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Rory Phillips: Say Yes

Rory Phillips: Say Yes

Rory Phillips reunites with Nadia Ksaiba for the first time all year in our basement tomorrow night for the next edition of Say Yes! They've promised to lay on a non-stop dance marathon with just the dream-team duo taking over the basement, whilst upstairs sees Ian Robinson and Jamie Bull delving into their bulging record bags and combined immense musical knowledge. We spoke to Rory ahead of the party about all manner of things, including his latest Mixed Fortunes label release, touring the US and sandwich puns...

What was the last concert/gig/clubnight you attended that really blew your mind? 

The DJ Harvey 8 hour set last year was incredible, I was there from doors, right till the very end.

What was your personal highlight from your recent US tour?

Playing for my friends at A Club Called Rhonda in LA, it might just be the best regular party in the world. Everyone looks fantastic and is also totally into the music, the kind of crowd that wants to be surprised.

Did you get the chance to do any crate-digging? Any special new records that picked up whilst stateside?

I picked up a lot of great records from the relatively new Co-op 87 in Brooklyn, but haven't given them a proper listen yet.

What's next for your label Mixed Fortunes?

The fourth 12" is coming at the end of the month, which includes a collaboration with L-Vis 1990. After that, two more 12"s and then the label self destructs, as was always the plan.

What's the best non-musical adventure you've had recently?

Gawping at dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum.

Favourite ever musician guest appearance on The Simpsons? 

There's so many great ones but I will always go back to The Ramones singing 'Happy Birthday' to Mr Burns ("Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed"). 

If you could invent a Superstore Sandwich complete with with food/celebrity pun, what would it be called and what would be in it?

Maybe I should just have my own, Mixed For-Tuna?

What's the best sleeve cover out of all of your records?

Impossible question but looking around I can see Rock It To Stardom by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy which is definitely up there.

Rock-It To Stardom cover

What music (new or old) is getting you most excited at the moment?

Really enjoying everything on Cómeme Records right now, the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra record and Daniel Avery's show on Rinse.

What one track have you recently acquired that you can't wait to play out in our laser basement?

Looking forward to testing out the white label of Mixed Fortunes 4!

Join Rory Phillips for Say Yes this Friday 8th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Rory Phillips: Say Yes