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Summer Voyage

Summer Voyage

Ahead of Voyage Voyage's Summer Special tomorrow night, we asked A Man To Pet, Johnny Kalifornia and Bob Chicalors to tell us about their dream summer holidays...


RIO DE JANEIRO, of cause! Cause the boys girls trans everybody and the clima are hot!!!!! Men there they are beyond belive - you never go back home alone and you’re always more than just 2!!!! Happy dance all night flipping and all that samba samba samba.

I don't know the spelling but drinks are Mojitos or Capriccioso - full of sugar they make you sweat and give you energy!!! – and lots of ICE!


Tracks I will listen to are:

Kaoma – Lambada

and, of course, Dalida – Rio de Brasil


SPAIN! - touring THE WHOLE COUNTRY, hitting the beaches, pretending I'm in an Almodovar film and stalking Fangoria…

We’ll be drinking Pina Coladas, obviously:

or Rum and Coca Cola: 

Music-wise: beachside, it’s Vamos A La Playa (oh oh ohohoh) 

and Serebro 

And there’s a back alley pun somewhere, with Azis, Tarkan, Omer Adams…*swoon*


SAINT TROPEZ - C'est bon!

If it’s good enough for Brigitte Bardot, it’s good enough for me. I’d be yacht-hopping with a selection of European studs I’d pick up along the way (one from each European country should do it). 

Unfortunately, I’m too old to be a rich man’s toyboy and too poor to be a rich man! But I’ll find a way to make to happen. If I was Elton John, that's where I'd be, right now...

Drinks-wise – Sex On The Beach, obviously:  

or maybe a Mai Tai??

...with the odd glass of Chablis in-between, to maintain the 'illusion' of 'glamour'.

Music-wise, start off super-elegant with Genevieve Grad


 …end up quite messy with the Army Of Lovers! 

Join Johnny, Bob and Pet Thursday 24th July from 9pm - 2.30am for Voyage Voyage- Hot Summer at Dalston Superstore

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Summer Voyage