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Tom Peters

Tom Peters

Tom Peters, aka KevinFunkt, is one of our resident DJs for hairy haus bi-monthly party B(e)ast. A resident of electronic-music capital Berlin and Kompakt signee and seriously adept at getting the lazer basement pumping; this man knows what he's doing! Tom sent us this hot mix ahead of tomorrow's party and answered some of our burning questions for us...

What is your favourite dance floor in the world? 

There are definitely a few... I love Fabric Room 1 for WetYourSelf! on Sundays, Dalston Superstore for Saturdays in London. There's this new amazing place in Berlin called Prince Charles that feels like having a party in your living room it's pretty special. And there is this club called Ego in Hamburg owned by Solomun that kicks ass with my friend Miss Bliss as a resident.

What's the best thing about a resident DJ at B(e)ast?

Since I first came to play at DS I immediately fell in love with it. There is no pressure, the crowd is incredible and unique. We don't have this kind of mixture of people in any of the clubs in berlin. It's very refreshing.

What one track can't you get out of your head at the moment?

Matthew Dekay & Lee Burrigde - Holding On  (All Day I Dream)

You're currently based in Berlin- what makes it an amazing place to live?

Berlin is still affordable compared to all the other metropolis and it's got such an massive underground music scene which is very inspiring. As I am a music lover Berlin is the obvious choice but tomorrow who knows, the world is my dancefloor.

What have you got due out next on Kompakt that we should be listening to?

Watch out for the next, Speicher on Kompakt in 2013.

We hear you are "constantly curious"!! What's the best new fact or thing you found out?

Producing feeds my curiosity as I am always researching new sounds. I live for that moment when you finally find the sound that gives you goosebumps.

What's the wildest thing you've ever seen happen at B(e)ast?

I think the wildest thing was the opening night with Jacqui Potato dancing on top of the bar. Gunnar Stiller and Fabiano giving it back to back.

And the night of the birthday when London was covered in snow and all our regulars turned up freezing and ending up topless dancing to Kim Ann Foxmann.

What was the best musical moment of 2012 for you?

East Ender Festival around Sonar Barcelona was pretty epic... goosebumps playing at 5am in the morning into the sunrise.

What is SAVE-FASHION and why should we already know about it?

The SAVE-FASHION aesthetic; a brand dedicated to celebrating and expressing the pleasure, intensity and emotion of urban life, fused into fashion.

You probably saw our bagpacks and shirts for Mobilee Records at Sonar. People like Maya Janes Coles and Spencer Parker are wearing our T-Shirts, and on every other DJ's record bag you can spot our sticker “I think about you all the time”

And finally what have you got planned for 2013?

I am just working on a US Tour around WMC Miami, and of course the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Good times.

Join Tom Peters for B(e)ast on Saturday 8th December from 9pm - 3am with Borja Peña, Franx De Crystal and The Spanish Mafia.

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Tom Peters