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Marc Miroir

Marc Miroir

Next weekend Berlin based DJ Marc Miroir joins us for a night of haus music at B(e)ast! As the face behind Berlin's famed gay underground party Members, the resident DJ at Airport in his hometown of Würzberg, AND the co-founder of the long-running Paso Music, Marc knows how to get the laser basement pumping. We caught up with him ahead of the party to find out more about Marc, Members and more...

Describe your party Members in 3 words.

Good music, sexy stylish crowd, Berlin underground.

Why is Club Kosmonaut the ideal place to hold it?

The size and layout of the club is perfect for that party. We can open other rooms whenever we want and above all there is a very nice garden for the summer. Both dancefloors boast a Funktion One sound system, and it is in Friedrichshain, where a lot of party people are living.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Right at this moment I would beam myself up to Koh Phangan in Thailand in the year 2007. That year I was there for three weeks and played a lot of legal and illegal thai-break and full-moon parties in the jungle. It was amazing. As it's not summer in Europe yet, I wish I could be there!

The inevitable march of gentrification is by all accounts happening as well in Berlin albeit a lot slower than it is in London- have you seen this have any impact on your party at all?

Gentrification is  not just a problem for creative people like musicians, artists or film-makers. Higher rents mean less money for going out for everyone else, too. But people still want to go out and have fun. So for now I don't think that this affects our party. It's a monthly party and we are very underground. We have well-known and unknown talents combined, so we can keep the costs for the entrance low and Kosmonaut's drinks are not expensive. I think these are the perfect requirements for a great crowd. 

What are your favourite gay parties outside of Germany to play at?

It's funny but most of the parties I play at aren't gay... Most of the gay parties in other countries play strange music. Typical circuit gay house music or hits and disco is just not my cup of tea haha.

You've been running your label Paso Music now for 10 years- what keeps it going for you?

I used to release my own productions on labels like ARAS, Heinz Music, LevelNonZero, Trapez, Confused, Greatstuff, Bondage and of course on my own label Paso Music. I learned a lot through these releases on other labels and now everyone else releasing on Paso benefits from that. I like it when I can manage my releases from the beginning over all aspects of the release. I can define the release date, I can assign the artwork, I can chose the promoter... all in all, the release is (except for the music) 100% Marc Miroir.

What for you epitomises the sound of Berlin?

The sound of Berlin is various. There are so many musicians and DJ's from all over the world. And everybody influences the sound a little bit.

The sound in the club depends on the location and the day. The sound of MEMBERS is deep, driving, techy, housey and groovy.

What prompted your move from your hometown of Würzburg and could you see yourself living anywhere other than Berlin now?

It was the music. I'm still running my monthly residency at Airport in my hometown. Eight years ago I had reached my limits and there was no further progress in my career I could make. Berlin just had so many more opportunities and there were already a lot of friends of mine and many colleagues. Here, the exchange between the DJs and musicians is huge and the benefit is big.

Why did you choose the alias Marc Miroir?

That's my real name in French. My first name is Marco, and my last name is Mirror in German.

In french class at school  I was called Marc Miroir and I took that name for the first gig, where an artist name was required. I just kept it despite all the misspellings and varying pronunciations it has come in for.

Last year you worked with the amazing Hard Ton for your track Fire... what collaborations or featured artists do you have up your sleeve for 2014?

There is another a collaboration with Hard Ton in progress. 

My next single release called Love comes with a stunning Kiki remix on Paso Music in May.

And this week I was with in the studio with the lovely Elif Bicer from Ostgut Ton. Be prepared for great results!

Join Marc Miroir on Saturday 7th April for B(e)ast at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - late.

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Marc Miroir