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Digi Gxl – Desire Generation exhibition launch

Welcome to “Desire Generation”, a moment where a group of artists from the DIGI.GXL community have joined forces (online!) to celebrate queerness through the intersection of art and digital technology.

DIGI.GXL   is a global community and platform of womxn, trans people, intersex, and non-binary digital designers. It is a space in which these identities are championed in what is doomingly still a cis male-dominated industry. Through the celebration of queerness, a term which represents a wide range of identities and experiences, voices which tend to fall outside the suburbs of the normative. This exhibition showcases the power of the digital realm to express the complex and multifaceted nature of desire and identity.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, so too do queer communities, and so we find new ways of expression as new generations come to fruition. The artists touch on the circuit of physical and digital worlds to create immersive experiences that challenge the conventional notions of ‘becoming’.

We invite you to question and reimagine your own desires, identities and relationships with technology. They remind us queerness is not just a label or a category, but are vibrant and dynamic cultures that have the power to inspire and transform us all. Join us in celebrating the “Desire Generation” and the many possibilities of queer digital art.


Digi Gxl – Desire Generation exhibition launch

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Digi Gxl – Desire Generation exhibition launch