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Bourgeois & Maurice’s Brunch Playlist

For the dirty-stop-outs and the ones who got lucky, for the loved, and the unloved, East London’s spangliest duo Bourgeois & Maurice present an extra special post-Valentine’s Fork Of Shame brunch. Ahead of Sunday afternoon’s fun, they sent us over a little playlist of what to expect in-between the endless Bloody Marys, the horoscopes and their own music…

Shamir – On the Regular

Begin Valentine’s day by sitting your date down and playing them this. Then explain that no matter how much you try you will never love them as much as you love Shamir and his heart shaped sunglasses. It’s just scientifically impossible.

Diana Ross – Love Hangover


Every good weekend morning should start with both of these- love and a hangover. If by some error of calculation you happen to be sober and empty bedded then just let the vocals of Lady Di soothe you. And then have a Bloody Mary for God’s sake, it’s Sunday.

Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug


Everyone loves a good nectar and tonic. And everyone’s had a crush on a really hot bumblebee at some point. Don’t lie.

Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok


When people say they don’t like musical theatre we just put this on really loud til their ears bleed and they fall to their knees asking for forgiveness. Only ABBA could make a nice game of chess sound so downright drrrrty.

Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman


Because every morning-after should involve a good clean: flat, fridge, brain and orifices. We’re more gender non-specific than notorious misogynist Betty Wright, but hey she lived in olden times before women voted or drank jaegerbombs, so you can’t really blame her.

The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come


This is one for suicide Tuesday. Stay strong, it’ll be over soon, the future will come.

Join Bourgeois & Maurice for their Fork Of Shame brunch this Sunday 15th February from noon – 4pm.

Little Gay Brother’s Festival Amazingness

Ahead of Little Gay Brother’s Lovebox extravaganza and afterparty right here at Dalston Superstore, we asked man behind the fun Clayton Wright to run through his fave queer festival acts…

By Clayton Wright

I love a festival. For me it’s where I can chuck a load of glitter over my face and go feral for a few days. Oh and I might see a band or two. This is my list of AMAZING FESTIVAL ACTS YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE YOU DIE GIRL!

Scissors Sisters – V Festival 2004


In 2004 I was in love with Jake Sheers. I loved his hair, his face, his music and his arse in tight jeans. I stood at the back of the festival and I desperately wanted to get to the front. ‘A friend’ was peeing in a cup because the toilets were crazy busy. Before he knew what was happening my friends and I grab him by the scruff of his neck and push him forward. He peed his way all the way to the front of the stage. I was front row to stare at Jake. Unfortunately standing behind us were a lot of angry chavs now covered in piss. Soz V. 

Róisín Murphy – 2008


I saw Róisín at a little festival called Bloom. It rained and there must of been only about 1000 people there max. It’s impossible to find a clip of Róisín at that festival but she was amazing. She had a bag of clothes and hats at the side of the stage and kept rushing to the edge of the stage to change her costumers herself. I loved how incredibly low budget the show was but her performance was world class and so were her hats. 

Florence and the Machine – 2009 Bestival

I was lucky enough to hang out with Flo back stage at Camp Bestival one year. I was later told she was later found naked in a someone’s garden off site. She’s never confirmed this, but she does still owe me 20 quid.

Grace Jones –  Lovebox 2010 

The woman hula hoops as she sings????? What more could you ask for? I told so many lies to get back stage that year to meet her that I’m surprised I don’t have boils on my tongue, but who cares it’s GRACE JONES!?????

Hercules & Love Affair – Lovebox 2010 

“Miss Honey, Miss Honey” This clip is just hilarious and reminds of what an incredible year for gay artists to showcase at Lovebox in 2010. This is definitely one act you should have a gay love affair with. I definitely have… but that’s another story. Andy Butler is playing with us at Bearded Kitten’s Colosillyum stage this year at Secret Garden Party.

Blondie – Secret Garden Party 2011

This festival is my spiritual home. 2012 was the first year we started the gay bar at SGP and Blondie was headlining the main stage. SGP has always been an eclectic mix of people and music. As you watch this clip you see a crowd covered in feathers, sequins and glitter. We love SGP and we love Blondie. See you at the Gay Bar. 

Diana Ross

The great thing about seeing any legendary gay icon or band is that you know in amongst at least the first 100 people near the stage is a hottie ready and willing to cop off with you whilst you both hold hands and sing along to ‘I’m Coming Out’. I need to do this before I die. If Diana does a UK festival you can find me always by the left hand speaker, boys. 


I love these guys so so much. They still rock out in sequin costumes. Without a doubt on my list of gay festival acts to see before I die. 

Dolly Parton – Glastonbury 2014 

She sings, plays guitar and even raps. What could be gayer than watching the Queen of Dollywood surrounded by hundreds of trannies dressed up in cowboy hats immolating her highness? 

 Elton – Bestival 2013

OK so Elton is gayer than Dolly, but only just. You can catch Elton and our mate Bright Light x2 on tour in the UK this summer. 

Little Gay Brother at Secret Garden Party

Catch Little Gay Brother at Lovebox this weekend, 18th and 19th July at the washing machine stage in the Bearded Kitten Mansion and at ET Phone HOMO at Secret Garden Party 24th to 28th July. 


