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 Exhibition 31st October to 6th January

A celebration of the omnipresence of pattern – from the mundane to the magnificent

 In November 2012 Pattern pioneers* Patternity present the first in an on-going series of ‘pattern explorations’.
Kicking off with the exploration of ‘STRIPE’ at the Dalston Superstore.

 Paying a homage to the iconic black and white striped awning at the front of the DSS – Patternity bring their award winning* pattern application to the Superstore - transforming the gallery with a visual assault of monochrome geometric lines as they boldly bring the exterior- in.

 Along and around the horizontal, up and down the vertical… the 2 month long interior installation will serve as a timely celebration and reminder of the powerful presence of stripes in our everyday environment. As with all projects undertaken by Patternity this is underpinned by the aim to encourage a heightened observation of the (often unnoticed) patterns that surround us everywhere we go. This is in line with the organisation’s core philosophy that

 ‘A shared awareness of pattern has the power to positively engage us with our environment and each other’

True to form - Patternity will also go beneath the surface of pattern – digging deeper to use the application of pattern as a vehicle to further understand the world around us. Learning more about the objects we so often know but little understand is key to Patternity’s working practice - an area of the space will be dedicated to the historical documentation of awnings dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Syrian civilizations.

 "Linen-awning, stretched, over mighty theatres, gives forth at times, a cracking roar, when much 'tis beaten about, betwixt the poles and crossbeams". Lucretius, Roman poet  50 BC.

 Dalston Superstripe aims to remind us of the powerful presence of stripes in our everyday environments and is the first in an on-going exploration and documentation of stripe to be included in a show taking place in April 2013.
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Patternity is an award winning* creative organisation that specialise in the exploration and application of pattern.

Founded by Art Director Anna Murray and Surface/Textiles Designer Grace Winteringham who joined forces in 2009 with a shared passion and drive to push the awareness and innovative application of pattern.

 Today Patternity comprises of an award winning curated website at www.patternity.co.uk.  (Selected October 2012 by the Telegraph as ‘Top 10 Must Read Style blogs’ and voted 6th out of the 20 best sites on the internet by Wallpaper* Magazine) and a concept led design studio where their award winning pattern led projects have become synonymous with the merging of boundaries between art, design, environment, fashion, and interiors. An approach that has attracted them notable press placements including features in The New York Times, VOGUE, FT, AnOther, The Times and The Independent, and an impressive expanding client list including fashion house Celine, The Foreign and Commonwealth offices, Levis and Selfridges.

 All the work they do is underpinned by the belief that a shared awareness of pattern has the power to positively engage us with our environment and each other.

 For more information:

Web: www.patternity.co.uk

Studio: info@patternity.co.uk

Press: anna@patternity.co.uk

Dalston Superstore: art@dalstonsuperstore.com

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