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Miaoux Miaoux

Miaoux Miaoux

Next week sees indie dance pop producer Miaoux Miaoux join us for our weekly Wednesday night of fun, White Leather Viper Club. Known to his mum as Julian, the young producer lives in that far north music mecca of Glasgow, home of our good pals Optimo and the legendary Sub Club. He's remixed the likes of Lindstrøm and even had his work used by Xbox. We decided to find out more about Miaoux Miaoux...

First things first, when did you become involved with music? 

I've always been doing something musical in one way or another, my older brother and dad are both great musicians so they started me off. I got into electronic music at school, bought decks and started making tunes with a terrible sampler. Things got out of hand after that.

What influences the music you make?

Wow, a lot of things. When you listen to a lot of music you pick stuff up that you're unaware of, and it makes its way into your own tracks without you realising. All of my best tunes have been complete accidents. I have consciously ripped stuff off before though, haha. 

Whats you favourite piece of hardware that you use in your work?

Probably the Korg MS20, it's bonkers. I only got it recently but have been using it in every track since.

What direction do you see Miaoux Miaoux taking and has it evolved from what you initially envisioned?

It was initially a bits-and-pieces kind of project - bobble hat electronica I suppose. Now it's much more of a pop project - I'm interested in how artists like Matthew Dear and Little Dragon are basically making pop, but within these amazing electronic contexts. They both have a signature sound that as soon as you put their record on, it's obvious it's them, and that's something I want to develop.

You are currently touring, what cities do you look forward to playing and why?

I'm playing Brighton on Saturday, it's actually my last gig of the year so should be fun. Always a party city apparently, I've never been though!

What up and coming Glasgow bands should we be listening to?

Nevada Base's new stuff is brilliant, I've been doing a bit of recording with them. Perfect modern disco. New Loops Haunt is amazing. I was a big fan of Dananananaykroyd so their new project Alarm Bells looks good too. 

You have remixed for the like of Lindstrøm and Chvrches, what other projects have you lined up for the new year?

Got one more remix to do, then I'm gonna take some time off, tidy my studio and come back in the new year full of ideas and cake. The next record will be all analogue synths, and mixed out of the box - both the Lindstrøm and Chvrches remixes were done in two or three days, and mixed really fast, which is giving me the best results at the moment.

We hear that you're really into computer games, and Xbox recently used one of your songs. Do you find inspiration playing video games and does that cross over into your music?

I definitely have been influenced by video game music - Final Fantasy VII, which I spent a lot of my teens completing, has some of the best music I've ever heard anywhere, not just in a video game. Mostly they're a good way to wind down and forget about all the deadlines you've missed.

What record defines your formative years? 

Probably DJ Shadow - Pre-Emptive Strike. I heard it before Endtroducing and it blew my tiny mind.

Do you have any strange hidden talents that nobody knows about? 

I've been told I'm quite good at imitating accents, but my Scottish accent is still terrible, despite being here for four years. I sound like a haggard Billy Connolly.

And finally whats is your favourite sandwich filling? 

I'm a sucker for the chicken salad from Piece in Finnieston - it's right by my studio and I'm in there almost every day. Should probably credit them on the next record.

Miaoux Miaoux joins us for White Leather Viper Club next Wednesday 5th December from 9pm - 2:30am.

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Miaoux Miaoux