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Ed Davenport

New night Fhloston Paradise (named after the giant space-liner in The Fifth Element) joins us this Friday for the first time, with special guest Ed Davenport. The former Londoner, now a Berliner, Ed Davenport has been quietly making waves, playing regularly at both Berghain and Panoramabar and releasing techno records on Falkplatz, NRK Music and his own imprint Counterchange. Ahead of the party we caught up with Ed to talk production, obscure geek references and more…

What one record set you on your path in music?

It may sound a bit self-centred, but I’d have to say it was my first ever piece of music signed to a real label. That was the track Yanderling, on Gumption which was signed while I was living in my wonderful mouse-infested house in Peckham, during my first year of University. It was 2005 and making music was just a hobby. After that record eventually came out in ’06, my whole focus changed and I knew I wanted to keep on putting out records and doing this full time!

Your past lies in graphic design and even today you create artwork for releases- do you think for you there is a desire to produce a complete multimedia artistic package?

Yeah, actually that’s what I was studying at uni and I still love to make artwork for my own releases, or some of my friend’s labels. I just like to keep busy and I don’t feel balanced unless I’ve got some new visual projects going on alongside the music. Making artwork for my labels and for other releases I’m involved with helps keep me sane and allows important listening time away from the studio. I don’t know if that makes up a ‘complete’ media experience, but I’d like to continue developing the visual stuff too.

As a former Londoner and current Berliner who plays in pretty diverse places around the world, where currently has the most exciting upcoming music scene you’ve experienced?

I just got back from Beirut. I was pretty surprised by the standard of production that they put into their events, and it seemed like there was a thriving, competitive scene going on there, right in the middle of that crumbling, hectic, nervous city. That’s the kind of thing that excites me about the touring aspect of this music. Another similar scene is Tel Aviv. In both cities I saw great qualities in the young people going to techno parties – intelligent, super-friendly and hard-working music activists with golden hearts!

You’ll be joining us here at Dalston Superstore for Fhloston Paradise- which is a pretty great geek reference… if you ever released under an obscure-reference-alias, what name would you pick and why?

Artist Name: Leonard Hatred 

Track Name: Psilence

Look Around You – Music Psilence Leonard Hatred by Le0nardHatred

What’s due up next on your label Counterchange?

Coming next on Counterchange is a 4 track Various Artists EP entitled Co-Ops Vol.1 (COUNTER004). It features tracks from Roman Lindau, Cassegrain, Savas Pascalidis and Nubian Mindz. They are all diverse, talented artists and this record highlights their straight-up club tracks. It’s also kind of a reflection of the variety of music I’m playing out at the moment. Roman’s track is funky, dubby bassline techno – classic Fachwerk stuff really. Then Cassegrain’s track takes things much more in a sci-fi direction, heavy on drama! After that there’s be a new EP from me in the works.

You just made your Fabric debut… are there any other UK clubs you’re keen to play that you’ve not as yet?

I’d love to get up to Glasgow for The Arches or Subclub – I remember hearing those club names on Radio 1 when I was a teenager, while Tong went through his weekend roundup… classic techno institutions! 

What’s one piece of equipment or hardware (computers aside) that you couldn’t make music without?

I love my KORG ESX-1 – it’s a sampling drum machine with powerful valve compressors. It’s taken part in pretty much all of the music I made for the last 4/5 years. It’s not such a sought after machine, but like any instrument, you have to learn how to use it, or in this case, push it, to get interesting sounds out!

If you had a time machine, what dancefloor anywhere/anywhen would you want to visit?

Without a doubt, The Haçienda circa 1989. Mike Pickering or Sasha on the decks. If only.

Can you talk us through your production process a bit – do you start with an idea/inspiration or is it an almost formed piece of the track in your head that you need to get down- how does it work for you?

It’s always based on jamming really. I’ll have sequences or parts prepared from old tracks, which I like but I don’t like the drums, say. So I’ll take that one element and open it up by itself. Then I’ll boot up my drum machine and synth, run it through some outboard FX and mess around until I find something that works. Often my tracks go through 5 or 10 different versions until I’m happy. I’ll make rough mix-downs, play them out in clubs, send them to close friends and try to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. I’d say about 75% of the music I make never sees public release. Also, I often get really inspired when I’m out of the studio, travelling or maybe hearing other friends play. I’ll make notes or buzz words that remind of an idea, or record some badly-sung idea into my phone. Then the next time I’m in the studio I’ll try to get it down. It’s a slow, patchwork process but somehow it works!  

Any genre- what’s your most perfect track to end the night on?

I once finished an 8hr set with this – the opening track Carry On. It’s totally cheesy, groovy and full of love! Just listen to the break halfway through – sleazy proto-funk gold! Actually listen to the whole album! It has the power to remind you that there’s a whole world of amazing music out there outside of house and techno. That, and the fact that the best, most honest and soulful music was made in the ’60s and ’70s, and we’ll never get close to it again!

Join Ed Davenport at Fhloston Paradise this Friday 14th March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

DJ Paulette

That fallen angel of the north DJ Paulette joins us at our bank holiday Sunday Service for Sister Pantychrist! She joins a long list of ex-nuns at Dalston Superstore, including Nimmo & The Gauntletts, Cathal, Elena Colombi, Bisoux, Squeaky and Elma Wolf who between them all will keep your praying for the party to never end. 

