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Oreet Ashery: Party For Freedom


Somewhere between a travelling cinema and theatre troupe, a kiss-a-gram and a takeaway delivery service, London-based artist Oreet Ashery’s Party for Freedom is an itinerant work that combines live performance with moving-image and an original album soundtrack.

An invitation for self-organised gatherings to host and experience the work – anywhere from a sitting room and work place to public spaces and venues – it will also appear at venues across London including The Swedenborg Society in Bloomsbury, Millbank Media Centre at Millbank Tower and OrganicLea, a workers cooperative on the edge of the Lea Valley.

Party for Freedom is loosely based on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s 1921 play Mystery-Bouffe, telling the story of the Clean and the Unclean. It explores performances of liberation and political nakedness; and responds to the changing landscape of Dutch politics following the assassinations of controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn in 2001 and film director Theo van Gogh in 2004, and the ensuing popularity of Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician and leader of the far-right Partij voor de Vrijheid [Party for Freedom].

Including newly commissioned punk, experimental and contemporary classical music by Finnish composer Timo-Juhani Kyllönen, all-girl post-punk band Woolf, and London-based musician Morgan Quaintance, the Party for Freedom moving-image work features an irreverent array of characters and scenarios, developed through workshops and filmed in the lush setting of a 13th-century church in the English countryside. Questioning the currencies of perceived Western freedom, the work draws on trash aesthetics, leftist sentiments grounded in the 1960s and 1970s avant-garde, the hippy movement and far-right populist claims positing Islam and immigration as a threat.

Party for Freedom is appearing at ticketed public London events exploring themes of the work. The project was launched with a live concert of the moving-image work with the original album soundtrack on May 1 at Millbank Media Centre, Millbank Tower. Members of the public have also invited the Party to a large range of venues, residential and commercial.

 To book your ticket to the free event here at Dalston Superstore at 4pm on Friday 21st June please email:

Rex The Dog Podcast

Rex The Dog has been hard at work making sure this Friday’s Breed is even better than before. Not only are the latest batch of limited ‘Chien’ t-shirts that he’ll be giving away free already highly covetable, but he’s also slaved away to create a new kennel’s worth of special robo-rexes to hang from the Superstore ceiling! 

With only days to go until the actual event, Rex has sent us his latest podcast, entitled ‘Neutralise The Dubstep’. He says:

“In this mix we used the TEAC A3340S reel to reel tape machine again and we made edits of Nero and Lana Del Rey, to make them weird and maybe interesting.”


1 Must Be The Feeling – Nero – Kill The Noise Remix (Rex’s reel to reel tape edit) 
2 Pulse – Ntology – Polymath Remix 
3 The Cave – Say Yes To Another Excess 
4 Cicero Prism – Jaguar Trax – Original Mix 
5 LaLaLaLaLa – Green Velvet presents Jamie Principle 
6 Curling – Sykur – Database Remix 
7 Flux – VCMG 
8 Superimposer – Mason – Polymath Remix 
9 Rave Weapon – Alex Metric 
10 Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey – Gesaffelstein Remix (Rex’s reel to reel tape edit)

Breed #5 takes place on Good Friday (6th April) from 9pm – 4am and is free all night but show up early if you’re keen for one of the t-shirts.

Breed #5: Chien

With the next Breed nearly upon us and coinciding with the Easter bank holiday weekend, it’s time to see the latest free t-shirts that Rex The Dog will be handing out to the first 50 lucky enough to lay claim to them. As usual each t-shirt is screen-printed by the Breed team and this time they’ve used American Apparel and given a choice of black or white!

Screenprinting Chien tshirts

Considering they look hot on both boys and girls, it’s worth following Rex on Twitter to get your paws on a voucher for a t-shirt to pick up on the day, but its worth bearing in mind it’ll be Good Friday, it’s a free event and the t-shirts are free on a first come first served basis so they go pretty quick! 

Rex The Dog's Breed tshirts

For those away for the long weekend, the Chien tshirts will be on sale on Rex The Dog’s online shop

Breed #5 will be Friday 6th April from 9pm – 4am with Rex The Dog, RUFUS&Bambi and Pleasure Cruiser.

DJ Squeaky

Tutti Frutti has been a weekly feature at Superstore since July 2010, running every Sunday from 8pm till 2am. Resident DJ Squeaky has put together this special mega mashup mix for us, and it’s a two-hour dip in and out of some top tunes that he’s been working the floor with. Squeaky tells us,

Tutti Frutti is becoming one of the best Sunday Socials in Dalston; a place where you can detox or retox your weekend. We are dedicated to playing you a fine selection of musical genres both old and new. Our sound has become synonymous with remixes & re-edits including our very own brand of mashups, which are born from the live sets at the club.

Soul, funk, r’n’b, rare groove, pop, country & western, disco, ’80s, breakbeat, indie, hip-hop, tech and authentic house are in the mix. All tracks have been Squeaked and Tweaked in the true TUTTI FRUTTI style.

Artists on this mix are Tom Tom Club, M.I.A, Labi Siffre, Carly Simon, R.Kelly ft Jay Z, Missy Elliott, Amerie, Snoop Dog V’s Jackson 5, Chakachas, Kelly Rowland, Sahara, Dee-Lite, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Anane, Depeche Mode, Claudja Barry, Hercules & the Love Affair, Rick James, Lolleatta Holloway, James Curd, Kylie, Leftfield and of course Madonna!

Tutti Frutti is every Sunday night from 8pm to 2am. Visit their Soundcloud profile for more mixes and their Facebook group for more info.

