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Luke Howard’s Desert Island Discography

Luke Howard’s Desert Island Discography

Horse Meat Disco's Luke Howard has been soundtracking amazing nights out across the country for some time now, including the very first ever Queer Nation (and quite a few after as well), as well as the legendary night Flesh at even more legendary nightclub The Haçienda in Manchester. 

In honour of him joining us at Superstore this weekend for Horse Meat Disco East on Good Friday, we've asked him to share some meaningful records from all areas of his life...

A record whose vocal gets you every time

I think it'd have to be Was That All It Was by Jean Carne. The vocal is impeccable - without any backing vocals at all Jean gives the performance of a lifetime. Anyone who's ever had man trouble can relate to the lyrics! It's ironic that it was never a hit but the track has endured for all these years.

A record that reminds you of coming out

I came out aged 16 and a track that was always being played at The Bell (the gay bar I used to frequent in Kings Cross) was Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. It still sounds good all these decades later!

A record that you play when you are vacuuming

I tend not to play records when vacuuming as you can't hear the music over the sound of my vacuum cleaner. However, when I'm tidying up I love listening to Aretha Franklin's This Girl's In Love With You album. It contains her version of Let It Be, which always has me blubbing.

A record that goes down surprisingly well at Horse Meat Disco

I guess that would have to be Big Love by Fleetwood Mac, there's something quite Balearic about this and it's a one good to dance to.

A record that always did the business at Queer Nation

Masters At Work featuring India - I Can't Get No Sleep. The dance floor at QN used to live for this one. I still love hearing it as it brings back so many good memories.

A record that is forever Flesh

The record that always reminds me of Flesh is Relight My Fire by Dan Hartman. Tim Lennox used to play it every month and I'm sure it's where Take That got the idea of doing their cover version.

A record that reminds you of your best dance floor experience 

That's hard. There's been so many wonderful nights out. Hearing Frankie Knuckles play at The Sound Factory when he had his brief residency there in 1991 was a real highlight. When he played his remix of The Pressure by The Sounds of Blackness, months before it was released, it was absolutely magical. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

A record that you can't listen to because it makes you too sad

For years I couldn't listen to Last Dance by Donna Summer because it had been played on a loop as we all left the church at Gerlinde Costiff's funeral - the song was always played at the end of the night at Kinky Gerlinky, the amazing club that Gerlinde ran with her husband Michael. It was too sad for me to hear that song for many years, but as the years have gone by I've begun playing it again and I know Gerlinde would be happy that we often finish Horse Meat Disco with Last Dance. It's still Gerlinde's song to me though.

Join Luke Howard this Good Friday for Horse Meat Disco East at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4.30am

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Luke Howard’s Desert Island Discography