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Tom Stephan

Tom Stephan

New York native/London resident TOM STEPHAN (aka Superchumbo) teams up with Circus host Mark-Ashley Dupé to launch brand new night Hectic. Their very first party will feature guests Fat Tony, Kartel Brown, La Gosse, Nutty Nyce and Layo. We caught up with resident Tom Stephan himself to quiz him on his Top 5 Hectic Trax...

Superchumbo- Fire [Nervous Records]

Hectic trax are peak time, + 11 bangers. Pure fire- like this one from yours truly! Well- it would be my fav, wouldn't it?

Skizofrenix & Franky Rizardo - Eu Vo Tu Baille [Azuli Records]

Franky Rizardo works me hard- his beats are the bomb!

Xpress 2 - Muzik Xpress [Boys Own Records]

I have never stopped playing this piece of house music genius. Floor filling hands in the air crowd pleaser every time. 

Real El Canario - Bumrush the Sound [Beat Dis]

The Dutch have taken the '90s tribal feel of NYC that I love so much, and given it a new twist that I love even more. The beats are back!! 

Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Mix) [Secure Recordings]

And Diplo is one of the guys that kicked off this new sound a few years back with this one. Seriously HECTIC!!

Hectic starts Saturday 28th January 2012 with resident Tom Stephan joined by guests Fat Tony, Kartel Brown, La Gosse, Nutty Nyce and Layo.

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Tom Stephan