Saturday sees Bootylicious DJ Sugarbear join us in the top bar at Dalston Superstore for Bust Yo Nut! As resident for both Bootylicious at Club Colosseum and Carpet Burn at The Eagle, Sugarbear is sure to be a familiar face to those in the know. He joins Mistamaker this weekend for the best in old-skool r’n’b and hip hop. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to find out more about his bulging record bag!

You play a lot of different genres- but which do you feel most at home with?

When I started out DJing I was playing r’n’b and hip hop, so I guess that will always be my first love!

Whatever the night, whatever the genre, what is your guaranteed dancefloor killer?

Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out.

DIANA ROSS I m Coming Out by hiphopmomo

What was the first record you ever bought- honesty here please!

It actually was a good one. Le Freak by Chic. I did go on to buy many less cool records after though!

Who’s been the best guest or PA at Carpet Burn?

Well they had Denise from 5 Star a few weeks back and she was fabulous, but I would have to say Pete Burns!

It’s a pretty unashamed type of night- what is your fave track to belt out in a good behind-the-decks-singalong?

Jade – Don’t Walk Away.

Why do you think it’s important to have Vauxhall, Soho and Dalston as distinct queer nightlife areas in London?

Variety is the spice of life!

You playing old-skool hip hop and r’n’b here in the top bar at Superstore for Bust Yo Nut… what are your favourite tracks from both genres from the ’80s?

Well the ’90s is more my era, especially for r’n’b, but here are a few of my favourite ’80s tracks.

De la Soul – Me Myself And I

Run DMC – Peter Piper

Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

Michael Jackson – PYT

What will make you get up on the bar and DANCE?

A couple of pints, three tequila shots and Prince’s Controversy would get me on the bar dancing.

Join Sugarbear this Saturday 8th June at Dalston Superstore for Bust Yo Nut from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Taurus Attraction Photography

Homoelectric Happy Finish

Finishing up our bank holiday/birthday mega weekend this Sunday is Mancunian disco institution Homoelectric. They’ve got special guest Justin Robertson playing alongside residents Luke Unabomber, Jamie Bull and Lucy Locket and will be digging through their record bags for their unique blend of disco, house, techno, garage, rock ‘n’ roll trash and outsider pop.
Jamie Bull sent us this HOT MIX ahead of Sunday’s debauchery so we decided to ask him a few questions about it!
You’ve started your mix with Giorgio Moroder. What does Moroder mean to you?
Real simple: Giorgio Moroder’s I Feel Love is ground zero for dance music as we know it.
You’ve plumped for a Fern Kinney track too! Who is your ultimate Diva Of Disco?
I would have said Diana Ross, however I’ve been reading a few books and autobiographies on Motown recently and she sounds like a right cow, so I think I have to hand the crown over to Donna Summer.

Out of all the tracks on the mix which would you say is a record bag staple?
Todd Terje. His stuff always saves the day.
Why do you favour eclecticism? You’ve got everything from Todd Terje to Le Tigre (and even taking in Frank Ocean on the way) on here!
Because I have the attention span of a radio edit! Plus I don’t like to get bogged down with genres, there’s too many. My main criteria with track selection is “does it make me want to dance?” I enjoy taking different sounds and stringing them together in a way which is cohesive and keeps people dancing. Sometimes the blends are as engaging as the tracks themselves. If I played two hours of 128bpm house I think it would get a little one dimensional.
And finally, what is your favourite track by your special bank holiday guest Justin Robertson?
I’ll go for a classic and say his remix of Bjork Big Time Sensuality. 

Join Jamie at Homoelectric this Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am.

Horse Meat Disco

For those that don’t go out on school nights and for those who don’t all that often frequent south-of-the-river… We bring you Horse Meat Disco. On a Saturday. In Dalston. With all four residents. Over both floors.  That’s right, you’ve got Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Luke Howard and of course Severino Making the trek north from their home at The Eagle in Vauxhall to have a one-night-stand with Dalston Superstore.

We caught up with Jim for a quick chat about all things Horse Meat ahead of tomorrow’s party…

In London, where nightlife options seem endless, what do you attribute your enduring success to?

We set up HMD as an attempt to side-step the obvious that was happening in clubland nine or ten years ago; a seeming pre-occupation of sex and drugs before music. And the party crowd, it was all a bit dark and soulless with a few notable exceptions. I guess we’ve just always tried to keep these things at the fore ie. GREAT MUSIC and the PEOPLE and I think once you have this in place the sex and whatever else follows! 

The Eagle is a special place… What makes it so?

It is in the East Vauxhall side of things, an area known for frivolity and nightlife frippery, where the likes of Pepys could be found indulging their party requirements – the Lambeth Walk is across the road! It’s some kind of leyline here, really crazy.

We’re graced by all four of you this weekend… who is the biggest diva? 

Me (Jim Stanton), hands up before we get into a handbag fight. HOWEVER we ALL have our moments trust me.

Who have been your most interesting guests so far this year?

There have been some absolute CRACKERS, most notably David Morales who played through a dizzying set comprising of all his musical stylings, Kenny Dope was legend and I guess Weatherall for me was a personal jaw-dropping highlight.

What three records do you associate most with HMD on a Sunday?

Sylvester – Mighty Real

Diana Ross – The Boss

Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening 

And finally, who is on the Horse Meat wishlist for 2013?

Frankie Knuckles! 

All four Horse Meat Disco residents join us over both floors this Saturday 24th November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.