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Ahead of this Friday’s Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2018 as presented by notorious heauxmeauxsexy disco crew Mints, we caught up with them to hear about some of their favourite evil drag queen inspirations! Y’all better roll on down to Party Party this evening, stock up on some Smiffy’s campery and join us this Friday for your chance to be crowned MZDQ2018, win a £50 bar tab, flagon of Lambrini or a frozen chicken tikka lasagna as unofficially sponsored by Iceland!

The Witches
These ladies, led by queen Anjelica Huston herself, are the dream combination of horrifyingly glam and horrifyingly… well… horrifying. The Roald Dahl books were scary enough, but when The Witches came out in full colour in 1990, all our worst nightmares came terrifyingly to life. Iconic.


A wig made entirely of snakes, and the ability to turn mere mortals to stone with just a glance. Now THAT is drag.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

She has to be on every single list of the most devilishly camp Halloween divas. This film is full-blown 80s horror cheese, and we are here for it!

Every single Jessica Lange character on American Horror Story
Whether it’s Constance Langdon, Sister Jude, Fiona Goode or Elsa Mars, Jessica Lange never fails to leave us gagging at the depth and bredth of her sheer evil in American Horror Story. Our personal fave is Constance Langdon, original terrifying bad bitch of AHS, and though Elsa Mars might not be the most iconic of those four charaters, she leaves us with a fabulous tagline for Mints presents Miss Zombie Drag Queen 2018: “My monsters, the ones you call depraved, they are the beautiful, heroic ones.” I mean.


Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus
If this movie wasn’t a formative autumnal tradition every year of your childhood, have you ever even participated in Halloween? This 1993 comedy horror fantasy is just the perfect recipe of camp that we love at Miss Zombie Drag Queen. Ladies, take note.

Her Majesty the Queen
Notorious reptilian shapeshifter and royal leech of the people, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II might not be the campy glam icon we all deserve, but she’s probably the most likely on this list to be an actual undead zombie creature. Sorry not sorry ma’am.MINTS QUEEN

Anjelica Huston at Morticia Addams
Our babe Anjelica makes her second appearance as this scathing, ruthless matriarch with an unmatched contempt for pastel colours. She is pure unbridled gothic femme. And can we talk about those eyebrows?!

Meryl and Goldie in Death becomes Her
Name a more iconic duo… we’ll wait.

The Craft
The original teenage badass witch crew, this is the cult horror film that kick started our obsession with the occult, and paved the way for Charmed, Witches of East End and other favourite ooky spooky pop culture hits. Fairuza Balk is the badass BFF that every queer deserved in high school.


Grace Jones in Vamp

Grace Jones as stripper vampire seductress Katrina is the perfect icon for MZDQ 2018. All hail.

Favourite Superstore moments from our special guest DJs!

Our East London queer-topia is diving head first into her tweens, and this Bank Holiday Sunday it’s our Ninth Birthday Bash! After nine years full of all-star special guests, heartwarming fundraisers, drag debauchery and all-nonsense brunch extravaganzas, we are cramming all the best of Dalston Superstore into TEN HOT HOURS OF MAD BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS! This line-up of infamous faces including Wes Baggaley, Fannar, Rachael, Goldsnap, Chaka Khan’t, Super Drama, Michelle Manetti and A Man To Pet continue to be at the forefront of LGBTQ+ nightlife and have thrown some our most iconic BANGERS over the past nine years. But the real question is, what brings them back? 

We asked them to spill the tea on what they really think of our homo-pleasure palace and what we can expect from them on Sunday! 




My favourite experience or night in Superstore would have to be all the Meat nights, obvs! But when we did meat New Year’s Eve and my mother came down only to stay few hours but ended watching me for five hours while I pretending to be all cool and professional, and when she left that was the end of me, and I crashed out in the DJ booth! Very professional, innit! Til hamingju med afmælid Superstore! 



Wes Baggaley 

I love Dalston Superstore and feel really honoured to have been asked to play at the birthday bash for the second year running. I love it so much because it’s so much more than just a club. You can go there during the day and work on your laptop or just hang out, get food, have drinks or even look at the gallery. It’s all things to everybody. There’s a real sense of inclusivity and a proper community feel. No matter what time you go in you, will always see somebody you know. Not to mention the banging soundsystem in the basement with some of the best, most forward thinking LGBTQ+ nights in the country. My favourite memory of Superstore was playing back to back with Dan Beaumont at the eighth birthday party last year alongside my DJ heroes Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon. I’m really happy to have been asked back to play with the badass Nadia Ksaiba. Here’s a picture of my alter ego Tina Turnip with some of her best friends at Superstore. 




