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Malcolm Duffy’s On A Bender

Malcolm Duffy’s On A Bender

Next weekend sees Trade legend Malcolm Duffy grace the Dalston Superstore laser basement for bi-monthly night Bender! He'll be joined by Cathal, whilst upstairs resident C*nt Mix Wont Mix and NYC Downlow's Gideon DJ, and there's even a special live PA from hot French DJ/producer/rapper Kiddy Smile. PLUS hostess with the mostess Glyn Famous of Sink The Pink fame.

Ahead of the party we caught up with Mr Duffy himself to find out more about the heady days of Trade, and his recent return to DJing...

What's the biggest bender you've ever been on?

The whole of the nineties.

Describe an average night at Trade for you in three words...

Hedonistic, camp and rough.

Who out of the other Trade DJs always had you dancing and to what?

They all did at different times, (except Steve Thomas) especially Daz Saund in the early days, he would play one off American house tracks that used to blow me away.

How does the scene in London compare now?

I think it is a lot more controlled now; we used to go from club to club every night of the week, which only so many people knew about. It was a lot more underground and less commercial, there weren’t a lot of people making any money out of it, it was more out of a love for music and fashion etc.

And how does it feel DJing again? Are you building similar sets, digging out old records or are you totally immersing yourself in mew music?

A mixture of both. You can’t top the old ones, but they should only come out on special occasions. Musically I am the same, just less tribal. There seems to be some nice tracks coming out again which is quite refreshing for me, as it's been a while out of the DJing loop.

Is there anyone new exciting you especially music-wise at the moment?

There is an artist I like called David Glass that I am feeling at the moment (not literally).

What's your fave ever Trade memory?

My memories of Trade are of meeting so many wonderful and varied characters, the sheer full on madness of it all, including power cuts where people didn't notice and continued to dance to Wayne Sleep dancing his tits off on the podium. There used to be a man who came in every week and stood chatting to the fruit machine all night, I think he was in love... the list goes on and on.

If you could go back in time to any dance floor anywhen/anywhere, where would we be setting the time machine to go to?

The Pink Panther in Soho, that was the most amazing club ever. It used to get raided every night and we would get thrown out by the police, so we used to walk round the block and go back in. It was the smallest and roughest dive ever, but it was phenomenal.

And where or what was your own personal earliest dancefloors?

The first clubs in London I went to were called Bolts and the Pink Panther.

Tell us ONE record that is guaranteed to send the whole dancefloor on a massive bender?

I Am Somebody…. Technasia.

 Join Malcom Duffy at Bender on Saturday 23rd November from 9pm - 3am at Dalston Superstore.

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Malcolm Duffy’s On A Bender