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This Friday we welcome Gomma Records label head Munk to the Superstore basement for a special Gomma Records takeover! Joining him will be Rory Phillips, Will Viper, Jonjo Jury and Kim Jakobsen To for a night of non-stop indie disco fun. Ahead of the party, we caught up with Munk himself to talk records, jazz and super-powers...
What is your favourite Thelonious Monk record?
Hehe... you are going deep...
So, I go deep too: the early stuff when he was the piano player at Minton's Playhouse. The stuff with Coleman Hawkins, Kenny Clarke, Charlie Parker. Not only because the music was great, but because this was more punk rock then punk rock ever was. The attitude - destroying with fastness, everything white people liked at the time, the style - the word hipster was created in those days: around 1943 in New York. etc... You know what I mean. That shit was crisp!

What lead to you setting up Gomma?
Being bored by about 99% of other labels. Not finding any other label that wanted to release my music. And admiring a few labels that I thought were awesome and I wanted to do something similar. Connecting visual style with music eclecticism. I love ECM, Warp, MoWax, Knitting Factory... that kind of attitude.
If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you set the dials to?
Harlem early 1970's. For the latin clubs and the funk clubs.
What was the thinking behind your very brightly coloured video for  Happiness Juice?
It was an idea by London based video director Jade Mortimer. She thought we have to exaggerate the ironic happiness of the music with even more ironic happiness in the imagery. 

What's the furthest (or hypothetically worst) you'd go to sign a record to Gomma?

There is no worst - because there is nothing bad in life - because everything that gets considered bad in one period of humanity will get considered good 15 years after or so. Just like at the moment with chill-out and the yoga house thing - 15 years ago people would have said: this is music for elevators and supermarkets. now they put it on the top list of Resident Advisor...
So for me: some of the things I thought they are super cool now I consider shit and vice versa. Point of views change.

Last record you listened to from beginning to end....
Egberto Gismonti- Magico

Who is the most exciting musical artist currently on your radar?
Sounds cheap but this week it's SBTRK - I love that album. It just came out. That guy is soooo good. (And I just made an remix for his song New Dorp, New York.)

What was the record that changed your perspective, made you want to make music, made you want to start a label, made you want to travel the world?
Mo Wax compilation called HEADZ, it got me into electronic music. 

If you could have a super-power for just one day, what would it be and what would you do in your powered-24-hours?

I'd find a windmill and turn it so fast that it blows aways all the likes of Putin, ISIS, Assad and other motherfuckers.

What's your curveball record to totally shock the dance floor?
Trio - Da Da Da.


Join Munk this Friday at the Gomma Records Takeover at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.
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