I’ve been part of the Superstore family since the third birthday!  The first time I was invited to play the birthday party (AKA the best party of the year), I was so honoured that I knew I had to pull a very special set out the bag. So I composed a vinyl love letter to Dalston Superstore. My set included Womack & Womack’s Teardrops because the very first week I worked there, we went bowling and all ended up in the karaoke booth in Rowan’s singing it at the top of our lungs. I played Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It cos Dan Beaumont bought me that record for my 30th birthday. I played Pointer Sisters – Dare Me ’cause that was basically on repeat on the disco daytime playlist every day for about three years straight. EVERY.SINGLE.RECORD I played during that set meant something to me about my time there, and every time I’m invited back to play is a goddamn delight!




Our favourite memory of Superstore is a hard one to pin down. One of them was at the beginning of Goldsnap. There was a lot of hype around it, and everyone was excited to have a new weekly night. People were so hyped they were falling off chairs, balconies… it was chaos, but so much fun! Also, I (Gin) distinctly remember playing Beyonce’s Blow and everyone going wild.
We keep coming back because of gigs and of the friends. It’s definitely a safe central spot to meet people, and we know the family. One of the most important things about having a queer space, is keeping it queer. I appreciate that Superstore has a safer spaces policies and actively tries to make sure the customers feel safe. We’ve also met a lot of new friends through Superstore, some of whom have really helped me throughout our respective careers and been there as support. I appreciate the family that keep Superstore going, and I hope they are able to celebrate with us on Sunday!
Chaka Khan’t 

Trying to isolate one memory at Dalston Superstore is near impossible, so I think I’ll have to settle on a few! I was stalking the Superstore website and dreaming about partying here long before I even arrived in London. When I started the job – first as a bartender – I knew that I had found an amazing queer family that was going to change the course of my time in London. In the last five years here, nearly all of my greatest memories are of parties in Superstore. Whether it’s setting up my own Tuesday night party Disco Spritz and DJing for the very first time, thrashing around on the bar countless times, discovering the genius that is Grizzle, establishing an incredible extended family of beautiful characters, or spending many hours well into the next day at my very first Superstore Birthday Bash, it has been a wild ride so far. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds in store!
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.24.40
Super Drama 
After a chance meeting with Chaka Khan’t and Dance Armstrong in a tent in Wales, we soon began playing at Last Resort and Disco Spritz. Our favee memory of Superstore is the party last year when Jerome ripped the back of my (Jon’s) shirt in a perfect square and got multiple compliments off people thinking it was a really strong and fashion-forward look. We keep on returning to play Mints with our amazing dance troupe of K’wality, Kety Perry, Lexy and Pinky Bits who are all hosting the birthday party on Sunday.
Nadia Ksaiba

My first memory of superstore was Jonjo’s Hot Boy Dancing Spot‘s construction party, I’m not sure they had finished building but I just remember being jealous of my friend Rory as he went. My favourite experience would have to be one of the Optimo parties back in 2010 that may have started on a Friday and carried on ’til Monday! The Superstore basement is still one of the most underrated clubs in London, there’s always something good going on for £5! I keep coming back because it really is like like family. It’s always good to hear a Dan Beaumont set at a Superstore birthday! 

Michelle Manetti 
Superstore is by far the most fabulous queer space in London. Fèmmme Fraîche has made a very comfortable home there and the DSS team have always been super supportive of what we do. It’s such an important venue for the London queer scene and i’ve made so many friends, danced wayyy too hard on far too many occasions, and had one-too-many sambucas countless times, but she’ll keep coming back for more. I’ve been partying hard at Superstore since its doors first opened nine years ago, and it’s always a pleasure to DJ and even more of an honour to play at the birthday party, so I’ll be spinning my finest tunes for such an auspicious occasion (just keep pouring me those sambucas!)
a man to pet10101
A Man To Pet
My first memory of Superstore was the first night that it opened! I remember every single person who was there, and now the most of them are way too old to go out I am so thankful that drinking the coconut water from the bar there keeps me youthful!  My favourite memory is the salmon breakfast and the Basic Boys riming each other on the bar and synchronised swimming with John Sizzle! I won’t say anymore.  Gurl is nine years old and I’ve spent more than 1000 nights either working or dancing there. LOVE SUPERSTORE, more than the glory. Thanx and bye.

