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Nic Fisher’s Totally Fetch

Nic Fisher’s Totally Fetch

Friday sees Gutterslut's Nic Fisher join us for the Totally Fetch: Fringe! Vs Mean Girls official afterparty, alongside Hannah Holland, Duchess Of Pork, Kostakis, John Sizzle and Vangelis & Tareq. And to get us in the mood, the lovely Nic made us this totally fetch mixtape which we'll be alternating between that and re-watching Mean Girls so we're fully armed with every imaginable (and amazing) line ready for the quote-a-long tomorrow night at the Rio Cinema. Make sure you get your ticket from the Rio's website!


1. Round Table Knights - So Good (Teenage Mutants Remix)
2. Nicone - Why (Monte Remix)
3. Kolombo, Compuphonic - Sand Storm (DeMarzo Remix)
4. LouLou Players, Kolombo - Don't Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
5. Nick Curly - Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
6. Flashmob - Hot (Original Mix)
7. Dusky - Nobody Else (Original Mix)
8. ReKreation - Before Me (Leftwing & Kody Remix)
Join Nic at Totally Fetch: Fringe! Vs Mean Girls Afterparty on Friday 12th April from 9pm - 4am at Dalston Superstore.
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Nic Fisher’s Totally Fetch