As one of the residents at seminal gay Manchester night Flesh, like her former cohorts Dave Kendrick, Princess Julia and Guy Williams among others, Paulette has since gone on to be a successful DJ, at Ministry Of Sound, across Ibiza with her own Bang parties, and even as a presenter on the radio and TV. We quizzed her on her past, present and future in dance…

You were a resident at the legendary Hacienda- what is your favourite memory from that time?

From Murray & Vern’s fashion shows where my lilac pearlised rubber catsuit split just as I started some complicated choreography involving lots of bending on the runway, to start to finish marathon all night disco, soul and house vinyl sets on a guerilla Technics set up in the sweatiest, sleaziest basement – I have so many happy memories. 

If I have to choose, then it’s a toss up between being shown how best to beat match by clapping along to the track by Princess Julia in the Gay Traitor Bar, or by being watched doing a showstopping lip synch to Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ (Masters At Work remix) by James Horrocks and Thomas Foley of React Records and then being asked to DJ at their ‘Garage’ night (alongside Steven Sharp, Rachel Auburn and Princess Julia) which was then held at Heaven on Friday nights.

What made Flesh such an important and still referenced party?

It was the mix of everything and everyone that made it so special. From flyer design to party themes to DJs and performers and most of all the fervent, loyal clubbers. Paul Cons and Lucy Scher put every effort into creating an unforgettable party and an ambiance that was unparalleled in clubland. Flesh was simultaneously a super stylish, uber-hedonistic, monthly mid-week party for music loving lesbians, gays and their friends at one of the best clubs in the world.  All the DJs, artists and promoters involved were the best in their field and have gone on to do such fabulous things since – Tim Lennox, Dave Kendrick, Kath Mc Dermott, Guy Williams and myself.

Why is Manchester such as fertile place for music?

It’s in the blood. And because it rains so much? You can’t go wrong with that combination.

You’re now based in France- what precipitated that move? Life changes or were you attracted to the music scene over there?

Ha ha, I was based in France for nearly nine years but I’ve moved again. I am now based in Ibiza! The move was prompted because I wanted to get  more involved musically and clubwise in the deep house scene, and the opportunities and contacts I was seeking are more easily found and connected to here. There has also a major personal change in my life which tipped the balance and since I didn’t like the direction Parisian/French life was taking I decided it was a good time to hang up my Parisian beret and don a sombrero for the foreseeable future.

What makes Paulette go “Bang” so to speak?

A bumping beat, a funky, phat bassline and a sexy lover. Oh and the always tricky combination of high heels and wide legged pants…

You’ve expressed your desire to have a proper radio show… who would have as your first guest on your new dream show and why?

Good question. I would love to have a Prince and Stevie Wonder sandwich.  Their knowledge, talent, experience and music is timeless and unparalleled. Without them my music collection would have a humungous hole.

Where is your favourite dancefloor in the world for atmosphere, crowd, soundsystem, outfits, dancing skills- the full works!

Strangely there is no one club that covers all these bases for me.  My favourite dancefloors are Showcase in Paris or DC10 in Ibiza. My favourite soundsystem is the small room in DC10 (the big room is way too loud – so loud that it knocked my watch out of whack for over a week. Cartiers so rarely lose time and it stopped it stone dead.) I love 4 Elements in Paris where I do my Bang night as the atmosphere is always festive. Outfits? Hmmmm – believe it or not I don’t really think of dress when I go to a club.  It’s not that important to me.

What are your summer Ibiza plans?

My summer Ibiza plans are just taking shape now.  I have the opening party of Privilege on June 7th – playing in the Vista Club in a back to back with Iban Mendoza, and in warm up to Jaymo and Andy George – all of whom I LOVE! Then I have a few dates as resident in the Vista Club, boat parties for Smartie Party and a few dates at KM5 already lined up.  I am in negotiations also with Hed Kandi to play a few dates at their residency at Hotel Santos in Playa D’En Bossa.

You’re playing at Sister Pantychrist as our fallen angel special guest. What’s the most Good Samaritanesque heavenly act you’ve ever committed?

I do try to do at least one Good Samaritanesque deed every day and I am very much someone who facilitates introductions and connections. We drove some friends home to Talamanca yesterday when their car broke down on our drive – it’s the other side of the island to where we live. Recently though I went to excessive lengths to get one of my nephew’s a job in Leeds when he started his university course and pulled every string possible to get another one of my nephews a Montpellier football strip for his birthday. Oh and I sneakily let our cat Luna eat Bubu’s (our other cat’s) breakfast this morning though. She looked hungrier…

What will you play to take the Superstore dancefloor to celestial heights?

Jaymo & Andy George – Remember – Moda Black

Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That  – Play It Down

Benoit & Sergio – $100 Bill – Hot Creations

Stefano Ritteri – Nothing Stays The Same – Defected 

Join DJ Paulette on Sunday 26th May at Dalston Superstore for Sister Pantychrist from 9pm – 4:30am.

