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Haute Mess: Shrekfast at Tiffany’s

CALLING ALL SWAMPY SUPERSTORE SOCIALITES! Do you like your diamonds with a little extra dirt? Do you dunk your croissant into a piping hot cup of peepeepoopoo deliciousness? Are you yearning for boggy beats in the big city? Well Haute Mess are back to bring you the very best diamond encrusted, fairytale fuelled, shit covered night of squelching acid, NYC house, Puss in boots and cats and peepeepoopoo pop!


Shrekfast at Tiffany’s

We wanna see dirty diamonds and glamour toads, Fire Island Farquads and fairytales from New York (read: f@gg0ts), chic Shreks and demure donkeys, Audrey ogres and Big Bad BITCH Wolves, badonkadonk dragons and bejewelled Gingerbread nonbinary BEASTS!

Our lineup of sexy sultry swamp monsters will be very released soon

£7 before 11, £10 after

Don’t forget your proof of a negative test or double vax! Forgetting it is the absolute antithesis of peepeepoopoo glamour


Haute Mess: Shrekfast at Tiffany’s

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Haute Mess: Shrekfast at Tiffany’s