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One of the most exciting voices in the British underground electronic scene is Slovenian-born, Glasgow-based DJ, producer and Heka Trax label boss Nightwave! The Redbull Music Academy alumnus' latest EP Wavejumper is out on the illustrious Fool's Gold label, and we are thrilled to present the launch party in partnership with weekly Wednesday shakedown Uncontrollable Urge. Described by Mixmag as “pure dance floor euphoria” with a heady mix of grime, footwork and high-energy techno, we can't wait to hear it played out in the laser basement! We caught up with her to chat battling misogyny in electronic music, life in Glasgow and exciting upcoming Heka Trax releases!

Tell us about your history. Why did you end up in your adopted home of Glasgow and how much has it shaped where you are now?

I moved from Slovenia to London 15 years ago and I loved it, but decided to move to Glasgow for a change (and to save some money.) I have so many friends in Scotland and I love the energy of this town - everyone helps each other out and people are always up for a party. Glasgow is a seriously musical town and so many are involved in production or promoting, so it's really inspiring. 

Fool’s Gold is a big look. How did you get involved with A-Trak and co. for your new EP? Have you learnt anything from the way they work??

 I'm chuffed to be on Fool's Gold and it was my dream choice for this EP - it really fits I think. We did it the old skool way - sent the demos and they liked it! It’s good to see how they work and it definitely gives me some ideas about growing my own label Heka Trax.

We’re guessing the title, ‘Wavejumper’, is a nod towards Drexciya. What are three electro tracks that have inspired what you do and what makes them so special?

It is! The record doesn't sound much like Drexciya but the work of James Stinson is something I keep in mind all the time and it seriously inspires me to make music and try not follow others. Really hard to choose three tracks but maybe Drexciya - Aqua Worm Hole, AFX remix of DMX Krew - Can't hide your love and Dopplereffekt - Sterilisation? Too hard.

You have your own label Heka Trax. Who are the artists on there and what do you look for when it comes to signing a release? How much music do usually you sift through before you find what’s right?

I've released all sorts of stuff - Big Dope P, Glacci, Carpainter, Pixelord...the next release is a new band called Tree Trunks so there's no real policy, just the stuff I like. I get sent quite a lot of demos and listen and reply to them all. Some are amazing some are just not right.

Showcasing your eclectic, party-focused DJ style, your Paris Boiler Room was the catalyst for them facing up to the bigotry in their chat rooms. In your experience, have things improved in the wider dance scene since that debate? 

Nah nothing's changed, all comment sections should just be gone. We should just confine these assholes back to their geeky hate forums. Hate only breeds more hate.

Coldwave, chill wave, minimal wave, new wave… What is your favourite musical wave to listen to at night? 

Actual sea waves!

Catch Nightwave at the Wavejumper EP launch on Wednesday 26 April from 9pm-2:30am at Dalston Superstore!

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