Catch all these special guests and more at Dalston Superstore’s Ninth Birthday Bash this May Bank Holiday Sunday from 7pm-5am! 



Nadia Ksaiba

DJ, producer, song writer and local hero Nadia Ksaiba is back in the laser pit this weekend for the return of Say Yes tonight alongside Rory Phillips and Thomas Whitehead. Superstore’s Dan Beaumont (and her partner in Rhythm Connection) gave her a grilling…
What’s your favourite Imagination record?
Tough to answer… So Good, So Right off the Night Dubbing album. It might be a Larry Levan remix if I remember rightly. The Night versions are a bit mental.

What dance floor in history would you visit if you had a disco tardis?
The Music Box in Chicago in 1984 with Ron Hardy DJing. 
Who is making dance music today that’s getting you excited?
Loads of it that I play on our radio show Rhythm Connection each fortnight on NTS Radio. I’m a big fan of Mr Beatnick, Chamboché, Brassica, Debukas, they are all pretty exciting.
Tell us about your first ever dance floor epiphany?
I think it was during a Green velvet DJ set at Bugged Out when I was a teenager and it was the Creamfields Festival I decided that dance music would be my thing. 
What do you miss most about Our Disco? (editor’s note: The weekly Friday Nadia ran with Rory Philips at Plastic People in the ’00s)
I miss the routine of Our Disco, going to all the record shops in Soho, actually around London each week (most are no longer there). All the digging for records. Getting the 26 bus with a record bag… that’s probably why I go to Dance Tunnel all the time. I grew up in a basement club.
Tell us a secret about Erol…
It won’t be a secret anymore if I tell you. 
Dadhouse or Indie dance?
Neither – Nu-Boogie-Funk.
Who has been your favourite Say Yes guest and why?
We had Alexander Robotnik and interviewed him on a Say Yes Radio show once – and we have a big thing for Italo. And the Krikor set was amazing, Zombie Zombie because they always play the best weird french wave, but Andy Blake because he just smashes it every time he comes and plays.
Give us your top three Say Yes anthems
This is a collaborative list from myself, Thomas and Rory
Paul Parker – Right on Target

Don Quichotte – Magazine 60

Lime – On The Grid

Who’s your favourite out of Horse Meat Disco?
The one that likes Diana Ross.
(Dan: Er… I think that’s all of them.)
Join Nadia Ksaiba at Say Yes with Rory Phillips, Thomas Whitehead and White Leather Viper Club TONIGHT Friday 3rd January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm -3am.

Pete Herbert

Former record store proprietor, long-time DJ and producer Pete Herbert joins us for another edition of Bender. He’s joined in the basement by Guy Williams, whilst upstairs Bender resident C*nt Mix Wont Mix and the inimitable Princess Julia bring the ultimate in camp.

In between running the Maxi Discs record label with Dicky Trisco, Pete has found time to record under a number of different aliases including LSB, Reverso 68, Frontera, Challenge and his own name. Not to mention DJing all over London and beyond and hosting his own radio show Music For Swimming Pools on Sonica FM Ibiza. 

We caught up with him to find out what’s made him such a London legend and what we can expect from his set at Bender…

What three elements, in your experience, does a successful record store need to have?

Great records, non egotistical staff, and a good selection of tea and biscuits.

What one balearic record would you say has had the biggest influence on your career?

Lupo – Hell or Heaven… this track sounds even more relevant now to me than it did 20 odd years ago. Never got bored of it… and still haven’t heard a track quite like it..

If you could go back in time to any dancefloor anywhere and anywhere, where would we be setting the dials to?

My first clubbing experience at The Wag circa 88. Think it was Tim Simenon, Fat Tony and Paul Guntrip on the decks… We didn’t want the night to end!

What made your Soho shop Atlas Records so infamous?

Great records, non egotistical staff, and a good selection of tea and biscuits.

If your house was on fire and you could only rescue one record from imminent melting, which would it be?

Talking Heads – Burning Down the House

How do you maintain a tropical balearic vibe all year round in a place like London?

Move to Bali for the winter…

How did you come to meet your Maxi Discs label co-founder Dicky Trisco?

