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By Greg Spencer and Greg Lowe

Back for their second Fhloston Paradise party, Greg Lowe (half of Zigzag Samstag) and Greg Spencer (of Public House fame) are bringing rising London stars Silk 86 into the lazer pit for some spaced out homo galactic madness. At a time when the London scene can be too fragmented by genres, Silk 86's Finnian Casey and Tom Lunn bring a wide variety of styles and influences to the dancefloor, all put together with razor sharp mixing. We caught up with them as they were finishing their latest track out later this year on local imprint Newington. They reveal some of their secret floor killers, what it's like to DJ as a pair, and why three boobs are better than two...

What releases do you guys have coming up and how is 2014 shaping up so far for you?

We’ve spent a fair chunk of the year so far in the studio, so we’re feeling good, but perhaps not looking as resplendent as usual. Looking forward to summer, our track Dem Curves should finally be out and we’ve got a few bits on the London record label Newington alongside some vocal tracks, so 2014’s shaping up nicely.

DJing with another person can be hard, did you guys have to work at it or were you in sync from the start?

We’ve never really DJ’ed together outside of a club environment… so it’d be a stretch to say we worked on it! To start with we had to pretty much jump in and see what happened, so we’ve probably got better with time and we feel like we bounce off each other pretty well. 

Do you have any killer tracks that are always in your arsenal and what are they?

True magicians never reveal their secrets. We’ve got a few gems that we like to work into sets every now and then. When we want to step it up a notch, this track normally takes things up a gear.

A bit of Mr G never fails either.

Such a versatile track. You can pop it in at any point in your set and it works. 
And if there's energy in the room, this tune multiplies it by 10...

If you guys could play back to back with any other DJs who would you choose?

There's already two of us, so if we had to squeeze another DJ into the booth... we'd have to go for... off the top of my head... Nina Kraviz. Don't ask why. Failing that, the late and great Aaron Carl. 

If you could describe your sound using one character from a sci-fi movie, which one would it be and why?

The three boobed girl from Total Recall. Cheap Thrills a plenty.

Join Silk 86 at Fhloston Paradise this Friday 9th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am. 

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