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Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle

Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle

Tomorrow night sees those crazy Grizzle gurls let loose over both floors of Superstore once more. Fresh from their antics in the NYC Downlow at Glastonbury, John Sizzle and A Man To Pet bring their Hollywood Babylon Extravaganza party to Dalston Superstore, featuring themselves in the top bar with Gutterslut's Nic Fisher and Little Gay Brother's Terry Vietheer in the laser basement. We caught up with them both (and attempted to decipher A Man To Pet) ahead of what is sure to be total madness...

You've just got back from Glastonbury... what were your most glamorous highlights?

Sizzle: Glamour and Glasto don’t usually go together what with all that vegetation and THOSE toilets. Have you ever tried to do a No.2 wearing a dress made of ribbons?

A Man to Pet: Speak for yourself, sister!!!! I had a glamorous super luxurious caravan made from gold with waterbeds, showers and electronic toilets!!!! I had nothing to do with the rest of the trans 'cause you know I am coming from Greece and I like luxurious things!!!!! So my glamorous highlights was when I slap one of our dancers (by mistake!) 'cause when I was spinning around in one of our routines with Sizzle on ‘knock on woods’!!!! That was very glamorous and sophisticated moment of me. I would love to slap dancers more often if I could is so glamorous!!!!

Sizzle: Jeesus…..

What were the best outfits you wore whilst there?

Sizzle: We had matching ‘space vixen slut suits’ made by our seamstress Olivia which were rather spesh. But I made my very own warrior princess bodyshaper, enhanced with dozens of Prosecco corks!

Pet: Yes, I did like our matching outfits and my unique ‘Rafaella Carra’ costume send from Sydney by special friend Alex. It was like a box of expensive chocolate… black and gold.

If Grizzle was a TV show what would it be?

Sizzle: The Muppets!

Pet: But without the frog. Just the piggy, lots of pigs actually.

Sizzle: Just a load of pigs in Primark bodyshapers!

Tell us about your closest near-death mid-show experience...

Sizzle: We’re always trying to pull off a musical extravaganza on the bar at Dalston Superstore, and this one time we were a human centipede crawling along whilst singing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’…. I could have died laughing at the look of disgust on everyone’s faces!

Pet: Every single show on that bar on high heels is near death experience.

What level of razzle-dazzle can we anticipate for Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle at Dalston Superstore?

Sizzle: It is a Hollywood Legend Extravaganza. Expect awards, expect show-stopping performance, expect a journey through classic party music in the upstairs Hollywood Bar and house music tour de force in the Babylon Basement from our DJ’s Terry Vietheer and Nic Fisher. Plus, we’ll be unveiling our unique pop-up VIP area where the chosen few get to feel GRIZZLE! fabulous for at least five minutes or less.

Pet: We expecting Sophia Loren to come as she is very close friend of mine, as you know we share a villa in Napoli and also Judie Foster [sic] as is close friend of Sizzle they have been rapped together in the same movie. Unfortunately Sizzle he didn’t won the Oscar cause he was terrible acting his orgasm!!! 

Sizzle: Eh?

Pet: But I still believe he was better than Judie. 

Sizzle: Judie!

Who is Jane and who is Blanche out of the two of you?

Sizzle: A Man to Pet is mental, so she’s Jane. I am the sophisticated one…..

Pet: If you have seen the movie you will understand that Jane she wasn't the mental she just drive her mad the sophisticated one.

Sizzle: Proper mental, see?

Who is your screen siren icon and why?

Sizzle: We both love Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ and Madonna in ‘Body of Evidence’….

Pet:  At the moment am in love with Faye Dunaway.

Sizzle: All three are mega-mental. And allll three are very GRIZZLE!

Join John Sizzle and A Man To Pet at Grizzle's 2 Floor Hollywood Babylon Extravaganza tomorrow night, Friday 12th July from 9pm - 3am. 

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Whatever Happened To Baby Grizzle