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Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson

Body Talk starts 2012 with a bang in the form of extra special guest DJ TREVOR JACKSON this January.

Trevor Jackson has been working at the vanguard of audio and visual culture for over 20 years. The London based art director, designer, moving-image maker and producer’s work has been exhibited at the ICA, BALTIC, GUGGENHEIM and BARBICAN, as well as on countless seminal record covers. With its emphasis on visual as much as musical artistry and innovation, Jackson’s iconic OUTPUT RECORDINGS label set a new aesthetic standard that prompted critics to declare it the decade’s equivalent to Factory. 

Body Talk's creator Rokk quizzed Trevor over the festive season on the past, present and future in the run up to his guest spot at Dalston Superstore.  

How would you describe your relationship with music?


Digital or Analog?


What notable changes have you seen within Clubland that either concern or inspire you?

I hardly go out to clubs anymore unless I'm working. I hate to sound like an old man but there simply aren't clubs in London that inspire me anymore. There is more exciting music being released than ever but no clubs that reflect that, or aim to provide a good mix of all the elements that really matter. I was fortunate enough to grow up in London's nightlife heyday, and experience many of its seminal clubs. The best of those times were driven by a collusion of the street, music, art & fashion worlds, like minded people, whatever gender, class or race shared that experience and formed something that was culturally incredibly important, an alternative to the mainstream, and an expression of the times, now I feel everything's either generic or purely commercially driven. The art world and fashion world seem to have little taste in music whatsoever, it dumfounds me how they either embrace the very worst of mainstream music or lack originality & innovation, they have no relevant cultural sonic voice anymore. The ground breaking aspects of music & art/fashion couldn't be polar opposites further apart, people seem scared to be different, nobody takes any risks.

Previous generations of DJs were usually defined by their ability to mix, their personal song choice and ability to keep a crowd entertained. Their popularity was based essentially on their talents. With more and more people opting to DJ with Laptops and programs that do most of the work for you, what would you say is the Future for the DJ?

I've always judged a DJ on his/her musical selection most importantly, what they play with doesn't really bother me as long as they play what they love with individuality, integrity and imagination I'm happy. 

What has been your proudest moment?

A live audio visual show RGBPM I performed at the London BFI IMAX in 2007

And I know this is a tired question from me but are we gonna here anything more from Playgroup? 

Certainly, I've finally finished a decades worth of music that I'm going to release somehow in 2012, and once that’s done I'll start working on a new Playgroup record as well as other projects. Mentally and creatively I needed to put the past to rest, and now with all the old music that’s been clogging up my life complete I'm able to move ahead with new ideas. I also recently changed my studio to an entirely analog setup which has reinvigorated my interest in making music again, after staring at a computer screen most of my life with a mouse in hand, I’m having a lot more fun again, the process of making music is equally if not more important to me than the result right now.

What was the last album you listened to all the way through?

Zomby's 'Dedication' album has probably been the album I've listened to most this year, I adore every second of it. Also barely a week goes by I don't listen to the latest Kriedler album at least a few times.

Who's floating your boat right now? 

Actress, Alva Noto, D'marc Cantu, Daphni, Drvg Cvltvre, Duppy Gun Productions, John Heckle, Kasper Bjorke, Levon Vincent, Kowton, Morphosis, No UFO's, Peaking Lights, Perseus Traxx, Raudive, Regis, The Shining, STL, Steve Summers, Storm Queen, Stubborn Heart, Sun Ra, Tevo Howard, Tomorrow's World, Vakula.... so many.

Trevor will be joining us at Dalston Superstore for Body Talk on January 21st 2012.

Also check out 'Metal Dance' Trevor's compilation released on STRUT released in February. 






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Trevor Jackson