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Reza Athar

Reza Athar

By Elektra Complex 

It’s been a year of debuts for Balearic lifestyle specialist, Reza Athar, with appearances at the soon to be history Trouw Amsterdam and Berlin’s Salon Zur Wilden Renate. On top of that, his Horizon parties have been taking the Dutch capitial by storm with guests including Daniele Baldelli, Jennifer Cardini, Ewan Pearson, Boris and Discodromo to name a few. The 13th of December marks Athar’s UK debut in collaboration with Elektra Complex for their last DISCOSODOMA of the year and with this in mind, this chat will be all about firsts, music and love.

Hi Reza! You’ve been a busy man lately. With contributions to acclaimed podcast series for Substance, The Robot Scientists and Ransom Note, to raising many enthusiastic eyebrows with your Horizon parties, it seems you’ve been having a great year. So what’s the first thing you do every morning when you wake up?

Beat myself out of bed! I love sleeping, so alarm clocks are my worst enemies in the morning!

When looking for inspiration, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Record stores, digital stores and music in general.

How important is the first track of a DJ set?

It’s essential! It’s your welcome card to the audience. It can get you the trust or the loathing of the dancers. My philosophy is to give the people something first and take something back later during a set. From my experience, if they trust you, you can take them anywhere. And that starts with the very first record!

What was your first dance record?

Ah, I really don’t remember anymore. The first track I bought must have been a Prins Thomas one, if memory serves me well. But we used to play Modern Talking at home and I remember dancing to that, so there’s your answer.

Do you remember your first rave?

Absolutely! It was like 11 years ago or so and I remember being so nervous to get in as a 16 year old, while queuing with people over 20s and 30s.

With your UK debut now crossed off your list, what are the firsts you are looking forward to in 2015?

There are really nice plans ahead that I can’t disclose at this moment, because their confirmation will follow in the coming weeks. But, let’s say something about new adventures and challenges and playing in awesome venues!

Where you would you take someone for a first date?

I’m really not a romantic type (my girlfriend can admit), but I would say to a capital, because capital cities are usually built for first dates. Bars, shopping centers, clubs, restaurants, cheap fast food chain restaurants, museums, etc. All kind of distractions to make you feel less nervous than you actually are.

Love at first sight or slow build up?

Definitely love at first sight! I’m really a person who needs to be convinced from the very first moment. 

What shall we expect from your DISCOSODOMA set?

Stathis (aka 2DADS’BOY) promised a set of minimum 3 hours and that’s perfect for me. I’m at my best when I get the freedom to play an extended set. It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing shorter sets, but the long ones represent a DJ better. It really gives me the opportunity to tell a story (yeah, yeah…the cliché story again).

 A friend of mine told me nice stories about Dalston Superstore and that it has the best burgers in London. He’s a big burger fan, so when he says something like that, I take it seriously!

And finally, disco is?

Whatever makes you dance!

Join Reza Athar for Discosodoma next Saturday 14th December at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4:30am.

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Reza Athar