Breed Podcast

With REX THE DOG’S night BREED nearly upon us, what better way to get in the spirit than with Breed Podcast #12 by resident RUFUS&Bambi. She’s ready to unleash her big bag of electronic pulse wave disco on you ahead of Friday’s party.

It’s completely downloadable to head over to Rex The Dog’s Soundcloud to get your copy. And just in case you haven’t already, make sure you read our interview with Rex from last week for the full lowdown for the hotly anticipated fourth edition of Breed.

BREED Podcast 12 – RUFUS&Bambi: GIMME THAT BEAT MIX by rexthedog1980 

BREED #4 will be FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY with residents REX THE DOG, Pleasure Cruiser and RUFUS&Bambi with John Sizzle and A Man To Pet upstairs.



Robert Owens

At Dalston Superstore we are lucky to host one of the true legends of house music, Mr ROBERT OWENS,  who holds a residency with SOCIETY on the last Thursday of every month. Thanks to Robert’s magnetic presence behind the decks and inimitable live vocals (not to mention visits from top-flight guests like Terry Farley and Neville Watson) this midweeker is becoming an essential date for house music lovers.

We asked Robert for five inspirational records to beat the January blues…

“Here are five tracks that reminded me of a time when I was young, wild and carefree. A time in the early 80’s when music showed me how to live, survive and enjoy my musical journey in life.”

Al Green – Love And Happiness 

Loleatta Holloway – Hit and Run 

Tavares – It Only Takes A Minute  

Chambers Brothers – Stealing Watermelons 

Fingers Inc – Nerver No More Lonely

Society feat Robert Owens with special guest Ali Renault is this Thursday 26th January with residents Class Of 808 DJ’s, Josh Caffe, Joshua Ford, Jamie Walker and Alex Wale. 

Rex The Dog

REX THE DOG’S ridiculously popular night BREED returns for its fourth outing as he’s joined downstairs by residents RUFUS&BAMBI and Pleasure Cruiser creating a sea of super-electronic music to bite your ass; whilst upstairs sees the musical stylings of John Sizzle and A Man To Pet who’ll be entertaining you with pop, disco and guerrilla bar-top cabaret.

With the last event becoming one-in-one-out by midnight, we caught up with Rex to find out just what makes BREED so exciting…

Why did you start BREED?

Well I’d been keen for a while to do a party where I could take control of everything; the sound, the look, the whole night.  I make a lot of things like models and animation and screen prints, and I wanted to bring it all together with the music that I like and make a kind of special Rex party. Like a little event each time.

Describe the music in the laser pit at BREED

We have a policy that the music is 100% electronic, so that means no ’70s disco, no ABBA!  Essentially just music made with synthesizers. The atmosphere in the basement seems to be pretty full on and energetic, so it seems to work so far! I  personally like a very sequencery, electronic sound, and there’s a lot of great music in that vein, but we also delve into Chicago and italo and little bit of early synth pop. We draw on any thing that fits together well, that is kind of charged with energy and has synthesizers in it…

Tell us about the residents

Well the BREED crew is me, Nic and Elena. Nic plays under the name Pleasure Cruiser and Elena plays as RUFUS&Bambi (a totally confusing name because she’s just one person). We organise the night as a team, and then when we get behind the decks it’s extra fun because we’ve all worked quite hard to get each party ready. We go out a lot together in between BREED, and we eat a lot of noodles and talk about ideas for T shirts and artwork and mixtapes.

And you give away the T shirts at Breed, what’s the idea behind that?

Well that’s part of the idea: to make each party an event in its own right. So each party has one image that we use on the posters and T shirts and for prints on the walls. It’s part of the whole ‘craft’ thing too, so the T shirts are hand printed and limited to just 40 or 50 to give away on the night.  At first they were going to be sold alongside the night, but then we got into trouble with the second BREED T shirt; it was an homage to the BOY London clothing label, but someone from BOY got in touch and said they would take legal action if we tried to sell them. That was the point where we realised it could be good just to give shirts away free anyway…

Breed at Dalston Superstore T-shirts

And the Robo Rexes?

Yes, they’re DIY too!  We made ten of them, nine with LED eyes and one with actual laser eyes. The laser one guards the DJ booth downstairs, and the others we hang from the roof in the upstairs bar, just to keep an eye on everything. Unfortunately some have gone missing. Nic found out that one of them went home with someone quite well known. I’ve been negotiating over Facebook to get him back, but it’s not looking good.

Robo Rexes Breed at Dalston Superstore

Who would be your ultimate fantasy special guest?

Actually we’re not into the idea of guests downstairs at the moment. We feel we know what we want to do, and we prefer to do it ourselves for now, with our own little crowd. We could be more open to guests in the future, but for now we’re power freaks.

What else is REX THE DOG up to?

I’m actually in the studio making some new tracks, in between hunting for that missing Robo Rex…

Rex in the Studio Breed at Dalston Superstore

Rex’s January BREED top five in no order: 

Punks Jump Up – Get Down (Fare Soldi Remix) [Kitsuné Music]

Gesaffelstein – Aufstand [Turbo Recordings] 

Hannah Holland – Transsexual Bass [Batty Bass]

N/Y House’N Authority – APT. 2A [Nu Groove Records]

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tiga Remix) [Island Records]

BREED #4 will be Friday 3rd February with residents REX THE DOG, Pleasure Cruiser and RUFUS&Bambi with John Sizzle and A Man To Pet upstairs.