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Toni Yotzi

We can’t believe it huns… Our pure nonsense heauxmeauxsexy disco party Mints is entering their terrible twos this Friday! To help celebrate, they have invited none other than Australian wunderkind selector Toni Yotzi to the mothership, joining a very special lineup of international special guests including Johannes Albert and Jaqi Sparro! Toni Yotzi has reached icon status down under, having helped put Perth on the underground electronic music map by programming Deep Doogs’ sunrise rave and presenting parties for the like of Kenji Takimi, Bell Towers and DJ Nozaki. In 2018, she has gone from strength to strength, with highlights including headlining Golden Plains Festival and  being a recent special guest on Tim Sweeney‘s New York dance music institution Beats In Space radio show! We caught up with Toni to find out about her infamous Camp Doogs festival, the Australian electronic music scene and what she thinks makes queer crowds so special!

Hey Toni! We are so excited to finally have you at Dalston Superstore! You’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind tour over the last few weeks, how has it been?

I’m so excited too! I feel like I’ve been away for ages but it’s been great! It’s been a bit testing at points., learned a lot and listened to club music on nice sound systems which I’ve been missing in Melbourne. Inspiration on tap.

Can you tell us a bit about Camp Doogs, the festival that you co-curated in Western Australia?

Doogs is a booteek festival a few hours out of Perth, we celebrated our fifth birthday last year by giving ourselves a holiday in 2018 haha! I book Deep Doogs, the rave part of the weekend and Stephen Bellaire (Reef Prince) works on the main stage. It’s a really special weekend for a lot of people that celebrates local and national artists. We never release the line up which is a programmer’s dream because you can create a weekend of deep creative cookery. People come with an open mind and leave feeling excited about enjoying something they wouldn’t necessarily normally rave too.

Toni Yotzi 2


You have hosted radio since 2011. What do you love about community radio?

Community radio is so important to me. It’s been the start of so many amazing artists’ careers, like CC: Disco!, Noise In My Head and Andras. I love the freedom of expression, which has undoubtably shaped how I DJ. Community radio gives the underrepresented a voice, and way to explore ideas and passions. Creating stories with sound is so interesting to me, I wouldn’t even know how to begin trying to convey the same visions with film. I love how it’s adapted to changes in people’s listening habits. Radio will never die.

How do you think your hometowns of Perth and Melbourne have influenced you as a DJ?

Brits love the seaside, so Perth has always had a lot of English expats (my mum being one of them)! I suppose this lead to a strong drum n bass scene in the 90s and 00s and a general UK club influence. I didn’t quite realise the influence until I noticed it wasn’t as common across Australia to thrown in trap, bass music and rap in a club set. I’ve been listening to Noise In My Head mixes for a long time as well which filtered a unique Melbourne eclectic ~ vibe ~ throughout too.

The Australian electronic music scene is finally starting to be recognized on more of an international scale, and we think it’s about time! Who are some under-represented Australian artists who we should have on our radar right now?

I’m loving Hame DJ, he’s just put out a great ep on Vulcan Venti, Rok Riley is Perth’s spiritual guide to everything good: the best selector, DJ and carer. Tourist Kid is also a true inspiration to me, he can play anything. I joke he’s a mix machine because he churns out so many incredible sets. A boy genius, crazy fast worker, he just put out an amazing textural experience on Melody As Truth called Crude Tracer, but he also makes next generation library music and bangers (hopefully soon).

What is special about playing to a queer crowd?

 NRG, expression, appreciation, cheekiness…all the absolute best things.

You have become known as a master of genre-bending sets. With such a diverse repertoire,  what are some of your favourite places to discover new music?

Gahhhh the genre mash – my truest love-hate relationship. I often say to myself, ‘Whyyyyy can’t you just play one thing!’ But it doesn’t work like that. So for digging in the last couple of years, I’ve started buying records again which is really good for finding old but fresh labels then I can discogs dive. I especially like 90s rave and percussion-driven house. I listen to a lot of mixes and I really like Bandcamp for finding new releases because their emails are very specific to what artists and labels you like.

Toni Yotzi 3

What has been a personal highlight of yours over the last few years?

I think playing at Golden Plains a few months ago will be a lifetime highlight… Peaked too soon! The sound system is incredible, one stage with 10 000+ people in a natural amphitheatre surrounded by incredible Australia bushland, working on visuals with friends. I cried a bit on stage playing Hiroshi Wantanbe’s Infinity Sign because it was just all so beautiful.

What is the craziest thing that has happened during one of your sets?

The fact I can have a existential crisis while DJing and keep playing is pretty wild to me lol.

Who are some of the DJs and selectors who have inspired you?

Gosh ummm lately DJ Bone’s mixing style, Luca Lozano for party vibes, Gatto Fritto, Gene Hunt. They aren’t really who I would’ve thought I’d enjoy but it’s so nice to be surprised because I see so many sets that it gets blurry. Kenji Takimi and DJ Nozaki a few years back. Roza Terenzi also played some insane sets on tour recently too.

In five words or less, what do you have in store for us at Mints?

~ nasty’n’nice ~ tuff’b’fun ~

Catch Toni Yotzi at Mints on Friday 10 August from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!

James Pople

 In a short space of time James Pople has risen through the ranks of deep house DJs here in London to become a respected name on people’s lips. Having cut his teeth at Sunday day-party Creche, he’s since gone on to release tracks on both Lower East and more recently Feast Recordings.

He’s also no stranger to the Superstore lazer basement either having previously played at Kris Di Angelis and Jaime Ritchie’s night Delirium. But he’s back this weekend for deep house night Rubik alongside resident Albert Ess and special guests Spiro and DJ Rokk. In anticipation of Friday’s fun he sent us this brand new exclusive mix and caught up with us for a five minute chat about the mix, new music and what’s on his horizon…

Can you tell us a bit about this latest mix for us please?

This mix is very representative of the type of music I’m playing at the moment … House music with lots of energy but still deep to the bone.

You’ve got a new track out on Feast called Who’s That Girl with remixes by Inxec and Miguel Puente. Which version are you more likely to play out at Rubik?

The Inxec remix of Who’s That Girl will be perfect for RUBIK. It’s a belter of a track with lots of deep house and techno grooves in it.

 What is it about our lazer basement that you enjoy playing?

The basement at Dalston Superstore is something special. I’ve been to all kinds of nights there and what I love about it is that it feels intimate, yet sometimes when you are on the dance floor you feel like you could be at a massive warehouse party! 

What’s the first record you ever bought?

I think the first electronic/dance album I bought was Daft Punk – Homework. That album really gave me an education in the sounds of electronic music and 4/4 beats. I’ve grown to love good old fashioned house music that is on the deeper end of the scale both emotively and in sound.

What inspired you to get into dance music?

One of my best friends back home in Cape Town was a very successful DJ called Shannon. We spent countless nights together over many great summers just loving the music she was playing. Looking back it was all deep house but we didn’t actually know what to call it then as no one else seemed to play what she played. She inspired me to be a DJ early on but I was also given a lot of encouragement from my friends in London and in particular Kris Di Angelis.

What’s your favourite record label at the moment?

There are so many! I love Realtone, Exploited, Needwant, OFF Recordings, Culprit, Hot Creations, Noir … they are all pretty dependable and put out top quality stuff.

Who have you seen or recently played on the same bill as that really blew you away?

I played Creche a couple of months ago when Maceo Plex was playing. He really is in a league of his own both in his DJ set performance and in his productions. He is going to be a legend … already is!

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

I keep my guilty pleasures top secret!

What’s next for James Pople?

I’m working on a few collaborations with my productions, which I am super excited about! I’ve only been making music a year and feel like I have finally found ‘my sound’ with what I want to play and the music I want to make. It’s a great feeling. Right now it’s all about making a really solid EP of music that I love.

James Pople plays Rubik this Friday 31st August from 9pm – 3am alongside Albert Ess, DJ Rokk and Spiro.

Coco Berlin

Direct from Germany, the deep house and disco loving DJ and promoter Coco Berlin will be joining us for this Saturday’s B(e)ast. Having founded the Berlin-based Kreis.Studio, a loose arts collective of “freaky musicians, design fanatics and hedonists”, DJ’ed for over a decade, setting up an online radio station (with Huub from Amsterdam) and hosting his own parties called Betriebsfeier on a boat in Berlin; he’s the ideal person to get the lazer basement going on a summer’s Saturday evening. We caught up with Coco to chat about the usuals: Berlin, music and dancing…

If you were a cocktail what kind of cocktail would you be?

I think a Tequila Sunrise would fit. Sweet start and outrageous end!

If you were taking us on a magical 24 hour journey through Berlin where would you take us?

Let’s make it 48 hours! We’ll start on a Friday night with my party called “Betriebsfeier” on the MS-Hoppetosse Boat, where you can dance for (at least) the next 14 hours. If you like to switch the location maybe around 2pm next day just ask someone for a good open air afterhour. After getting tanned whilst dancing in the park give yourself a little rest with your new friends you just met. They will invite you to their apartment to prepare for the night. When you’re finished with even more dancing, talking, drinking and whatever – you should try to look good when you have your breakfast coffee at PanoramaBar. Just go straight on to the Long-Island-Icetee-Time and enjoy your next 12 hour dancing workout. If you’re still not done then there are new friends waiting in the KaterHolzig for you …

What was the last record you bought?

Oh I don’t remember the last record, because I switched to CD’s some time ago but I do remember the last track I bought: Lee Brinx – Freaky (Original Mix)!

What was the first song you played on your online radio station

Uff, my brain cells are not that good anymore. But I can imagine that I played an old disco track. Maybe Giorgio Moroder or something similar.

Who would you share your dream line-up with? Any genre… alive or dead?

Bloody Mary, Green Velvet, Spencer Parker, Lee Burridge, WiLDKATS, Wolfram, Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley, Gino Soccio, Solomun, Pional & John Talabot, Blancmange, Human League and my good DJ friends Morris and Huub!

Where’s the most unusual place or venue you’ve ever DJ’ed?

I remember a very special night in 1999 (or maybe 2000) when I played on a balcony for at least 800 people. The balcony was very small so there was only space for one DJ. Behind me was a small room and we had to climb up to this room with a ladder, because this abandoned building had no stairs anymore.

How long can you dance for without needing a rest?

I’m not really good at dancing for many hours. When I’m partying I’m mostly into joking around. Then I start talking and end up at the bar. When I’m there the music pulls me back on the dancefloor. Then I start joking around and… this circle will continue for the next 20 hours.

What’s in your (record) bag for B(e)ast?

I will have my special cocoish blend of reduced trippin’ house music with influences of disco, minimal techno and tech house. One of my all-time favorites, which I can’t get enough of, will be for sure with me. It’s Diva by Gary Beck (Original).

You’ve just been at Off Sonar with… what was the best party you attended whilst there?

Well, we produced our own parties with Moonharbour, Katermukke (the label by KaterHolzig), of course my party Betriebsfeier, BPitch Control and many more on our own stage. This stage was called Sektorberlin Waterstage and was part of the East Ender Festival near Mac Arena Mar in Barcelona. So I spent most of the time there, managing the stage and enjoying all these fabulous DJ sets by Matthias Tanzmann, Niconè, Ellen Allien and many more. There was a really good vibe because we took the Berlin style to Barcelona and built up a wooden arena next to the sea. Amazing time!

And finally who inspires you?

I meet people who are very very successful and in the business for years. Some of them are still very sociable and honest. They know where they are coming from and what it means to play electronic music – to spend a good time together, it doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re coming from. These people really inspire me – even if I often don’t like their music 100%. They give me the power to make my way as I’ve been doing it for more than 14 years now.

I’m really looking forward to coming back to Dalston Superstore – I can’t wait!!!

Coco Berlin plays B(e)ast at Dalston Superstore this Saturday 30th June alongside Borja Peña, Kevin Funkt and Rebecca Sawyer from 9pm – 4am.