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Ahead of this Friday's Dirty Diana roadblock, we sat down with resident DJ Pedro to find out more about the up-and-coming DJ, about where he's from, where he's going and where he'd take us on a queer date in Lisbon. Not only was he gracious and answered all of our burning questions but he also sent us this hot mega mix! Enjoy...

How do you think growing up by the beach in the Algarve has influenced your musical style and taste?

There was a lot of big stuff happening in Algarve, I remember seeing posters for Jeff Mills playing in one club and Carl Cox playing in another one mile away, but the clubs were always very mainstream. My group of friends were all music fans, producers and DJs and partied hard, we made our own parties on the beach or in the woods. It was free like that, that's where I heard underground music and independent producers. I just observed everything and did my own thing at home in my room, always teaching myself.

We want to know about the gay scene in Lisbon! If you were taking Superstore on a date there, where would you take us for drinks, dinner and dancing?

Lisbon is the best place I have ever lived, very bohemian, the nightlife there was so different from my home town, there was always something to do or somewhere to go. I never went to the proper ‘gay bars’, these were mostly chart dominated and tacky! The gay scene I knew was just spread all over the place, every good club with good techno, house, electro etc would have a big gay following. The scene wasn’t segregated, we were representing everywhere! I would take you for dinner and drinks in Barrio Alto, the arts district, hundreds of little bars and restaurants in a maze of steep cobbled streets, after that would definitely take you to LUX! Best club I’ve ever been to, always amazing line-ups. Other good spots in Lisbon are Music Box and LX Factory.

Describe your dream venue that you’d run- where would it be, what would be the music policy, what would be the key features?

That's the big dream! I’d go beyond possible, haha!

I would open a huge industrial venue just by the sea. I’d love a multi functional venue where during the day it would have gallery shows or arts events, a restaurant with tapas and cocktails. In the evening  there would be live music and performances from new or unheard artists, gypsy, punk, ska music, somewhere for musicians to get together, matinees and sunset parties. Obviously for night time there would be an amazing basement room leading to the sand, where we can all get together for the best and freshest electronic music, techno, electro, drum & bass, hip hop.... EVERYTHING. HA WHEN I GROW UP!

What’s one record people would be surprised to know you love?

Baltimore by Nina Simone, she has been there for me through some tough times, absolute babe!

If you had a time machine and could go back in time to any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

I would definitely go back to Boom Festival in Portugal just last year. Just waking up with the sun on my face, in front of the dance floor and stumbling down dancing to whatever DJ was playing, just the energy and the happiness around sums up everything I need! BUT I would probably use the machine to go to the future where I’m playing along side amazing DJs in my beach venue!

Sum up your signature sound in one sentence…

Techno straight from its funky old skool Detroit roots with a touch of 21st century bass and power!

You’re resident at Dirty Diana- if you had booking control and an unlimited budget, what lineup would you curate over both floors keeping in the DD ethos and spirit?

So upstairs I would keep it varied and experimental, I would love to see more live acts. If I was thinking big I would go for Die Antwoord to headline! Genuine bad-asses and completely original. I would have underground Londoners My Bad Sister to support, singing, dancing identical twin sisters - love these girls - and DJ sets from Can Blaster and Crookers! Downstairs it would have to be the big techno heads Rene Bourgeois, Manu Ferrantini, Marc Ashken, Rødhåd etc, and probably hosted by an off the rails bitch like Lindsey Lohan!! 

Tell us about your upcoming live A/V project…

I’m teaming up with a very good friend, also called Pedro! (Zoid Factory) and fellow techno addict. He is a drummer and a video projection mapping pro, also on vocals is the fabulous Madeleine Wood - MZ. who you can also catch on the East London scene at nights such as Inferno (here at Superstore) and Grunge (over at East Bloc). We’ve got some old skool analogue synthesisers to combine with Madeleine’s amazing vocals and Pedro’s video mapping skills for a full live Audio/Visual show! what do you reckon?!

What inspires you to find new music, to play new parties and to visit new clubs and festivals?

I spend hours on the internet searching for underground DJs, always listening out for new styles, new techniques and underground music. Most of these I find at warehouse parties and festivals that I come home from with names of artists and tracks written on bits of paper or in texts I have sent to myself! From there I add influences to build up my own style, choosing my favourite tracks to share! I am also influenced by the people I live with, a beautiful selection of DJs, artists and performers, and by the sounds I hear on 72 hour mixing sessions in our basement!!

What’s your favourite record to start the night with (whether this is at home for pre-party or opening your set with) and your favourite record to end the night with?

One of my faves to open is Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom - Rough & Tender.

And to close I would go for Breger & Manu Ferrantini Feat Alekai - Walking On This Planet (Manu Steps Solid). 

Join Pedro this Friday 27th March for Dirty Diana at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

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