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Zombies in Miami

By Vangelis Related

This June sees the first anniversary of forerunning party series LaGaSta at Dalston Superstore, and they’re pulling out all the stops for this edition with special guests Zombies in Miami (Correspondant)! The brainchild of Mexico City natives Canibal & Jenouise, Zombies in Miami’s releases sit at the intersection of a very interesting combination of influences. Their sound is best described as hybrid techno with strong rock, Miami bass and funk influences and we can’t wait to see what new flavour they bring to the lazerhole at the latest instalment of LaGaSta! Promoter Vangelis caught up with them in between stops on their European tour to chat influences, travel destinations and late night driving!

Hi guys! where in the world are you?

Hey! We are waiting a flight to Berlin starting the tour in Europe.

What’s the story behind your name?

That’s the question we’ve been asked all these years! It’s not a crazy story about Zombies or Miami Beach – it came from music or sounds we were used to play at the moment (Miami Bass) so when we were able to find a show in Mexico City we had to think quickly about our name, and somehow we got Zombies in Miami!

After a few gigs we had some regrets of our name, but now we love it and we can’t imagine having another name.

Where do your musical influences come from?

We have different musical influences. We love all the music, specially rock and reggae music. I think the reggae and dub music is the basis of all our electronic music. We grew up with bass music too like rap and Miami Bass. Artists such as Cybotron, Magotron or Egyptian Lover are some of our favourites ever.

What are three things you must always travel with?

Our equipment is the most important thing, so we normally two carry-on bags plus passports and a small hairball of our lovely cat Frodo as a lucky amulet :)

Which is your favourite destination so far?

We just came from a tour in Japan last March and we are in love with this country. It’s beautiful and the people are so kind and open with music. We took some days off there spending nice time eating ramen and sushi.

Which are your favourite tracks at the moment?

Hercules & Love Affair – Controller feat. Faris Badwan (Mike Simonetti Remix) – TOP HIT!

Eddie Mercury – Rasura. He’s a master Mexican producer! 


Which are your top places to hang out in Mexico?

Mexico is huge.. so we have many cool spots to hang. One of our favourites is in the south of Mexico, specially Quintana Roo. There is a nice area called Riviera Maya and you can find there cities like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Akumal, Holbox and more. We love to be there at least two or three times around the year. The food is awesome and the weather too. For sure Mexico City is always fun, lot of things to do!

Can you let us in on any plans you have in the pipeline?

We are doing a big tour in Europe for three months at the moment! Lot of stuff is coming out throughout the year – new releases on Correspondant, Suara, 2MR and more. We are thinking to start a label in the near future too.

What’s the ideal soundtrack of a night ride in your car?

All the night rides are different! We love night rides with Baile Funk or EBM. Also with reggae dub too.

Catch Zombies in Miami at LaGaSta at Dalston Superstore on Friday 9 June form 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore! 

Jeffrey Hinton

In a time when club spaces (and with them, overlooked communities) are disappearing before our eyes, Club Vada promoters Hannah Holland and Cathal O’brien are seeking to preserve queer culture and history, and share them with a new generation. As well as booking DJs who made their names in iconic queer parties of the past, at every party they present a special guest artist, performer or cultural figure to present their piece of LGBT history before the party kicks off. For their upcoming party, they welcome prolific videographer, film maker and archivist, Jeffrey Hinton whose work is focused on underground subcultures, spanning decades between London and New York city. We caught up with Jeffrey to chat a bit about his past work, current collaborations and plans for the future.

Hi Jeffrey! We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us for a pre-party show at Club Vada! Can you tell us a bit about your relationship to promoters Hannah Holland and Cathal? 

Well that’s all a kind of club blur! But Hannah and Cathal are great energies and I love what they do, we share lots of the same interests for sure.

How did you first get started as a videographer and filmmaker?

I started recording things on a reel to reel tape recorder age eight, and wanted to mess it up, so hot wired the sound through the speaker outputs on the hifi and fed it back over records and the radio (early mixing). All ways of capturing the world fascinate me, visual and sound. Then experimenting with any tech I can get my hands on and usually doing it all wrong as I have no training but I like the fucked up bits.

How have you watched the gay scene in London change over the years? 

Yes, I’ve seen lots of changes around the world but I like change!  Patterns do emerge if you’ve been around a while like me.

If you could change one thing about the LGBT+ club scene, what would it be?

Stop complaining too much or being inward thinking and get on with action (despite the obvious issues). Mind you that applies to everything. I like people to get more active and visually out there rather than behind a computer (like I’m feeling right now!!)

