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Bloggers and DJs Musiclovemakers join us for another Club Lesley outing this Friday night. As they tell it themselves, "we are lovers of music, we try find old & new that we like, we then try make folks dance with it, we're also both interested in women." With that in mind we caught up with Maddy to find out what music has a hold over her...

This track that never fails to move me... 

This is mine and my best friends song, It reminds me of drunken nights screaming and crying to this! Kate Bush = Heartbreak.

This track I can't help but sing along to...

I have probably just picked this just for the Kate Moss video. But I also think it's one of the greatest ever cover versions. Dusty would have been proud.

This track has been a HUGE influence....

 Even though this is a fairly new track it blows my mind every time I hear it. There is no one like Burial, he is a genius.

I lose my shit on the dancefloor to this...

This song has been rinsed on dancefloors everywhere, but it never fails to make me lose it when the bass kicks in.

 I haven't been able to stop playing this track all week...

I've actually had Solange's whole EP on repeat this week, but especially this track. I like how she is not copying Beyonce and doing her own thing.

Join Musiclovemakers at Club Lesley this Friday 18th January with MDMX and Maxx DMX from 9pm - 3am.

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