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Hi babies! Value Pack is our brand spanking new weekly monday night shindig. There will be trashy, nostalgic music, cute vibes, CHEAP DRINKS FOR STUDENTS and maybe a little bit of drag action... Before the first installment this monday (05/11) we had a cheeky little chat with our resident discount pop DJ BRAT. value pack at dalston superstore Hi Brat U K, Hun? Good thanks babe! You’re a founding member of Bodycon, one of our monthly Thursday parties, tell us a bit about that.. Bodycon is the messy binch you have a fab time in the smoking area with bt would NEVER invite to the afterparty bcs she’d be the one to break the sink.  She’s obnoxious and makes absolutely no sense, but the club is where she shines. She’s that girl who posts constantly on Facebook and is only funny 10% of the time IRL.   Bodycon at dalston superstore What exactly is Discount Pop Discount Pop is a culmination of all the bangers you’d hear pulsating out your older sisters door in 2003. It’s the choreo to Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground. It’s a celebration of the once overplayed, now underplayed that will guarantee a toe tapping and more than one bussy popping. How many times are you going to play Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight? I guess u’ll have to Wait until mon Night to see ;)  How many shots of Tuaca are you going to hammer? I’m usually a Jägerbomb chik, u know this. But I’m going to see if my expired student card works @ the bar ;) tuaca student discount at dalston superstore Does she even go here? I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. If she’s wearing a Peplum, she’s not getting in. value pack at dalston sueprstore What’s you’re most memorable Poundland moment? Who hasn’t done a last min High Drag lqqk w/ Poundland accessories?  If you were a multi-pack of crisps, what choice of flavours would you contain? Jägerbomb, Vegan Cheese, Strappy Cork Wedge and Special Edition Tuaca. What’s the cheapest thing you’ve ever done? Nothing I do is cheap, it just looks like it is.  Are all the things she said running through you’re head? All the things she said will be slut dropping in ur head Tues morn !!;* Bye BRAT! c u monday night xxx Lyl xxxx
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