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Weird Disco

Weird Disco

The guys and gals of Disco Stew present to you their top seven bizarre disco video moments...

It was the perfect combination of unashamed and unabashed fun, glamour and sass, teamed with unforgettable dance hits and questionable substances that made this era in music and fashion what it was: PURE JOY AND SEQUINS. However, a party that big always attracts a few weirdos, and lord knows D-I-S-C-O had its fair share. Here are some of our fave freaks doing inexplicable things and wearing wonderfully weird get up on camera for your amusement. Enjoy.

Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further (ft. Siedah Garrett)

Cocaine, ladies and gentlemen.

Is this a music video or an anti-drug campaign? We’re just not sure. Dude spends the first 10 seconds of the video making intense eye-contact and gurning ferociously. He is then joined by the equally frightening Seidah Garrett in a disco-trainwreck of a dance-off that is impossible to look away from. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution.

La Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover

This video gets a special mention for literally every single element. No introduction necessary.

Tobacco - VHS Knife

If someone was to ask me to produce a parody of the '80s, this would be my exact response. There are leotards. There is a wind machine. There are green-screen visuals. And those gloves at 0:15? Feathered, fluorescent perfection.

Carly Simon - Why

‘Why?’ you ask, Carly. Excellent question my dear - and I have a few for you. Why the bizarre two-stepping down the street? Why the very average-looking extras who are very clearly just people on the street who have been roped in? So many questions, and so very few answers. But this is raw '80s production at its very finest. Enjoy.

Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

Prepare to bow down. Sylvester is an opulent-disco-androgyne-god/dess. There are so many looks in this video, each of them fiercer than the last. You try strolling into a club wearing an all-white tuxedo, fanning yourself effortlessly and somehow making it work. Alas, for us mere mortals such things are the stuff of dreams.

Glowing Palms - Ask Me After Midnite

This video is like an acid trip gone horribly awry. The dancers are terrifying, the visuals are terrifying and I would kind of like to forget that this even exists.

Will Powers - Adventures in Success

Will Powers, you are ridiculous. This song is basically someone reading a self-help guide over some funky synth. Why does it work? I DON’T KNOW. But it somehow does. Having said that, I genuinely feel both better and worse every time I watch this. That doesn’t sound possible until you try it for yourself.

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Weird Disco