He invited me to play at Autodisco, his night in Dundee, and we got on like a house on fire, excuse the pun. And it went from there.

What’s your most listened to/played out record on the label?

I’m happy to say all the releases have  been well received so far. But maybe our most prolific guest artist on the label, Marius Vareid from Norway, has always nailed the kind of sound we’ve been looking for, and I still haven’t got tired of playing his records. This, our first release, set the ball rolling sound-wise for us….

You’ve had quite a few different aliases over the years- which are you most proud of and why?

The aliases were more about different collaborations at the time with friends, and have all been equally pleasurable to get involved in. With LSB which I did with Baby G, we were really making quite dance floor Italo-esque tunes along the lines of what we were playing out at that time. The Challenge project with Tim Paris was a bit more experimental and about trying to meet in the middle of our musical tastes. And with Phil Mison for Reverso 68 and Frontera,  it was about making it down the pub as early as possible after a studio session…

How do you intend to set the Bender dancefloor alight in the Dalston Superstore laser basement?

At Dalston Superstore I intend to play something old, new or borrowed… in a club style… along these lines…

Nadia Ksaiba -Virtual Lover                                                                       

Marius – Discomagnifique (Pete Herbert remix)                                 

Tim Paris feat. Georg Levin – Golden Ratio (John Tejada remix)  

Michael Mayer – Good Times                                                                    

Mopedbart – Hubbabubbaklubb                                                        

Join Pete at Bender on Saturday 28th September from 9pm – 4am at Dalston Superstore.

Say Yes Summer Jams

The rain and storms have cleared just in time for another basement edition of Say Yes with Rory Phillips and Nadia Ksaiba! They’ll be bringing a Summer Jam Special along with regular guest Thomas Whitehead so ahead of the party we asked the three of them to pick their top summer jams! 
Nadia’s picks…
Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick – La Di Da Di
Britain’s finest rapper and my fave of all time, Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh jam from the early days of hip hop as made famous by Notorious BIG with the re-sung killer hook. 
Lady B – To The Beat Y’all
Laid back party rappin’ over a killer disco funk jam. Pretty any much Sugarhill could make my list.
Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus
Diggin’ this out coz I was listening to Missy earlier, but I think that X-Press 2’s sample of it or something familiar brought my attention to it back in the day. Any version of this, the dub, extended or triple dutch all make me wanna dance my ass off. 
Malcolm Maclaren – Buffalo Gals
Malcolm Maclaren Svengali exporting hip hop from out of the block parties and into the mainstream. 

Thomas’s picks…

Duke Bootee – Live Wire
Apparently half of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (on record at least), Duke Bootee also produced Dr. John’s “unique” take on hip hop – “Jet Set”
Edwin Birdsong – Phiss Phizz 
More sexy carbonated drink themed groove from Roy Ayer’s keyboard player, more famous (via Daft Punk) for Cola Bottle Lady.
Rory’s picks… 
Surface – Falling In Love
Former Sister Sledge songwriters come good on this party starter.
Xavier – Work That Sucker To Death
A pure stomper, featuring guest appearance by the inimitable Bootsy Collins on bass.
TC Curtis – Dance To The Beat
British Boogie! On the heatwave themed HOT MELT records. Also responsible for the ace Should Have Known Better.
The Style Council – Long Hot Summer
Paul Weller, an 808 and a boogie synth line. Summer slow jam.

Join Nadia, Thomas and Rory in the basement for the Say Yes Summer Jams this Friday 2nd August from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Ysa Perez

Rory Phillips: Say Yes

Rory Phillips reunites with Nadia Ksaiba for the first time all year in our basement tomorrow night for the next edition of Say Yes! They’ve promised to lay on a non-stop dance marathon with just the dream-team duo taking over the basement, whilst upstairs sees Ian Robinson and Jamie Bull delving into their bulging record bags and combined immense musical knowledge. We spoke to Rory ahead of the party about all manner of things, including his latest Mixed Fortunes label release, touring the US and sandwich puns…

What was the last concert/gig/clubnight you attended that really blew your mind? 

The DJ Harvey 8 hour set last year was incredible, I was there from doors, right till the very end.

What was your personal highlight from your recent US tour?

Playing for my friends at A Club Called Rhonda in LA, it might just be the best regular party in the world. Everyone looks fantastic and is also totally into the music, the kind of crowd that wants to be surprised.

