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This Friday we welcome Kaos mainstay and the man behind Pan Muzik… Othon! He brings his brand new party Papa Loko to the Superstore basement for a night of “high-frequency techno, transcendental deep house and emotionally explosive electronica”. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to find out just what we can expect on the night…

Describe Pan Muzik in one sentence?

Music that does not fit in a box and defies the limitations of genre.

Who or what is Papa Loko?

Papa Loko was the first Houngan or priest in the Vodoun (known here as Voodoo) tradition. He is the Loa or spirit of plants and trees and he is a powerful healer. Though most people will think of Papa Loko as “Crazy Daddy”, it is actually a bit more subversive and esoteric than that! But I also like the fact that there is a sense of humor attached to it. I want the party to be fun and not take itself too seriously, even though the music will be stellar and the crowd hot!

What do you want people to experience and take away from your night?

I want people to dance their guts out and let their consciousness transcend much beyond our confined everyday reality. I would like people to have serious fun and get healed at the same time; to induce hormonal delirium and hyperspatial Oneness!

Marc Almond regularly features on your albums- how did you come to work with him?

It is thanks to Myspace, believe it or not. It was the period after he had his terrible accident where he almost lost his life, and he had more free time than usual. As I was a huge fan, I decided to write to him and he actually read my message and listened to my music. Great timing I guess! He commented back saying that he loved what he heard and that he wanted to hear more… and then I took a deep breath and asked him if he would sing a few tracks for my first album. To my surprise he said that he would love to. Since then we stayed connected and I will be soon releasing Cobra Coral EP which will be featuring him together with Boss Axis and other great artists.

What influence does your Greek roots have on the music you make?

I love the moodiness and melancholy of some older Greek songs and some of it is present in my tracks though it is so twisted and personalised that is almost hard to tell where it comes from!

What does Kaos mean to you?

A lot! Kaos is part of my big London family. I have been there since Day One and I hope I will be there, whenever I can, for years to come. Kaos has been a great source of joy and inspiration to my life and the life of others and Lee Adams, who runs it, is like my brother. The cool thing is that though Papa Loko will share some similarities with Kaos, its identity will be very distinct and musically will have a slightly different focus.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere where would you want to go dancing?

I miss the old Trade at Turnmills and Fist at Imperial Gardens! Though this is not the kind of music I would play nowadays, it was amazing for the time and the horniness in both parties was beyond!! I find big London gay clubs at the moment a bit pointless or even worst, a bit sad… I am happy to stay East for sure!

Who is joining you in the Superstore basement and why are they amazing?

I have two DJs with me at the Superstore; Dahc Dermur VIII is a bold and highly imaginative DJ who has been playing at the coolest parties in the UK and major fashion events, like Rick Owens’ famous packed party at Selfridges last summer. He is also a walking work of art – he just looks stunning! – and a New York fashion icon too. Dahc is very dear to me and has been involved with Papa Loko from a very early stage, so his vibrations are totally in-tune with the concept of the party.

Damin Hansford is a South African DJ who has played at Boiler Room as well as other great parties and who has relocated to London recently. When I heard his slightly softer but emotionally dense seamless sets, I knew immediately that he would be the perfect DJ to set the mood of the party right and create the perfect space for magic to happen.

Tell us about the artist who designed your poster…

The Papa Loko drawing is actually taken from a painting by the American artist Matt Sesow whose quite obsessive work I deeply admire. The actual design in the poster is by Domingo Rosas Aguilar who resides in Mexico and has designed my website and my latest album Pineal.

What ethos do you make your music to?

If I can make people feel more, think more, do more and create more I am happy!

Join Othon for Papa Loko this Friday 10th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Darren Black

Beige Magazine

Glossy gay mag Beige join us this Saturday for the launch party for their winter issue. They’re teaming up with DJ Rokk and the Body Talk crew to bring one amazing night of  music and celebration of LGBT creativity here in London. Taking to the decks deep down in the lazer basement will be Firecracker Records producer, the enigmatic Linkwood. Whilst his sound is hard to pin down you can be sure it’ll traverse all sorts of house, disco, techno and funk.

Ahead of the party we caught up with Beige’s Publishing Editor Barry Johnston to find out the lowdown on his magazine and why you should already be a regular reader…

What is Beige Magazine’s ethos?

Tagged as ‘The Provocative Cultural Quarterly’ we aim to deliver passionate, creative and diverse coverage to the LGBT community and beyond, in a visually striking and thought-provoking format, destined to be a keep-sake collectors item.

Why did you decide to set up the magazine?

Partly due to our frustration at the misrepresentation of the LGBT community being a one trick pony in the gay press. We felt that this was not doing us any favours, and often portraying a negative image of our lifestyle to the ‘outside’ world. We are part of such a rich tapestry of talent and creative people who deserve to be captured and presented in a clean, crisp format, minus the aspects which would prevent you from being able to read it on public transport or leave it out on the coffee table at home because your mum might find it.

Who has been your favourite cover star so far?

We’re in awe of all of the covers. Having the likes of Patrick Wolf and Marc Almond on previous covers was epic for us. Ana Matronic, who graces our current cover, is our first female cover as well as Ana’s first solo cover. A perfect example of how we are trying to the break boundaries as to what you would expect from a homo magazine, a seductive and gorgeous female cover is just as visually enticing to us as a half naked man would be.

Beige Magazine Winter Issue cover

Who are the Beige Magazine heroes… who inspires you?

We are inspired by people from all walks of life. If you have an interesting story to tell then we’re prepared to listen. We actively seek out new people to feature and collaborate with, not just from our community, but beyond, drawing inspiration from the past and hunting out new ideas for the future.

What and who is on your 2013 wish list?

Like our covers, which don’t give anything away regarding the content of the issue, our content is always a closely guarded secret – we like the element of surprise.

Why is it important to have a diverse range of LGBT press here in London?

London epitomises diversity and it’s healthy to have press coverage that caters to all tastes and persuasions. 

What is a local issue dear to your hearts?

Helping to give exposure to up and coming artists, designers and performers who deserve a platform and to get their name and work out in the public domain.

Who are Beige Magazines best new discoveries?

We have worked with so many incredibly talented and undiscovered people in producing Beige. In turn we try to utilise that talent again in a way/shape/form that may not be expected, i.e: using an artist as a photographer for a fashion shoot or having a previously featured author interview one of their heroes.

Why did you decide to have your winter issue launch here at Dalston Superstore?

Superstore has always been a favourite hang out spot of ours. We love the transition from cafe/art gallery by day to club by night. The crowd Superstore attracts is always as diverse as our content so it was a no brainer. It is also an honour for us to be working with Body Talk and Linkwood.

And finally who is currently on the Beige stereo?

We are still slightly obsessed with Lana Del Rey and her epic music videos. Needless to say that due to our involvement with Body Talk, Robyn and Linkwood have been on repeat lately in the studio.

Join the Beige Magazine team for their issue launch this Saturday 15th December with Body Talk and Linkwood from 9pm – 4:30am. 

For more info on Beige visit their official site: