Femmi-Errect: Valentine’s Gay

Femmi-Errect: Valentine's Gay
Friday 14th February - 21:00 - 03:00

Join us this Valentine’s Gay for an absolute gay time, it’s all about queer love, screw the capitalist heteronormative valentine’s day BS, let’s make it GAAAAY AF at Femmi-Errect! A night run by femmes for femmes! Featuring pop and RnB smashers on the top deck from Katy Jalili aka Cool Dad, St Helier, Shayn
and Raks 2 Riches while Edith Escobar, Anjali, D0zn and Nvr_Mnd get hot ‘n’ heavy in the lazerhole! At Femmi-Errect we celebrate the whole femme spectrum (If you identify as femme you’re welcome, it doesn’t matter what your gender is! if you love and respect femmes you’re welcome!) We say a big fuck you to the patriarchy, white supremacy and all assholeries.
Free before 10 / £5 before 11 / £7 after

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