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Per QX

Per QX

Swedish DJ/producer and GutterSlut co-founder Per QX joins us from Stockholm this weekend as a special laser basement guest for Little Gay Brother's latest circus themed party. LBG resident Terry Vietheer and guest C_A_C complete the basement line-up whilst upstairs music and merriment come courtesy of Chris Camplin, James Phillips and NuAge.

No stranger to Superstore, we caught up with the Stockholm based Per about his motherland, his music and his hidden circus skills...

You used to live in London- what made you want to move back to your native Sweden?

I love London and Stockholm, but in Stockholm I've always known more music producers and songwriters, and I felt that it was about time go back and concentrate on music. I still love DJing in London and putting on the GutterSlut parties there with Ralf, Nic and MS Crystal Mc. I do miss my London friends when I’m in Stockholm though.

Do you play out much in Stockholm and what's the queer scene like there?

I don't DJ here in Stockholm that often. I play occasionally at some clubs and raves. The raves here are great. It's a mix of techno heads, hippies, homos, heterosexuals and freaks all coming together, a bit like back in the good old days in UK. All the misfits that don't agree on our government’s strict policies.

There's not a gay scene as such. There are a few bars and parties. We don't have the same community and street culture here like you have in London, Berlin or New York.

Any insider tips on anyone visiting and wanting to explore the nightlife there?

Go to Berlin, haha!!! No, seriously speaking the last couple of years has been great for seeing and hearing good DJs and acts. The places to go for that this summer are Trädgården, Berns, F12 and Fotografiska. 

If you want to go to a gay club check out Garage at Kolingsborg, it's three dance floors and a mix of everything from glittery queens to butch boys.

Who is your new production alter ego Ruefus?

I started the project at the beginning of this year. I wanted to do something different to my party sound. Ruefus is a bit slower and deeper, 117 bmp to 122 bpm, still melodic and energetic.

My studio friend Zoo Brazil is working together with me on a whole Ruefus and Zoo Brazil project. The first single is out in June. He's a great guy and knows how to make things sounding gritty and dirty.

What other tracks can we expect to hear from you coming out soon?

Next weekend the rap sing duo RedNPink will perform our a new single we just wrote called Like What? at GutterSlut. RedNPink are the support act for Rita Ora at the moment. Like What? sounds like punk rap ragga rave machinegun house music. How now that sounds? A bit like a bulldozer on crack maybe? I had some great help engineering the track with the super talented Grönros and Bravo. I also have a new track called WTF Did U Come For out now on Tommie Sunshine’s label Brooklyn Fire.

What's been your career highlight so far?

There are a lot of great things that I’m really happy for. Music wise I think it was great to hear Pete Tong playing my track U Can’t Hide on BBC Radio One. The track came out on Strictly Rhythm. As a kid my biggest dream was to have a release out on Strictly. Also, it’s been great to have releases out on Southern Fried Records and to have DJ'ed for Roger Sanchez's Stealth parties and put out tracks on his Stealth label.

GutterSlut is probably the biggest highlight so far club wise. We started it as a revolt, and it’s something that I’m very proud of.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

Armand van Helden.

What/who were your musical influences growing up?

De La Soul, Public Enemy, Snap, Leila K, NWA, Whitney Houston and Todd Terry.

Any hidden circus skills you can show off at Little Gay Brother Presents: Big Top?

The helicopter!!!!

What one track has made its permanent home in your record bag?

I think a track that still rocks is DJ Rolando - Black Jaguar especially in the summer.

Join Per for Little Gay Brother Presents: Big Top this Saturday 18th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am

Photo credit: Peo Bengtsson

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Per QX