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Discosodoma present a Valentine's special this Saturday with special guest Psychemagik in the basement dishing out sleazy disco vibes alongside resident Sex Video Tapes (formerly known as 2Dads'Boy). The UK duo caused quite the stir in 2012 with a dancefloor ready re-edit of Fleetwood Mac's Everywhere, and now, with one based here in the UK and one based in L.A., continue to treat festivals and clubs all over the world to their celestial sounds. Ahead of the party, the brains behind Discosodoma, the wonderful Elektra Complex collective posed a few questions to the guys...  

The last two years have been extremely busy for you with producing your own music, releasing acclaimed edits and touring around the world. Is there a moment you will always cherish?

Tom: Playing Wilderness Festival in 2013 was a gem! We closed the festival on the Valley Stage on Sunday and it was completely electric!! Incredible setting and fantastic crowd. Smashed the shit out of it!!

Staying in the topic of important moments, have you ever thought of the perfect event or festival for you? How would that be? Who would be playing?

Dan: We did our own festival last year Magik Forest in the deepest most beautiful English countryside and it was heavenly. We chose our fave DJ's and live acts and it was only 500 people so everyone knew everyone by the end of the weekend. We're doing it again. We'll be taking our Magik Forest Arabian Tent to Lunar Festival this year June 5-7th, curating the stage all weekend.

So far we have confirmed Marcel Vogel, Ruf Dug, Lokier, Lovefingers, Jason Greer, C-Love, Wild Fantasy plus many more to be announced!!

If you had the opportunity to score a film, what would that be and in which genres would you dig to find the perfect sounds for it?

Dan: I always wanted to make a movie about growing up in the '80s listening to electro and breakdancing and doing graffiti. So it would be fun to make an electro soundtrack with drum machines and synths. I did the soundtrack to a short film written by Ethan Coen from the Coen Brothers. It was a spooky detective movie which was super fun!!

When did you realise that this is exactly what you were meant to do?

Tom- When I was about 10, and I got my first decks at 11 and starting DJing jungle and drum n bass.  A couple of years later I started chopping up samples and rearranging them to make beats on my Dad's crappy PC. I used the Windows Sound Recorder app, it was long but so satisfying.

Are there any artists/producers you admire at the moment and you would like to work with?

Tom: Bob Moses, Eats Everything, Lokier, Maya Jane Coles, Floating Points, Caribou, Thomas Gandey, HVL,  James Welsh, KiNK, Casino Times, Daniel Bortz, Tom Trago, Pete Herbert, Kill Frenzy, Mario & Vidis, Sohn, Rhye, Dark Dark Dark, Daughter, to name a few! 

Dan: The list could go on for days!

If the technology was there, in front of you, when and where in time and space would you travel?

Tom: I'd like to head back to start; The Big Bang! See what all the fuss was about - ha! Then to the future. I recently read about Ray Kurzweil's latest predictions for the next 25 years. He was correct
about the last 25 so I'm intrigued to see if some of his technology predictions see the light of day and how they affect us as a race. Especially nano technology, that shit is fascinating! So I'd like to go ahead around 75 years.  But I mean if I've got a time travel machine at my disposal then I wouldn’t  stop there you know!? 

With an ocean and then some between the two of you, how does geography influence your work and creative process?

Dan: We both come back and forth all the time and we're about to spend two months in the desert in Joshua Tree recording our album. When we are separated we both work on different projects and we seem to be able to work together remotely quite well.

If we were to join you at your Cosmic Forest, who would we meet? Is it always sunset there?

Dan: We moved out of there sadly but if we were to take you there, you'd see elves and wood nymphs, huge toadstools and Carl Sagan hovering like Obi Wan on a flying carpet!!

What shall we expect from your set at DISCOSODOMA?

Dan: Malaysian disco!!

And finally, disco is?

DISCO SUCKS!! Hahaha!!

Join Psychemagik for Discosodoma this Saturday 14th February at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

Buy earlybird tickets* for Discosodoma : dalston-superstore.eventcube.io/events/1908/discosodoma-3-psychemagik

*tickets go off sale at 6pm the day of the party

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