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by Whitney Weiss

Tel Aviv’s Partok is a resident and program planner at legendary club The Block and a DJ’s DJ, adept at deftly moving between styles and delighting dance floors (including Panorama Bar on a regular basis). Ahead of his set at Les Poppeurs this Friday, we chatted about nightlife in Tel Aviv, the joys of East London, and the records that won’t be leaving his bag all summer.

Oh hello! Please introduce yourself/tell the world who Partok is?

Hello hello! Partok is a clubber, DJ and promoter from Tel Aviv. I've been doing nightlife here for many years, DJing in the different underground clubs the city had to offer, and throwing a lot of parties and raves. These days, my home base is The Block club, where I'm one of the resident DJs and the program planners.

You play a veritable cornucopia of great music at places like The Block and Panorama Bar and are quite versatile in your selection. What can we expect to hear in the laser basement at Les Poppeurs?

Well I've heard Les Poppeurs is all about Italo so I'll be packing more of that!

Please take us out on a night of glorious debauchery in Tel Aviv. Where shall we go for drinks and snacks? What parties/clubs shall we visit? Are we going to after-hours?

My first recommendation to anyone that visits Tel Aviv is to eat as much as you can, so our debauchery will definitely include a lot of food and drinks and some beach time in between. Some spots I'll probably take you to are Port Said, Alphabet, and of course, The Block. After hours are a bit tricky in Tel Aviv, but something tells me we'll manage.

This is not your first time at Superstore by any means! What do you like about East London nightlife?

It's all about the people, I would say. East London is bursting with talented hilarious people, and I had the pleasure of acquiring many friends during my long romance with your scene. And most important, you guys really like to party.

What is the most memorable thing you’ve witnessed from the booth at The Block in Tel Aviv, where you are resident DJ?

There are many to mention. The first ones that came to mind are actually from our 'Room 2' aka The Squat. The Squat is a more the dirty, dark, wooden, throbbing, punchy, steamy, smokey room and it's really special. The party with Prosumer there, where I had the honor to play before and after him, was def memorable. Also, a local techno party we did there where I played b2b with Nimrod Katzir, where all seven grounds of hell broke loose.

Since the party is called Les Poppeurs, I’ve gotta know: what is your preferred brand of poppers?

Girl, you need to take me at least to a dinner and a movie before we're getting intimate.

Where is your favorite place in the world to go out dancing, assuming you’re the type of DJ who likes to go out dancing often?

I most definitely do! Aside The Block and well, Berghain and Pbar, I would have to mention Block 9 at Glastonbury festival. Specifically NYC Downlow and that area's crew bar Maceos. Who would have known that one of the best clubs in the world is open for only five days a year. I'm lucky to play there again next week!

You're the resident DJ at PAG, a notoriously debauched party that has promo videos with a lot of sex, fluids, and fabulousness. If the spirit of PAG was summed up in one song or music video, what song or music video would it be?

I think this befouled and passionate piece by Karen Finley talking about party animals, supermarkets, poo, ice-cream, sex and general anarchism among other divinities, would def do right by PAG...

What is one record that will not leave your bag all summer?

One of them is going to be my debut release! Full disclosure very soon. Another one is by the Superstore's own Dan Beaumont. It's called Tunnelomics. I'm not sure if it's out yet, but I played it a couple of times already and it is the bomb.

And now, the classic Superstore question: if you had a time machine to travel to any dance floor anywhere, where would you want to go dancing?

As much as I'd like to use it to visit Hardy, Mancuso or Levan, I would probably just go only a few years back and dance to one of Danny Bar's sets. Danny was a good friend and an amazing DJ. He passed on four years ago due to heart failure. No intention on getting your eyes all wet, but no doubt this would be the first stop for me with that nice machine of yours.

Join Partok this Friday 19th June for Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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