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MC Gaff E

MC Gaff E

Psychedelic performer MC Gaff E joins us back in London tonight for her night Gaff's Gaff with special guest Mickey Moonlight! Upstairs Ma Butcher and Lazy Susan takeover with Miserable Bitch meaning both floors are guaranteed to be full of over-the-top looks, colourful characters and disco of all varieties.

Ahead of tonight's party with caught up with the stunning and stylish Gaff to find out what projects she's currently working on, musical or otherwise...

You do a lot of your own styling and make-up... how long do some of your more alien looks take?

Yes, I prefer to have full control of my looks and make-up. I know what I like! The styling part doesn't take long. I just have a look at what I've got and put it together in a couple of minutes. I would say my best face-painted looks would take a full hour (just depends on how much detailing is involved).

Speaking of extraterrestrial projects, tell us more about your latest musical endeavour MEGA OMEGA?

MEGA OMEGA is a collaboration four of us saw coming in order to take everything we have been creating over the years to a whole new level. I know I have been looking for the right 'band' members since I started performing five years ago. It is hard to find others you truly want to work with who are on the common ground of believing in something so strong, as if it was our own individual projects. For me, it is the ultimate collaboration between some of the greatest friends and inspiring artists I know. The extraterrestrial members include Ylva Falk, Drugmoney, Thomas Bullock and myself. We come from the planet Mono Ceros (Planet Of The Unicorns) with a message of style, love and freedom. Recently, we met in New York and recorded our first album so you can expect cosmic sounds for your ears VERY soon!  

You've just got back from Japan- did you pick up any crazy new clothes or outfits you can tell us about?

SO MANY! I'm obsessed with anything 'eyeball' themed. I got fresh eyeball leggings, earrings, sunglasses, socks and a bracelet. In general, Tokyo has the best colourful socks I've ever seen on planet Earth and they are so cheap! Needless to say I got a lot of new aztec/pineapple/tie dye pairs. Also I got a whole new collection of bows for my hair. Think heaps of fluro, studs, cheetah, furry and see through plastic hair pieces. Over the top. Just the way I like it.

And are we right in thinking you recorded a new track with Trippple Nippples while you were out there?

Yes. Trippple Nippples are the future. We recorded a high energy tribal warrior kinda track inspired by the band Aqua. I can't wait to make the video for it- Godzilla styles.

Is it true you're currently working with designers on your own clothes?

The only designer I work on designing outfits with is Carley Hague. Otherwise, I collaborate with other designers on visual projects and model for them (with my style). Recently, I've joined forces with Alex Noble, Shara HAYZ, Jylle Navarro, Isolated Heroes, Desert Designs, Rubbish Fairy, Dane London and Nathan French XXX.

Where did you shoot your latest video King Of The Castle? It looks totally post-apocalyptic-weird.

Believe it or not, we shot it at none other than Bondi Beach in Sydney. The dragon/fish playground became deserted as soon as we entered it to start filming. We shot the rest on the rocks and in the caves around the corner from the beach. No one came anywhere near us. It was great!

What's your favourite track of your own, or one you're particularly proud of for any reason?

Hmmmm that's a tough one! I would say at the moment, I like what I'm saying in both Strippin IT + Treatin IT and Felines Rising the best. They are two of our newest and the messages are strong. My strong female/feline friends are rising with their mega creations and it's a nice thing to watch and be part of.

Ma Butcher and Lazy Susan are hosting Miserable Bitch upstairs. You are neither miserable or a bitch so does that mean that Gaff's Gaff in the laser basement will be basically the opposite?

I wouldn't say the opposite. Neither Ma nor Lazy Susan will be acting miserable! There will be smiles, fun and good vibes on both levels. I would say the only thing that will be different will be the music (with obscure disco/house/soul in the basement).

What can we expect from your special guest Mickey Moonlight?

A cosmic journey. Personally, I LOVE what he plays. My feet don't stop moving. I used to play MM's parties years ago so we've worked together a lot. Expect quality, rare and out of this world sounds for your ears.

And finally, what do you attribute your globe-trotting success to? 

Putting my heart, soul and energy into building and evolving my creations. I keep an open mind and I love to try new things that interest me as much as possible. I love what I do. My motto has always been - JUST DO IT !

Join MC Gaff E tonight, Friday 10th May, for Gaff's Gaff with Mickey Moonlight at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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MC Gaff E