Did you get the chance to do any crate-digging? Any special new records that picked up whilst stateside?

I picked up a lot of great records from the relatively new Co-op 87 in Brooklyn, but haven’t given them a proper listen yet.

What’s next for your label Mixed Fortunes?

The fourth 12″ is coming at the end of the month, which includes a collaboration with L-Vis 1990. After that, two more 12″s and then the label self destructs, as was always the plan.

What’s the best non-musical adventure you’ve had recently?

Gawping at dinosaur bones at the Natural History Museum.

Favourite ever musician guest appearance on The Simpsons? 

There’s so many great ones but I will always go back to The Ramones singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr Burns (“Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed”). 

If you could invent a Superstore Sandwich complete with with food/celebrity pun, what would it be called and what would be in it?

Maybe I should just have my own, Mixed For-Tuna?

What’s the best sleeve cover out of all of your records?

Impossible question but looking around I can see Rock It To Stardom by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy which is definitely up there.

Rock-It To Stardom cover

What music (new or old) is getting you most excited at the moment?

Really enjoying everything on Cómeme Records right now, the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra record and Daniel Avery’s show on Rinse.

What one track have you recently acquired that you can’t wait to play out in our laser basement?

Looking forward to testing out the white label of Mixed Fortunes 4!

Join Rory Phillips for Say Yes this Friday 8th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Timothy J Fairplay

Tonight sees Timothy J Fairplay join Say Yes residents Nadia Ksaiba and Thomas Whitehead for a wild and wonderful celebration of genres from disco, post punk, early house and beyond. Currently collaborating with Andrew Weatherall under The Asphodells moniker, Timothy J Fairplay has also been pumping out hot production jams. His productions and DJ sets vary between Krautrock, sparse Chicago Jams and atmospheric ’80s gang movie soundtracks. We decided to find out more.

Why have you made “The Lonely City” your home?

It’s partly me trying to be vaguely mysterious, I quite like people not knowing quite where I am based, but it’s also an illusion to some fictional dystopian city, I make references to ‘The Lonely City’ in my music quite a lot.     

You also run a night in Glasgow with Scott Fraser called Crimes Of The Future. Where does the name come from?

Crimes of the Future is a really early David Cronenberg short film set around a dermatological clinic called The House of Skin. The clinics head scientist Antoine Rouge has caused a deadly plague with cosmetic products. It’s a very odd film – even by Cronenberg standards, and with a very odd atmosphere… perfect for naming a techno night after.

What informs your eclectic taste?

I have always been into all sorts of music really, there are too many cool sounds out there to only be into a couple of genres. I hate politeness in music and tend to like disorder. I worked in a record shop for years, that always tends to make your tastes very broad. 

If you stumbled across a time machine, what era would you be dialling back to visit?

Probably Germany in the mid/late ’70s/ early ’80s, see some of those krautrock acts at their height. Might wanna pop over to Italy too… I dunno, tough question, I’m actually quite happy in the here and now really with a romantic imagined view of the past.  

What’s next for your side project with Andrew Weatherall, The Asphodells?

Our album Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is out at the start of February, doing promotion for that and then I think starting on a follow up. 

A lot of your music ends up as vinyl only or limited edition vinyl- is this a conscious choice and if so why is vinyl particularly important to you?

Naa not really, I think some of it is gonna start to creep out now digitally. I don’t have a big thing about vinyl only, though it’s always nice to put out a physical release. 

What is your favourite film soundtrack?

That’s pretty tough, though its probably John Carpenter’s The Fog, though Fabio Frizzi’s Zombie Flesh Eaters soundtrack runs a pretty close second and Marcello Giombini’s Anthropophagus: The Beast bringing up the rear. 

What was the last thing you saw/read/heard that truly moved you? 

Favorite recent album is probably Tracks From The Trailer by Unit Black Flight, really enjoyed the film Holy Motors, and recently re-read Super Sad True Love Story, a properly terrifying book.  

How does your sound fit into Say Yes?

I have a love for Italo, electro disco and synth pop and I’ve been trawling the shelves for a few camp classics I have not played in a while. There’s quite a big Italo influence in my own music though I tend not to always shout about it.    

Join Timothy J Fairplay at Say Yes tonight with Nadia Ksaiba and Thomas Whitehead at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Cosmic Kids At Say Yes

A few weeks ago we had the immense pleasure of welcoming Dan Terndrup of L.A. duo Cosmic Kids to the Superstore basement for Say Yes with Nadia Ksaiba and Rory Phillips.

