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Haruka Salt

This Thursday we’re super pleased to be welcoming the Japanese born now Brooklyn based Haruka Salt back to Clam Jam! Along with Musa and Juliana Huxtable, Haruka is one of the ace international guests who join Bica & Cathal to make Clam Jam the weekly extravaganza you’ve come to know and love. 

Ahead of the party we caught up with Miss Haruka Salt to find out a bit more about her and what brings her back to Dalston Superstore…

Hi Haruka, you’re no stranger to Clam Jam! What makes it worth the return trip?

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Clam Jam is becoming one of my favorite parties in London!! I love the vibes and feel freedom in the air. The crowd is very open minded to a variety of sound which makes me so happy and free and creative. I enjoy communicating with the crowd through music when I play for Clam Jam! 

What is your ultimate clam JAM?

There are so many ultimate JAMs!!!! I can’t decide…..

Talk us through your scene in Brooklyn… who are the key players and nights? Where would one go to have a  good time?

My dearest friends Tigga Calore, Contessa AKA CUNT MAFIA and Joey LaBeija are very talented and interesting individuals, and artists that I’m always excited to work with at parties in Brooklyn. CUNTMAFIA presents the Cherry Bomb party in Brooklyn, and used to throw the Whore House party with Promise. Joey LaBeija presents Legendary in Brooklyn as well. Those parties have creative and fun crowds. I always have an amazing time. The music they play is very different, futuristic. 

Brooklyn seems to undergoing the same type of gentrification as London that sees venues turned into luxury flats… what in your opinion has been the worst loss and what is local nightlife doing to overcome this?

Yes, it’s very sad. Williamsburg in Brooklyn used to be the area for young up-and-coming artists and so many kool independent shops, restaurants, and bars. But now sadly I see a crazy amount of luxury condos that  young artists can’t afford but rich people can. Many of those kool spots have had to be closed down because they can’t afford the rent. Williamsburg was becoming kool because of those artists. They created it. Not the rich people who can afford those condos and act kool. To me, the worst loss is the loss of culture they created and the opportunity for Brooklyn to be more kool.

There are still amazing venues that exist even though the area is changing. But those venues have strict policies for the DJs they book so that venues and the area attract the right people.

Clam Jam celebrates girls killin’ it at music and Djing… who for you is killin’ it right now?

Nidia Minaj!!!!

If your life was a music video which one would it be?

Kelis – Bossy

Why is marriage equality for the U.S. so important?

Because it’s the U.S. We are all about the equality for everything. The U.S. is a young country where so many opportunities are. Women can speak up and make things happen. The U.S. gives us rights to do the right things. 

If you had a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Paradise Garage!

Join Haruka for Clam Jam this Thursday 21st May from 9pm – 2.30am.

Clam Jam Loves Keziah

By Cathal

For the second instalment of cLAM jAM at Dalston Superstore Cathal and Bica (cLAM jAM mum + dad) invite Keziah, sexy front woman of rising London band Black Gold Buffalo, to be special cLAM jAM guest of the month this coming Thursday.

Ahead of the fun Cathal had a chat with her…

Cathal: What was the first record you remember hearing and liked ?

Keziah: I was 5 and it was a buddy holly album of my mums. I made her play it on repeat on a road trip to france. 

Cathal: What were you listening to when you were 15 ?

Keziah: When I was 15 I was a pure r’n’b, hip-hop girl and was massively into Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Shortee Blitz, Ashanti, Kelis, Missy Elliott… 

I used to help teach hip-hop dance and I remember doing routines to these classics… haha.

Cathal: What is your secret shame tune ?

Keziah: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? MY SECRET SHAME! When this came out I listened to it every morning for a week. Don’t worry I will never play this out! 

Cathal: Show us something the world needs to see.

Keziah: A bit of a deep one I know… but Patti is the oracle.  

Cathal: Give us a sneaky tease of your cLAM jAM set.


Azealia Banks – ATM Jam (Kaytranada Edition)

702 – You Don’t Know 

Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing

Foxy Brown – Oh Yeah

And more!

Cathal: Ace.

Join Cathal and Keziah at Clam Jam this Thursday 3rd October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 2:30am.

Clam Jam at Dalston Superstore

Neil Prince

This Thursday sees QBoy and Neil Prince return to Superstore for another round of Put It In Your Mouth. Delving into their record boxes, the boys will be playing the best of r’n’b and hip hop from all sex and decades (but mostly ’90s) for some midweek drinking and dancing. Ahead of the party we asked Neil Prince to investigate the growing trend of celebrities from the genre putting things in their actual mouths…

Put It In Your Mouth - Beyonce
Good old Beyonce. Ever the healthy one, here she is munching on an apple, setting a good example.

Put It In Your Mouth - Jay Z and Beyonce

Unless her husband Jay-Z has his way. Here, have some pizza. No, really, have some more. MORE.

Put It In Your Mouth - Mariah Carey

After all, Mariah can demonstrate the true joy a slice can bring. Simply slip on your heels and shed those pounds afterwards with a fierce workout on the cross trainer.

Put It In Your Mouth - Eminem

Eminem’s also one for fast food. Here he is pre-weight gain. McDonald’s being the order of the day. 

But not for Mary J. She be loving crispy chicken down Burger King!

Put It In Your Mouth - LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s an Around The Subway Kinda Guy…

Put It In Your Mouth - Snoop Dogg

…Whilst Snoop Dogg likes the whole joint. Hope that’s not a lion. Or a pony.

Put It In Your Mouth - Ginuwine

Ginuwine getting caught up in the horse meat scandal there. The steaks is high.

Put It In Your Mouth - De La Soul

So maybe just stick to a hot dog J-Lo?

Put It In Your Mouth - J Lo

She’s real. She’s feelin’ so good. She’s stuffing it down like a trooper. Oh, which brings us on to Lil’ Kim…

Put It In Your Mouth - Lil Kim

No prizes for what she’s after. Though she seems to have settled for a Peperami. Let’s move onto something healthier shall we?

Put It In Your Mouth - Dr Dre

Beets by Dre. They’re all the rage apparently. Or how about Justin’s corn on the cob?

Put It In Your Mouth - Justin Timberlake

A troublesome eating task. Like noodles. But Kanye is king.

Put It In Your Mouth - Kanye West

Oh look, he’s finished his plate. Time for dessert!

Put It In Your Mouth - Kelis

Kelis loving a lollipop there. But a trip to the dentist was inevitable.

Put It In Your Mouth - Kelis

Sorry Kelis. So watch out Pharrell! 

Put It In Your Mouth - Pharrell

Greedy! Perhaps just have a slice of cake?

Put It In Your Mouth - Foxy Brown

Mmmmm Foxy! Queen Latifah prefers something savoury instead.

Put It In Your Mouth - Queen Latifah

Like cheese. On a stick. What a woman. Sadly no pineapple. Lauryn’s got some pears tho.

Put It In Your Mouth - Lauryn Hill

Lauryn looking longingly at her pears there. She’ll never get that second album done. But let’s wash all this down with some champers eh?

Put It In Your Mouth - Busta Rhymes

And a cigar. Thanks Busta. R Kelly insists on Cristal, mind.

Put It In Your Mouth - R Kelly

You must be pretty full now. But if you’re not satisfied why not just eat the whole damn store.

Would you like some Salt-n-Pepa with that?

Put It In Your Mouth - Salt N Pepa

Join Neil Prince and QBoy for Put It In Your Mouth this Thursday 4th April from 9pm – 2:30am.