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The fabulous Merve is the super sexy guest at Mints' third bidet bash. The mints team had a little chat with her, which you can check out below, before coming down this Friday to treat your ears..

Hi Merve! We are stoked to have you join us for our Mints 3rd Birthday party this Friday! How has your 2019 been so far?

Hi! Thank you for having me, I’m so excited to play! 2019 has been an exciting and fun ride with a lot of hard work going into doing what I love! I’ve had the privilege to play some of my dream gigs and continuing to grow as a person and learn. 

How do you feel that growing up in Melbourne has influenced your sound?

The one major influence Melbourne has had on my sound would be versitility. Living in a city where you’re constantly exposed to talented musicians of all genres definitely keeps you open minded. Which is probably why I will play whatever I like the sound of and not just stick to one genre.

Can you tell us a bit about your radio show, Noctilucent, on Hope St Radio?

Hope St Radio is an online broadcast station run by sweet Pete Baxter. I play  ambient/experimental/sound/etc. music. Basically the other side of my record collection. I get to weave and layer sounds in a very different way to how I do it in the club. Noctilucent is a solo music sharing experience, whereas any other time it’s about feeling connected with everyone in the space we’re sharing.

You have played at some incredible festivals in recent years, including Golden Plains, Splendour in the Grass and Strawberry Fields. What has been your festival highlight so far?

Oooh! That’s a hard one, I’ve had a great time at all the festivals I’ve played and they’ve all played an integral part in my journey as an artist, and I’ve come away with some great memories. So big love to all of them!

What are some of your favourite record stores to go digging? 

In Melbourne, The Searchers will always be my number one! Others would be Alley Tunes, Hub301 and Dixon’s which is pretty much where all second records, cds and tapes go if they’re not record store worthy. But I’ve found some absolute gems! Just gotta dig a little harder ;) 

You have played at quite a few queer and female-centred events in the past - how is the experience of politically-motivated nightlife spaces different for you as a DJ?

I feel a different kind of responsibility, freedom and energy when I play those events. It’s a community I’m a part of and I deeply care about, and it’s always so silly and fun!! Shoutouts to Le Fag, my favourite!

Who are some of your favourite Melbourne-based artists that should be getting more attention? 

There are so many talented people but the first one to pop into my head is Vanessa Worm! She’s the future of dance music!

Which DJs / selectors have most influenced your style and sound?

I don’t think I have djs that influence my style but more djs I feel more of a connection to, maybe in the way they play music, the way I like to hear it. Even if it’s a challenging set. 

You’ve been playing some amazing gigs since your incredible Boiler Room set, including Tim Sweeney’s cult Beats in Space. What do the next few months hold in store for you?

 Playing in Europe for the first time then heading back to Australia to gear up for summer! I’ve got some very fun gigs coming up, excited to returning to Strawberry Fields in November.  Also looking forward to learning how to make music and making my own little bleeps 

And finally, in five words or less, what can we expect from your set at Mints?

Hot and sweaty good time!


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