Luke Howard

Continuing the bank holiday fun this weekend on Good Friday is the venerable Horse Meat Disco, who temporarily leave their home at The Eagle in Vauxhall and gallop east for one night of fun at Dalston Superstore. With the night featuring all four residents over both floors, and with all of east London in high spirits for the long weekend, it’s sure to be a total roadblock party.

We caught up with one of the Horse Meat residents, the lovely Luke Howard, ahead of Friday’s fun to ask about how he earned his disco stripes at seminal club nights like Queer Nation and Flesh at the legendary Haçienda, the recent HMD outing to New York and what new music is currently getting him excited…

How did you come to be part of Horse Meat Disco?

I just forced myself on them and the first night at Eagle which was New Year’s Day many moons ago, the DJ after me didn’t show up and I just started playing lots of random things and the crowd seemed to like it.

Sum up in 3 words what we can expect from the Good Friday party…

Fun, Laffs, Good-times.

What’s your favourite non-disco Horse Meat track to play?

Anything you can dance to is disco isn’t it? I guess Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush.

How was HMD NYC? How did it compare?

It was a really great party. Around 800 people, a great crowd. Super fun. I felt so lucky to be a part of HMD. DJing in NYC is like a dream come true.

What’s your best new musical discovery?

It’s not really new but there’s an album by Destroyer called Kaputt that I really like. Nina Kraviz is pretty interesting, and the new !!! track called Slyd is pretty amazing. As far as disco goes Eric Duncan from Rub & Tug has done an amazing new track that sounds like an old skool disco classic.

What are you currently working on?

We’ve just done a HMD remix for S-Express, as Mark Moore is doing a remix album of his back catalogue. We’re also working on an HMD album of original music. We’re a bit slow but we’ve done some great demos and we just need so great singers to finish them off. We’d love to get one of our musical heroes to sing with us.

What and where was your first ever DJ gig?

My first ever ever gig was a squat on Upper Street at this cafe called Molly’s. I can’t remember much but I did play Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent by Gwen Guthrie. It must have been about 1987.

What one track instantly transports you back to Flesh at the Haçienda?

There was a track called Dance All Night by G.I.N.A Stewart that Tim Lennox always used to play (which I also used to play at Queer Nation) that reminds me of Flesh and he always used to play Relight My Fire by Dan Hartman. I once played Enough is Enough by Barbara Streisand & Donna Summer and Sasha ran into the DJ booth and shook my hand and said that’s my favourite record!

What is your favourite ever memory from Queer Nation?

So many great memories. The first time Norman Jay played for us was such a treat as we all really looked up to him and avidly listened to him on the radio, so having him come and play in a gay club really meant a lot to us. Sharon Redd did her last London PA there so that was really special. One night Colonel Abrams did a PA and Pete Burns was up the front really dancing up, which Princess Julia and I thought was most amusing. Puffing on Patrick Lilley’s pot pipe and downing jello shots in the cupboard at the side of the bar! All the queens on the back stairs smoking weed and carrying on were the original Legendary Children! We had such a kiki back then. 

Join Luke Howard for Horse Meat Disco East this Friday 29th March from 9pm – 4:30am at Dalston Superstore.

Dave Kendrick

Cult homosexualist tea dance Macho City is staging a one-off party next week here at Superstore. We interrogated resident DJ Dave Kendrick who’s impressive pedigree stretches back to Manchester’s Hacienda club.

What is/was Macho City?

It started as an excuse for three grown men to play high-NRG records in the crumbling excess of the Joiners Arms in 2008. What it became was a manly knees-up that a local crowd of brilliant eccentrics could call home every Thursday night.  

What are some of your overriding Hacienda memories?

The club space alone was incredible, like no other I’d ever been to, or probably ever will; the sheer scale of this disused yacht factory turned post-modern fantasy. My Hac debut was the first night of ‘Flesh’ back in ’91, the night that was to become the club’s most decadent. There were foam parties with actual swimming pools, always likely to collapse at some point leaving the club 6 inches in water. There was always a sense of glamour and danger, a very northern glamour that you just didn’t get anywhere else. Once inside the Hacienda you forgot that anywhere else existed. I remember DJing for the first time at Flesh, in that amazing booth right up in the gods overlooking the dancefloor & stage. It was immense yet it always felt intimate. There was no greater sense of sophisticated fun on earth. 

Who would be in your disco supergroup?

This is easy…. Klaus Nomi, Donna Summer and Sylvester on lead vocals; Cher and Dolly Parton on backing vocals; Divine on rap.  Then there’s Blue Weaver on keyboards and behind the scenes Moroder and Belotte on production. It’s a properly gay supergroup.

 Name us 5 Macho City classics!

These five definitely sum up the sound of Macho from its early days to now.

 1.    Donna Summer – MacArthur Park

2.    Mike Simonetti – Hollywood Seven

3.    Sana Doris – Pseudo Wind

4.    Carl Bean – I Was Born This Way

5.    Viola Wills – If You Could Read My Mind

 Macho City takes place on Thursday 24th May with Dave Kendrick, Dan Beaumont and Charlie Porter, from 9pm – 3am.