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Tonight sees some of east London’s most notorious party starters under one roof: Borja Peña, Josh Caffe, Joe Robots, Bisoux and Cathal. That’s right, it’s time for Banjee Boy Realness Vs PS! The banjee boys take the basement whilst upstairs it will be pure sex from PS. We caught up with PS promoters Cathal and Bisoux ahead of tonight’s madness to talk tape cassettes, posters, art, music and more..

What is the music policy at PS?

Our own special blend of deep bitch house, dutty dance, sleazy BASSlines, vocal high points and smart hooks. Always fresh, fun , filthy and ready for the bump & grind.

And how has this, in any way, been influenced by the music you grew up on?

Cathal: Growing up in my house there was always music playing. My dad played The Police and Pet Shop Boys, my mum played Prince and Muddy Waters and my sister had Junior Vasquez and The Shamen on a loop. Subsequently I love vocals, a strong sexy rhythm and a beat that makes you want to move. Also, I’m northern and we like a dance tune.

Bisoux: I grew up in a house of Radio 4 and vinyl – Bob Marley, Rip Rig + Panic, The Ramones, Dire Straits and The Beatles. Pop was always an illicit contraband. One of my mum’s boyfriends sneaked me a Kylie album tape when I was six which was super exciting, I still remember the tape box, she looked like a naughty princess. Even with such an eclectic sound around me it was always the bad girl pop that I hankered for and I think the combination of the two has definitely shaped my taste for exotic beats with a sexy vocal. Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to listen to an instrumental but it’s always bass + voice + beat + sex that gets me.

What was your most favourite/worn out tape cassette of the ’90s?

C: I have all these mixtape cassettes I made between the age of 8 -11 years old, so through 1990 to 1993, with my best friend/next door neighbour Michelle. They’re basically tapes and tapes of us interviewing each other and introducing all our favourite dance tunes of the time. My favourite tape was a ‘show’ we did called ‘ Rave 92!’ which was a Parks and Wilson gig at Arc in Leeds I had taped off the radio live late at night which we then talked over at random intervals. So it’s a toss up between this and Madonna’s Erotica album.

B: Funnily enough I was also a chart mixtape queen but my most worn and still treasured tape of the ’90s has to be the Snap! album, The Madman’s Return. Hands down I thought I was the coolest shit when I put that on my walkman.

PS: is it a crazy homo art installation or debauched party that shocks the nation?

Both. Is there a difference? LOL.

We hear your posters often end up in unusual places. Where’s the best place you’ve ever randomly spotted one?

In joint first place would have to be a certain famous Tate director seen carefully peeling and rolling up a poster at one of our do’s in Vogue Fabrics and the time Cathal saw one up on the wall of a random shag in Berlin.

How did PS originate?

Above McDonalds in Kentish Town, it started as an ideal, a magazine, a movement that could override the title GAY and become something much more. Art, music, sex, film all coming together in our own special brand of homoculture for both boys and girls. Even though that was only about seven years ago, there was nothing really outside of GAYLAND at that time, the divide was so strong and whilst we enjoyed both sides of it, there was nothing for homos like us that wasn’t defined by our sexuality, but more by our cultural tastes. PS. can be a secret, an afterthought, or just the truth of what you really mean. It made sense to bring it all together in a party package, we wanted to bring a celebration experience that you wouldn’t forget for a while!

And what might be the next step of the party’s evolution?

To go international we’d say. Spread the love.

Do you think they’ll be much crossover or way in which you’ll compliment each other with the basement party, Banjee Boy Realness?

We had Borja guest at our last party which turned into a massive deep house love-in and we’ve always had an affinity with Josh’s style, we go way back in and out of the clubs. Joe we’ve recently discovered through sharing the bill at SOS, and love his sounds. Whilst there will of course be a bit of healthy upstairs/downstairs competition at the end of the day we all appreciate each other’s taste and are really looking forward to partying with each other – ultimately blending our respective styles into one mahoosive funtimes club. I’d say we’re gonna see dirty grinding, walking vogue face and lots and lots of sweat. Mmmmmm.


We love you x

Join Cathal and Bisoux for Banjee Boy Realness Vs PS tonight Friday 22nd February from 9pm – 4am.

Borja’s Banjee Mix

Next weekend sees the lovely Borja Peña join us at Superstore once more as a special guest at Banjee Boy Realness Vs PS. With Josh Caffe and Joe Robots in the basement and Bisoux and Cathal in the top bar it’s sure to be a banging night! Ahead of the night we decided to quiz Borja on all things banjee…

Which track from your mix will be your (not so) secret weapon to ensure things get really filthy in the laser basement?

Mmmm. It will not be one but probably two of my productions under the name “Cucarachas” or Cockroaches for non Spanish speakers. It’s my music project with Tom Stephan, there’s a remix of a track called Sheez from a New York based hip hop artist called Travis Lamar and another remix we did of a classic Foxy Brown tune from the ’90s called Hot Spot… Everytime I play it people go wild.

Who is your favourite EVER banjee boy?

That’s a very tuff one, at the moment there is five of them that I think need to be mentioned, as I think they are very influential from politics to fashion…

1. Obama…. I mean who runs the world?
2. Frankie Sharp. He’s one of my favourite promoters, he runs the coolest party in New York, Westgay, you should check it out.
3. Jazzy Jeff. I was born and bred in Spain and my first contact with a banjee boy was by watching The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air… BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE the room was always on my walkman. Oh dear I’m showing my age…
4. Josh Caffe. I really think we were separated at birth and I keep asking him for names of tracks.
5. Shayne Oliver. I love a bit of Hood By Air.

How do you intend to make your set extra banjee to stand apart from what you play at B(e)ast?

At B(e)ast I don’t really stick to any music genre so it sounds very eclectic, I never know what am I going to play next. I think for Banjee I’m really going to prepare my set to make it extra New York style and play tracks that really remind me of banjee boys… like stuff from The Carry Nation or MK.

Who’s hotter out of the BBR co-pilots- Josh Caffe or Joe Robots?

Well I have to say Josh Caffe now, ’cause I haven’t been partying with Joe Robots… but I’m sure after the event it will be difficult to decide as I’ve heard great things and his podcasts are part of my “get the fuck out of the house” playlist.

Will you be venturing up to the top bar to take a dance with PS.?

Will I? I have been fantasising about a threesome with those two since I played with them the first time. They know how to lay down those sexy beats… aint no party like a PS. party.

Join Borja Peña at Banjee Boy Realness Vs PS. on Friday 22nd February from 9pm – 4:30am here at Dalston Superstore.

Delirium Mix

Delirium is our Saturday night collaboration between the wonderful Kris Di Angelis, Slowpoke’s Jaime Ritchie and James Pople who take over the basement this very weekend with their deeper-than-deep house gorgeousness.

Exclusively on our Soundcloud here is the first Delirium mix… enjoy!

James Pople – Who’s That Girl
Lula Circus – Pumpin Groovin Moovin (Pezzner Remix)
Carlo Lio & Coyu – Moxis Sickness
Soul Clap – Fried Chicken
Lovebirds feat Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul (original mix)
Kruse & Nuernberg – Lovers & Fighters
Max Chapman – Breakdown
Brandy – What About Us (Markus Enochson Electro Clash remake)
DJ Phono – Gone (David August Vocal Remix)
Georg Levin – Late Discovery (Kaytronic Dub Mix)
Hot Since 82 – Let It Ride
Manuel Tur – Foolin’
Pilooski – AAA
Jessie Ware – Running (Disclosure Remix)

Delirium is this Saturday night