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Borja Vs Jonjo

By Borja Peña

I have been following Hot Boy Dancing Spot’s The Lovely Jonjo since he used to play at Trash on Mondays at the sadly now gone club The End. I remember it like it was yesterday, his sets were always so unexpected, from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Kraftwerk; you couldn’t help but turn your head to the booth and wonder who was this DJ with blonde curls…. 

Well, almost ten years later I have finally booked him to play at B(e)ast and I couldn’t be more excited, but before the party on Saturday 1st of June, let’s find out more about Mr. Jonjo while we enjoy some sangrias in sunny Barcelona just in time for Primavera Sound…

Hey Jonjo, Primavera always has the reputation to book these bands that are largely unknown to the general public and then a year later everybody is talking about them… who are you looking forward to seeing the most at this festival, who do you think is the underdog?

Two bands that have really dividing people at the mo are The Knife and Savages, I have seen both but can’t wait to see them again. Saw Veronica Falls last night, proper British band; the drummer is amazing. Other bands I’m looking forward to, apart from Blur and Phoenix (swooon), are Tame Impala and Death Grips.

Amazing I really hope you make them part of your set!

I remember hearing you playing with Erol Alkan at Trash in the now disappeared The End. What are the clubs you miss the most in London and why?

God there are so many clubs that are no longer around that formed my teenage ears. Smashing at The Eve Club, Turnmills for Heavenly Social and of course Trade, Bagleys, and I used to love The Leisure Lounge when Popstars was there.

Your club Hot Boy Dancing Spot is now an institution, but if we talk about actual hot boys… who is your ultimate hottie?

Movie stars or pop stars don’t really do it for me. Lots of cute boys walking around here in Barcelona but the boy I’m seeing really is the hottest in my eyes hehe.

I’ve seen you play at some crazy nights… and days… but what is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while playing?

God so many weird things, a man got a bit gropey in Tel Aviv, a little bit forward. Apart from that just odd requests, Geri Haliwell asking for “black music” springs to mind, silly cow, Prince was playing.

You play so many styles but if you had to do a back to back and you could choose any DJ who would that be and what would be the track would you start your set with?

Apart from you Borja you mean hahaha! I’m a huge fan of KiNK and would love to be on same bill as him let alone back2back. I would probs open with anything by Daniel Maloso, all of his releases drive me crazy.

It was so great working in the studio with you and Tom Stephan and I love playing the track we made together! Are you working on other tracks at the moment?

I know right! So much fun working with you and Tom, our track The Birds goes mental on dancefloor. I just finished a edit for Moonlight Matters as well.

And totally random I know but… If you were a B(e)ast… which one would you be and why?

I know it’s a little Miss World but I would have to say a dolphin. Sunny sunny and smiley.

Join Borja and Jonjo in the basement at B(e)ast on Saturday 1st June from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore.

Record Store Day 2012

This Saturday get down to your local record emporium and show them some love. Our record shops are a cornerstone of London’s musical heritage – not only are they stocked with amazing sounds they are also full of amazing specialist knowledge and a personal touch that you will never get from iTunes. Saturday April 21st will be the UK’s 4th annual record store day – virtually every independent record store (or shop as we say on this side of the pond) will hold special events and sell exclusive music that you will only be able to get on that day.

Here are 5 local favourites…. 


Our favourite vinyl neighbours – Kristina sell amazing music across the board from serious disco originals and seminal rock’n’roll to serious upfront house wax. No bargain bins here; if it’s on their shelves then you can bet it’s an essential. 

For Record Store Day they’re opening at 10am with loads of second hand stock and DJs playing all day including Auntie Flo and Veronica Falls.


 Record Store Day at Phonica


London’s temple of electronic dance music and more with some of the loveliest staff you could wish for and all the best new floor fillers. They’re so ahead of the curve.

For Record Store Day they’ve got DJs in store from 1pm, culminating in Ashley Beedle playing at 6:30pm followed by Egyptian Lover at 7:30pm.




These two Essex Road second hand stores probably need an entire day devoted to rummaging their racks – devote some time to a good dig and pick up some bargains for your collection.

This Record Store Day, Flashback has Fair Ohs performing in store at 7pm sharp.


 Record Store Day at Rough Trade

Rough Trade

The original site in Notting Hill and it’s newer Brick Lane cousin are temples to music of all kinds. Cross their threshold with and open mind and you’ll be rewarded with a bag full of goodies.

Both sites have in-store performances all through the day for Record Store Day.



Black Market

House, house and more f******* house! If you like your plastic to go boompty boomp then this is your place. Blackmarket is a London house institution – they’ve been serving up house of all persuasions since 1990. 

Black Market have Ron Trent, Jimpster, George FitzGerald and more performing throughout Record Store Day from 12-8pm.


For more information on Record Store Day across the country visit: