and said that's my favourite record!

What is your favourite ever memory from Queer Nation?

So many great memories. The first time Norman Jay played for us was such a treat as we all really looked up to him and avidly listened to him on the radio, so having him come and play in a gay club really meant a lot to us. Sharon Redd did her last London PA there so that was really special. One night Colonel Abrams did a PA and Pete Burns was up the front really dancing up, which Princess Julia and I thought was most amusing. Puffing on Patrick Lilley's pot pipe and downing jello shots in the cupboard at the side of the bar! All the queens on the back stairs smoking weed and carrying on were the original Legendary Children! We had such a kiki back then. 

Join Luke Howard for Horse Meat Disco East this Friday 29th March from 9pm - 4:30am at Dalston Superstore.

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Luke Howard