He played such an amazing set full of disco gems and house pumpers that we’ve decided to share it as a Tuesday treat. What better way to get through a drizzly day than with a mix taking you from Shalamar to Bicep to Boddika & Joy Orbison all the way through to the likes of Suzy Q and Patrice Rushen.


1. 6th Borough Project – Just a Memory 
2. Shalamar – There It Is (Honom Edit) 
3. Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine 
4. Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix) 
5. France Joli – Gonna Get Over You (Das Moth Edit) 
6. Rayko – Rayko’s Doo Doo 
7. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #2 
8. Metro Area – RMM Special Dub 
9. Willie Graf & Tuccillo – Set Me Free 
10. Weekend Express – 2 the Rhythm 
11. Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix) 
12. The 2 Bears – Work (Oliver $ Remix) 
13. Stimming – Funkworm 
14. Russ Yallop – Rock Me 
15. Cosmic Kids – Reginald’s Groove (Classixx Remix) 
16. Bicep – $tripper 
17. Prince Club – I Know 
18. Adonis – No Way Back 
19. Boddika & Joy Orbison – Swims 
20. Moodymanc -Joy 
21. In Flagranti – Physical Maturity 
22. Liquid Liquid – Optimo 
23. Locussolus – I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) 
24. Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard 
25. Suzy Q – I Can’t Give You More 
26. Stephanie Mills – What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ 
27. Bob James – Take Me to the Mardi Gras 
28. Tammi Terrell – All I Do Is Think About You

Cosmic Kids

This Saturday L.A.’s Cosmic Kids (Throne Of Blood) join us for Say Yes, a one-off night from Durrr resident Rory Phillips and Rhythm Connection’s Nadia Ksaiba, that promises to be a bit of wax spectacular with vinyl specialists Drop The Needle hosting upstairs. 

Cosmic Kids, or as their mums call them Ron and Dan, are also analogue lovers, with a taste for all things house, boogie and disco and have remixed Holy Ghost!, The Rapture, Fleetwood Mac and Kindness amongst others. We caught up with Dan to ask about the duo’s unusual quirks, wholesome habits, and favourite cosmic records…

Your Facebook fan page states, rather unusually, as one of your interests being “eating while DJing”. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten in a club?

We almost always go with burgers, although I wouldn’t really consider that “weird” as much as I would consider it “appropriate.” We usually stick to playing vinyl so whenever we play the rooftop of L.A.’s Standard Hotel, we have the luxury of putting our burgers and french fries (chips?) on the CDJ racks. Our friend Juan Maclean really one-upped us though when ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the DJ booth while he was DJing. That man is a legend.

And what’s on the menu for your set at Dalston Superstore for Say Yes?

Shepherd’s Pie.  We try not to just stick to one sound. You will probably hear a little bit of boogie, disco, italo, and house. As far as we are concerned, its all dance music. 

How did you come to be on your label Throne Of Blood? Did they call you or did you call them?

We finished a demo of our first single and sent it to anyone we thought might be interested, one of which was James Friedman. The very next morning we had an email back from him saying that he loved it. He asked if we wanted to release it on his label Throne of Blood, and that’s pretty much the way it went down. Its great working with TOB because it definitely feel like a family. We’ve become good friends with James through some of the other TOB artists. We definitely have plans of doing more with them in the future.

Tell us a hiking adventure story!

One time we were hiking in the very edge of the Santa Monica Mountains on a trail that ends up at an old wigwam, we didn’t anticipate the time it would take to reach that wigwam and it got dark, we kept going on the trail even though we had tiny flashlights.  We ended up turning back when our friend Jason spotted yellow cat-like eyes staring at us from a few feet away.  We couldn’t tell what exactly it was, for sure it was not a common house cat.  We turned back and took turns walking backwards to the car. 

What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

That’s a tough question. Vangelis’ soundtrack for Bladerunner is really amazing. Also worth noting is Angelo Badalamenti’s theme from Twin Peaks and Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack for Risky Business. 

Who do you hope to have the opportunity to remix?

It would be awesome to remix someone like Hot Chip. Alexis Taylor’s voice melts me into little pieces. Otherwise it’s always really fun for us to remix our friend’s music and vice versa. We really value having a community of friends making music together.

What’s the strangest sound you’ve yet to record?