You collaborated a few years ago with the V&A for their Club to Catwalk exhibition; can you tell us a bit about that project?

That came a bit out of the blue as I went in for a meeting and thought I was just advising them but then they said, “We’re building you a room and want you to fill it with your films and music!” So I did!

As an observer of subcultures and the queer underground, where do you see things developing in the next few years?

We live in such media saturation all regurgitating questions till we’re numb!

The world has shifted a lot but still fails to resolve most old issues. The big rise in controlling right wing powers directly affect us all and especially any queer underground.  But I see lots of cracks are appearing and that’s always been a good time for underground activity!

2016 has been one hell of a year in terms of losing some amazing counter-cultural icons. Among all this loss, what has been a highlight for you?

I’m pretty amazed I’m still on the planet!

Who have been some of the most inspiring people you have collaborated with?

That is a never-ending list all for different reasons. I’m so lucky to know and work with amazing people – it’s why I love being alive.

 I will mention Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair) – I love working on ideas with him, he’s a big joy for me.  

Do you have any exciting projects in the works that you can let us in on?

From 28 November I have a big video installation running for two months covering the ceiling at BISTHROTHEQUE called Big Sky. It features clips and moments from my films covering three decades all wafting around a sky ambiance.

Then next year I’m working on a completely immersed sound and visual installation that I’m also designing the interior for and want to tour. Also I’m developing a play (never done that before!)

I’m very excited so look out for details.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what you have planned for Club Vada?

I’m screening my film Scratch Bowery that hasn’t been shown in this country.

It’s my homage cut up video to Leigh Bowery and the life that we shared including some of my visuals from the club Taboo. Then I’m talking to Max Allan about the visual side of queer language… well along those lines but were known to digress!!

 Leigh Bowery

Catch Jeffrey Hinton’s pre-club film screening & discussion with Max Allen at Club Vada from 9pm on Saturday 26 November at Dalston Superstore.


Andy Butler’s Record Box

This Saturday Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair returns to Superstore for another showcase from his celebrated record label mr intl. Joining him in the laser basement will be Sasa of In Flagranti, whilst upstairs it’s a Hot Boy Dancing Spot situational takeover! Ahead of the party Dan Beaumont took a peek through Andy’s record box…

A record that reminds you of when you first started travelling the world with Hercules and Love Affair…

Paradise’s Deep Groove – I Love How You Make Me Feel – I had already been revisiting eerie house land, as the last tracks made before my first album came out were Classique and Roar, so that was the frame of mind I was in- “big deep eerie murky trance house”.

A Hercules and Love Affair record that gives you the most feelings…

The one that pops to mind is 5:43 To Freedom from the last album because I always give some kind of a (hopefully) rousing speech about individuality, gender, belonging, love or something to the audience. I dont think they can really ever truly hear what I am saying but I know it works when I get all crazy emotional, and the others on stage do too.

A record that inspired you to start a band…

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

It was the project I was most inspired by in terms of what a band would look like. It had a collective thing about it, which made it feel bigger than a band. It was heavy on the sadness and the boogie. 

A song whose lyrics could be about your life…

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair

I don’t know for some reason it really speaks to me.

Ha no really, maybe something from the Magnetic Fields, like Papa Was a Rodeo.  That whole “love me but don’t” kind of thing Stephen Merrit has going on is highly relatable to me. 

A record you wish you had made…

ABBA – Dancing Queen

I just want to be dancing in the studio and watching them sing it. 

A record that reminds you of coming out…

Ministry – Stigmata  

I had a pretty angry coming out.  I loved the “fuck everyone” rant at the end of the live version from In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up Live.

A London record…

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

I first went to London in 1992 as a 15 year old, and trancey ambient house as well as that early”progressive” house ala Deconstruction records played a lot at the time in Soho.  I latched onto to this groovy mellow dance track though, and it has inspired me since. 

A song you can’t listen to because it makes you too sad…


Bring it on!

A record that tales you back to the best NYC dancefloors…

The Word Is Love by Silk Hurley

Body and Soul anthem through and through, and it was relentlessly played for months, maybe a year even each week. And I danced every time.

A Secret DJ weapon…

Doris D and The Pins – Shine Up

Camp as fuck and it gets the nerdiest of heads into it. Kind of like a Dutch druggier ABBA.

Your favourite power ballad…

Take My Breath Away by Berlin

I was so overly sensitive as a child, before Ministry entered into my life, that I would cry when I would hear this. Wow.

A song that reminds you of growing up…

Uh that has not happened yet.

Join Andy this Saturday 7th March for mr intl at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Photo credit: Alexander Nussbaume