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Sören Miehe

Sören Miehe

By People Like Us

Ahead of his UK debut at Dalston Superstore on the 8th of August, People Like Us spoke to Sören Miehe about his infamous Berlin party, Our Hobby is Different, his musical background and why he loves a hand clap over a cow bell.

PLU: We first heard of you through your legendary sets at Horse Meat Disco in Berlin and your much talked about party, Our Hobby is Different (OHID)... Tell us about these parties you do...what inspired them and what happens at them?  A record that perfectly sums up the vibe of OHID?

Sören: Our Hobby Is Different was launched five years ago by my lovely friend Jan in a club called Raum. It was an amazing factory floor but unfortunately had to close after some years filled with intensive party nights. I just moved to Berlin and tried to find partners to share and play music. We met one night and found out that we are both loving soulful electronic music and became friends. Shortly after I played my first time for OHID at Raum, Bastus joined and we organised the party together. Another enrichment is Goolyk - he is frequently playing his amazing live set at our parties. Thus OHID is Jan as promoter, Bastus and me as resident DJs, Goolyk as live performer and - to complete - Dan, who is working in the background writing press articles and participating in bookings.

Sometimes we invite DJs and live acts playing Disco, sometimes House or Techno and other times it's something totally different.  It's hard so choose just one track which sums OHID, but this one fits great, especially because Jan is crazy about Prince!

PLU: Was there a moment watching a DJ/band/musician that made you want to become a DJ? 

Sören: When I was about 16 years old, living in my hometown Bremen, I was often hanging around at a friend's place jamming on instruments and listening to music. My friend had a quite nice collection of Hip Hop and Rap records and 2 Technics 1210s. I think that was the first time I got in touch with turntables and I was really impressed by its beauty and the warm sound of vinyl. First I even didn't know what kind of music I would like to play. I went to Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt / Offenbach frequently - the soundsystem is great and fits perfectly for electronic dance music. Also their resident DJs and invited artists play really good house and disco sets. Some of the artists I saw there for the first time and who influenced me a lot in selecting what I'm playing today are Gerd Janson, Philip Lauer, Moodymann and of course, Daniel Wang.

PLU: If there was a biopic made of your life, who would do the soundtrack and why?

Sören: Maybe this could be done by two very close friends - my OHID partner in crime Bastus, and Malte, a great guy I have known since I was 15. Both are very creative, with a huge knowledge of music and maybe know myself better than I do!

PLU: If you were curating a weekend party or festival, what would be your dream line up of artists?

Sören: It would be a very colourful festival with stages for Disco, House, Folk & Psychedelic Rock, Latin Music and African Drums. To mention a few artists I would love to invite: Prince, Patti Smith, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Jerry García, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, DJ Harvey, Gerd Janson, Moodymann, Omar-S, Luke Vibert, ND Baumecker, Prosumer, Floating Points, Albion... and a lot of friends!! 

PLU: Do you have a favourite outfit you like to DJ in? Do you get dressed up or just regular clothing?

Sören: Usually I'm wearing regular clothes. Ha, but I promise to think in something very nice looking for Dalston Superstore, deal?

 PLU: HAHA. Deal! Cow bell, hand clap or wood block, which is your favourite and why? Is there a track that demonstrates the use of that percussion really well for you?

Sören: That’s a really hard question! There's one track I have loved playing for years, over and over again, and which excellently demonstrates the accentuation of beat 2 and 4. It's not a hand clap, but a combination of snapping fingers and a snare drum. I love that organic sound. If a had to determine, my answer is hand clap!

PLU: AND finally, what do you have in store (pun intended) for us when you visit Dalston Superstore (apart from dressing as a piece of fruit as the theme suggests)?

 Sören: I will bring a selection of classic and recently released disco, boogie and warm sounding house records to London - tracks I love to play this summer. Let's be curious about it, I'm already looking forward!

PLU: Awesome, we’re really excited too. Thanks Sören!

Join Sören Miehe on Saturday 8 August at Juicy Fruity presented by People Like Us at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-3am.

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Sören Miehe