The sound of the sun:

How does playing in your hometown in LA compare to playing here in London- accents and mid-set snacks aside?

We’ve never played in London before. Say Yes will be one of our first London gigs, so I’m excited to see how it compares.

What one record sums up the word “cosmic” for you?

Either Casco’s – Cybernetic Love

 Or Rah Band – Messages from the Stars.

And finally, what’s been your proudest moment so far?

It was a proud moment for us to have two remixes released on DFA Records. That label was a paradigm shift for our music tastes in our late teens and early twenties.  We are also especially proud when anything we do ends up on vinyl.

Catch Cosmic Kids DJing at Say Yes this Saturday 13th October with Rory Phillips and Nadia Ksaiba with Drop The Needle hosting upstairs from 9pm – 3am.

Thank you SMS

Thanks to the amazing Stop Making Sense crew for having us out in Croatia for the second year on the trot!

Huge cosmic hugs to our motley crew of Severino, Hannah Holland, Nadia Ksaiba, Mikki Most, Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba (Rokk… we missed you!).

Thanks to everyone who cam out and danced with us… Extra fistbumps go out to the ladies of Durrr (The Lovely Jonjo, Rory Phillips, Daniel Avery and Kiwi) for being extra special.



Stop Making Sense Stage Times

It’s almost beginning to seem like summer has returned to the capital this week (in between the odd rain shower) so it’s time for us to resume dreaming of our impending getaway to Stop Making Sense festival in Croatia. With the recently released stage times, that dreaming is quickly turning into planning as we know now when our friends at Durrr and Trouble Vision (not to mention Electric Minds and Warm!) are doing what and with who!

As we mentioned previously our boat and beach parties take place on Monday 6th August with Rokk, Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection), Hannah Holland and Severino rocking the boat (party) with an afternoon dance session from 2pm – 6pm and Sev and Hannah continuing the fun with Superstore bosses Dan Beaumont and Mikki Most at the brand new beach bar.

Stop Making Sense stage timesJoin us at Stop Making Sense festival in Tisno, Croatio from 2 – 6 August 2012. For tickets and info visit: and check out their late-bird deal, Dance, Sail, Sleep Special, that includes five nights on-site accommodation, festival ticket and a boat party of your choice. 

5 Minutes With Rory Phillips

Durrr’s Rory Phillips has been bringing his signature sound to London’s indie chic and underground cool for the last 10 years with residencies at Erol Alkan’s seminal  Monday night Trash, revered east London night Our Disco and now that semi-regular hub of cool Durrr. In addition to his DJing responsibilities Rory is also a noted producer and remixing, making him the ideal candidate to ship off to Croatia to helm the good ship Durrr at Stop Making Sense festival a super person to have play our SMS warm-up party with Body Talk this Saturday. We pinned him down for a five-minute chat ahead the upcoming festival and impending party…

Can you describe Durrr for the uninitiated?

Transient love and dancing with myself, The Lovely Jonjo, and our friends from around the world.

What do you miss most about Trash?

I miss the time more than anything, that excitement of styles colliding for the first time, things that seem very much standard now.

What’s your favourite end of the night track?

Carol King – I Feel The Earth Move

What’s your favourite drum machine?

The Siel MDP 40, an almost toy-like drum machine, think that crunchy Storm Queen clap sound.

What/who are you excited for at this year’s Stop Making Sense festival?

I’m excited for the family feel of it more than anything, us, Superstore and all of the other London crews. I’m looking forward to seeing Lil Louis for the first time and Jimmy Edgar is always great.

Who are you favourite band right now?

I’m currently in a serious relationship with the Chromatics album Kill For Love.

Tell us about the Singles Club!

Glad you asked! It’s called Mixed Fortunes and the simple version is that I am releasing 6 12″ records throughout 2012 of my own original material and you can subscribe to get them delivered straight to your letterbox, along with digital versions, for less than just the WAVs would cost on Beatport. All the info is at:

What’s your one essential item (bar headphones and music) for your Stop Making Sense suitcase?

It’s a tie between sunblock and white loafers.

Rory Phillips plays Body Talk Presents: Stop Making Sense this Saturday 19th May alongside Hannah Holland (Batty Bass, Paris Acid Ball), Mikki Most (Trailertrash) Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection and Rokk plus the funky fresh Body Talk residents Charlie Bones & Tristan Reed.