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Working Girl At The Rio

Working Girl At The Rio

This Friday our neighbours and hands down the best cinema around, The Rio, are screening a special Fringe! Trims showing of Working Girl.

Melanie Griffith's shoulder pads, Sigourney Weaver's lingerie.... Joan Cusack's hair!!! 

Fringe! says: "How to get ahead in this mess of an economy? Easy, take a leaf out of Melanie Griffith’s book as she makes it from Staten Island secretary to the boardroom table unseating Sigourney Weaver in the process. A head for business and a bod for sin. It’s all you need. Oh and Joan Cusack’s sky high hair (single-handedly responsible for that ozone hole back in the day).

The screening will be hosted by East End tranny with a fanny Holestar who will give you advice on how to work yourself to the top, power dressing, should pads and tranny empowerment at work. Plus a special appearance by Carly Simon’s Massive Mouth."

And if that's not ridiculously exciting enough, Working Girl is only the first in a series of irregular cult movies to be shown in the lead up to Fringe! Film Festival 2013! After the success of Showgirls and In Bed With Madonna, we're not surprised Fringe! is back at The Rio with more of our favourite films

To win a pair of tickets to see Working Girl at The Rio this Friday email us at hello@dalstonsuperstore.com with the subject line "She Works Hard For The Money" by 2pm Thursday 4th October 2012 answer the following question...

Who wrote the title track "Let The River Run" on the Working Girl soundtrack? 

a. Paul Simon

b. Simon Le Bon

c. Carly Simon

Fringe! Trims presents: Working Girl takes place this Friday at The Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, E8 2PB.

For tickets visit The Rio's website.

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Working Girl At The Rio